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Peru Volunteer and Travel


Peru Volunteer and Travel is an organization that is committed to helping the people of Peru as well as the environment. Every month we place many volunteers in a variety of professional projects such as physical therapy, dental, vision, nursing and medical, and also in non-professional projects including sports education, music exchange, teaching English, cultural immersion, sustainable development, agriculture, jungle conservation and childcare.

Online Life and Business consulting - Онлайн Бизнес-консультации и Консультации по Жизненным вопросам


Online Life and Business consulting at Nicolae Cirpala
Онлайн Бизнес-консультации и Консультации по Жизненным вопросам



The Noah’s Ark Appeal has undertaken to raise a further £7m to fund a special ‘open’ paediatric MRI scanner and the most state-of-the-art equipment for a new critical care unit (for children needing high dependency or intensive care) as well as other major projects. When the hospital is open in approximately three years time, it would not be acceptable for old equipment to be used in the care of our children. We must ensure that our medical teams have the most advanced equipment available.



Lothlorien is a therapeutic community where people with mental health problems can develop their potential through living alongside people who are relatively well, in an atmosphere of friendship, acceptance and mutual support. Lothlorien is situated in an isolated rural area in South West Scotland. The community consists of a large log house with 13 bedrooms and communal living areas and further accommodation for up to 5 people living in the move-on house, Roan Lodge. It is set in 17 acres of grounds which include organic vegetable gardens, woodland, workshops and outbuildings. A volunteer placement at Lothlorien offers a valuable opportunity for personal growth and will be of particular interest to those considering a career in a helping profession. There are places for five live-in volunteers who play a key role in creating a warm, accepting atmosphere through which everyone in the community feels valued. On the practical level, volunteers along with all the community members, work in the vegetable gardens, participate in domestic tasks and undertake maintenance work on the house and in the grounds. A staff team of six provide continuity and an administrative structure which facilitates the community in functioning effectively. The staff also offer individual and group supervision to the volunteers. We have vacancies on a regular basis. Volunteers receive free room and board, pocket money of £60 per week plus a monthly travel allowances of £120. We require a minimum commitment of six months.

M.E.E.R. e.V.


M.E.E.R.: During the last decades a new kind of encounter of humans and cetaceans (the biological order of whales and dolphins) has developed: Whale Watching - the observation of whales and dolphins in their natural environment. Whale watching today is promoted as an important means of increasing the environmental awareness of the public - if it happens within a context of awareness and ecological sustainability. The sea in the southwest of the island of La Gomera (Canary Islands) is one of the most outstanding places in the world where humans can meet cetaceans in the wild. In the relative vicinity of the coast more than 20 cetacean species can be sighted and research is possible under extraordinarily good conditions. The Canary Islands meanwhile show a rapid and alarming expansion of the whale watching industry. With its project M.E.E.R. La Gomera, the German nonprofit association M.E.E.R. wants to guarantee that the encounters between humans and cetaceans happen with respect and consideration. We aim to realise this through the combination of ecological whale watching tourism, research and public work. Since 1995 whale watching boats operating off the island serve as platforms for the collection of scientific data. The investigation of the abundance and distribution of cetaceans as well as their interactions with boats is the main subject of this research. The results of the study are applied to the further development of whale watching regulations and management. In 2001, the project M.E.E.R.La Gomera was honoured with the international environmental award "Umwelt & Tourismus 2001", which is granted by the German association of travel and tour operators (DRV) since 1987. As was said during the bestowal, the project realises new ways of co-operation of research and tourism in an exemplary and innovative way". In 2003 the Association M.E.E.R. e.V published its scientific report "Interactions of Cetaceans with Whale Watching Boats", which is based on the findings of the Project M.E.E.R. La Gomera.

UBECI Foundation


UBECI aims to reduce the hours of children who work in the streets and markets of Quito by engaging them in educational and recreational activities. Providing these children with educational, social, and emotional support allows them to feel respected by their community while experiencing personal growth. As a social and educational foundation, UBECI fights every day for the rights of children so that they can receive love, attention, and education. UBECI works with children and adolescents ages one to seventeen years in order to develop strategies through which we can offer more learning opportunities involving self-reliance, self-worth, and dedication. UBECI operates based on a differentiated instruction teaching method, in which the children are encouraged to use their discoveries in order to gain new knowledge

UBECI need your support in the following projects.
Street children, School support ,Summer program, Campaigns: Dental, Christmas,
School kit, Health Prevention classes, NGO Support, Research funding, Strategic planning, International connections, Marketing, Administrative Activities.

Volunteering with UBECI allows you to work closely with the amazing children in our programs. Your time with them will have a positive impact on their daily lives during a crucial time in their development, and you, in turn, will have a rich, eye-opening experience. At UBECI’s projects, we encourage our volunteers to become engaged in the designing and developing of activities conducive to early childhood development. We also encourage individuals who are professionally or academically interested in international development to take a proactive role. Many of our volunteers stay engaged in UBECI programs long after their volunteer period in the field.

In addition, UBECI offers a range of programs that have potential for leadership at varying levels. From the working children program to the summer program, leaders are always wanted and needed to assist core educators and to offer valuable insight. Not only will being a leader in one of these programs be a personally rewarding experience, it will also add to your professional records on a resume for future employers. More information about leadership opportunities and requirements can be found within each program’s description..

Potential volunteers should apply to their preferred program at least two months in advance. Let us know your interest in volunteering and provide us with the approximate dates and length of time for which you wish to volunteer. Once we have received your inquiry we will send you our program information. Volunteers must complete an application process in order to be admitted to the UBECI volunteer programs. All volunteer application documents need to be sent to the e-mail address at least one month before participating in the program.

Due to our budget and responsibilities in daily activities, UBECI cannot offer accommodation services directly to its volunteers. We are in partnership with a local volunteer program, that coordinates all of the application process and accommodation services directly with applicants, including affordable room and board, airport pick up, Spanish lessons, and other travel information.



Cultural Canvas Thailand (CCT) offers unique and meaningful volunteer experiences in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Placements are available in the following areas: hill tribe education, HIV/AIDS prevention, women's empowerment, and Burmese refugee education and assistance. More and more people are finding that the best way to truly experience Thailand is through volunteering. Cultural Canvas Thailand provides first-hand exposure to Chiang Mai's most pertinent issues and problems through hands-on volunteer placements. We believe that in contributing to these issues, you can make a difference to the local community that stretches far beyond the borders of Thailand. At Cultural Canvas Thailand, we have thoughtfully selected projects and partner organizations that are both of great interest to our team and great importance to the Chiang Mai community. In doing so, we have created a volunteer program and an artistic outreach program that delves deep into the community where you are most needed. Please carefully read through our site to see if Cultural Canvas Thailand is right for you. All of Cultural Canvas Thailand's volunteer placements deal with social issues such as discrimination and the abuse of basic human rights. You will be learning about the lives of people from another culture and the problems they face such as poverty, hunger, disease, prejudice and many others. You will build relationships and gain an understanding of the issues confronting Thailand and many other parts of the world. Each volunteer is a link in a long chain of volunteers. You are a small but very important piece of the greater work that is going on. Remember that the issues you will be dealing can be challenging, both physically and emotionally. Please read carefully through our website to be sure that you are up to the task. We are unable to accept volunteers with an offending background.



Kaya is a responsible travel organization with a focus on genuine and meaningful volunteer projects worldwide. We work alongside NGOs, Charities and local community projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America who need the help of volunteers in the fields of environmental and community development. With Kaya, volunteers can combine work experience with travel and live and work alongside the community. Learn local culture, customs and language to gain a more thorough understanding of the country in a mission to promote responsible travel for the benefit of sustainable social, environmental and economic development, the empowerment of communities and the cultivation of educated, compassionate global citizens. Kaya works to identify quality projects that are in specific need of volunteer assistance providing volunteers a great choice of locations, fields of interest, types of work and the flexibility to build a travel experience to fit the volunteers needs whilst maximising skills and building personal CV’s. Itineraries can be set by volunteers and we welcome any student regardless of degree type or specification. We have over 180 placements for skilled and unskilled students to choose from with our more targeted skilled projects covering journalism, business and marketing, medical specialism’s and NGO back-end development work.



GapGuru is a gap year travel company that specialises in providing life changing travel programmes and volunteer work abroad. We provide a wide range of gap year opportunities in Africa, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, where you can immerse yourself in exciting new cultures and have the experience of a lifetime. GapGuru volunteers support community development in disadvantaged communities across the globe. We provide placements for you to teach English abroad and volunteer in childcare, healthcare, sports coaching and conservation work. Our team of experts invest a great deal of time and effort into researching and identifying gap year projects that make a real difference in developing communities, so our volunteers are guaranteed to make the most out of their gap year abroad. As well as volunteer work we have opportunities for gap year travellers to gain valuable work experience through our range of internships in medicine, business and journalism. At GapGuru we strongly believe that the best way to experience a new country is to combine work with travel, so with this in mind we provide a range of exciting travel journeys. These small group tours take you off the beaten track to give you a unique perspective on some of the most spectacular sights in each of the countries we operate. Whatever you want to do with your gap year, GapGuru will set you up with a programme that is perfectly suited to you! For more information please visit our website at



Victim Support is the independent charity for people affected by crime across England and Wales. We were set up over 40 years ago and have grown to become the oldest and largest victims' organisation in the world. Every year, we contact over 1.5 million people after a crime to offer our help. Volunteers help support and provide emotional and practical help as well as information to people affected by crime. We also have opportunities for office and fundraising work. We may be able to accept a volunteer with an offending background, all are considered based on the role, merit and all are subject to risk assessment.

Registered Charity No. 298028

ARCHIPELAGOS, Institute of Marine Conservation


Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation is a Greek non-profit, non-governmental organization. Since 1998, Archipelagos has been committed to the scientific research and conservation of the marine and terrestrial environments of the Greek seas and islands, as well as of the NE Mediterranean region overall. Archipelagos’ work focuses on the combination of multi-disciplinary scientific research with efficient conservation work, in which the local communities share an active part.

Archipelagos operate various research stations and bases within the eastern Aegean islands:

Headquarters & Study Centre based on Samos island, in Samos town (building provided by the University of the Aegean),

Coastal Ecosystem and Terrestrial Research Base on Samos island, in Ormos Marathokampos,

Forestry & Agronomy Research Base on Ikaria island, in Kastanies, Rahes.

Fisheries Research Station on Fourni island

Research Stations on Coastal Biodiversity & Sustainable Development, based in Patmos, Arki and Marathi islands in the north Dodecanese.

Archipelagos’ two research sailing boats, Penelope and Nireas, are used for marine research and conservation work, enabling the extension of Archipelagos’ activities throughout the Greek seas and the NE Mediterranean.

Archipelagos operates away from city centers and commercial interests, offering a pure, direct approach to environmental conservation actions in Greece.

The research team works in the field throughout the year, directly in the environments we strive to protect. Despite adverse weather conditions that can occur, especially in the winter months, the team's enthusiasm and commitment to environmental conservation enable us to conduct valuable research and achieve notable results. We carry out scientific research by means of fields work, research expeditions, laboratory work and other methods of study.



Kawempe Youth Centre (KYC) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that works to build literate communities through provision of; library, education, information and youth empowerment services. We were established in 2002 as a Non-Government Organization operating in the informal settlements of Kawempe Division in Kampala District.

Vision and Mission

With time, we want to realize a community that has access to meaningful empowerment opportunities for the youth while our Mission is to sustainably run programs that promote the potential of youth to advance and achieve better outcomes and strengthen our communities.

Our Values

Honesty: We maintain integrity and diligence.
Excellence: We always strive for the best.
Commitment: We actively engage and give of our time and energy so as to achieve desired outcomes.
Teamwork: We appreciate and value individual contribution to our work as we as the partnerships we build.
Transparency and Accountability: We value and uphold the truth in our work with stakeholders.



Via Volunteers support ethical volunteer projects in South Africa. That means sustainable long term projects that are developed through genuine community and conservation needs to ensure that your contribution is meaningful and long lasting.

Our team is based in South Africa and provides every volunteer with unparalleled support and personal attention during their stay. Having an experienced and caring support base close at hand is a valuable benefit that has provided reassurance to all our volunteers (and their parents!).

We are strong advocates for ethical volunteering and responsible tourism practices and evaluate every project thoroughly to ensure they are not linked to the mistreatment of children or wildlife in any way.

By creating awareness for real conservation efforts, we also help volunteers to avoid unethical activities like riding elephants, 'lion-cub petting' and 'walking with lions', the latter two of which are essential ingredients for the abhorrent canned lion hunting industry.

Our dedicated team has 14 years of hands-on experience working directly with projects and organizing placements for thousands of volunteers from nearly 60 countries.

We are certified South African specialists and are on hand to ensure that your volunteering adventure is the best it can be with expert advice on every aspect of your stay.

Future For Africa


Future for Africa (F4A) is a Ghanaian voluntary, non-profit and Non-Governmental Organization working at local levels to create a future of hope for children in economically poor areas of northern Ghana. F4AO operations covers the entire three regions of Northern Ghana namely; Northern, Upper East and Upper West with the headquarters in Bolgatanga, the regional capital of Upper East. F4AO approach is working through strong partnerships with civil society and other institutions and using volunteers, to reach the deprived and vulnerable children and families in its operational areas. (The organization also seeks to promote intercultural awareness, tolerance and communication of our Youth.)


Future for Africa offers a blend of programmes and services for children and young people. It aims to enhance the quality of life through a structured intervention and advocacy programme that offers opportunities for children and young people’s development. Work: programs can include life skills and basic education, job training and placement, entrepreneurship, and other youth – friendly services targeting disadvantaged children, young people, including orphans and vulnerable children.

We seek to engage and empower children especially, the vulnerable in society and to provide meaningful interventions in areas of education, health, Water and sanitation, and Livelihoods. Our services include volunteer, intern and travel programs,our programs are year round,and are designed to help both participants and our target group in the delivery of our service.
for more information visit our website

Kurios Trend Volunteer Projects


Kurios Trend Volunteer projects is a young, vibrant volunteer organisation based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We specialise in arranging and managing unique and meaningful community service projects in previously disadvantaged communities. Our programs allows volunteers, interns and holiday makers an opportunity to get an in depth experience of our community and at the same time, do some valuable servic . Lead by our local volunteer coordinator, who also leads intensive reflection sessions with volunteers, we provide a platform for volunteers to experience our community, to make a change and to be a part of something that is greater than us all. Experience our hardships, our trials. Experience our joy, our blessings...



Youth International is an experiential learning program for young adults, that combines volunteer community service work, rugged international travel, cultural exchange, outdoor adventure, and homestays with local families. Through a balanced combination of experiences, each Youth International team member is set up for an intense and dynamic first-hand education about the region in which they are travelling. At the same time, they are presented with a unique environment and opportunity for self-discovery.

Help build an orphanage in Bolivia, live with a tribal family in Thailand, meditate with Tibetan monks in the Himalayan mountains, help to conserve the Ecuadorian rainforest, visit the Taj Mahal, search for wild animals whilst sailing through the Galapagos Islands, help build clean drinking water tanks for tribal families, hike through the Peruvian Andes to Machu Picchu, and much more! Teams of up to 14 people between the ages of 18 and 25 travel together with two group leaders. For a full 3-month semester, teams explore three different countries in one region of the world. Youth International has been sending groups on learning adventures abroad since 1997, and currently offers two separate trips: Asia (Nepal, India, and Thailand) and South America (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands).



The Scots Music Group is a charity with a strong ethos of community-building, using traditional music, song and dance to bring people together. We actively support and encourage our students to gain the skills and confidence to take their music back into their own communities. To make this happen we rely on the enormous goodwill of all our members who get involved in making things happen. Over the years, the organisation has been instrumental in the resurgence of interest in Scottish traditional music, song and dance, both in Edinburgh and further afield. Much of this has happened due to the enthusiasm and commitment of our team of tutors, and the willingness of members to join together in developing a large number of opportunities for sharing music, song and dance with others in the community. We support regular sessions, performances, ceilidhs and many other exciting events. SMG members regularly go out to perform at community events such as the Doors Open Day, Canal Festival and numerous nursing and residential homes as well as contributing their skills to countless fundraising events, family celebrations and many others.



The Wildlife For All Trust is a pioneering environmental charity. Our work includes conserving endangered species and habitats in the UK and in South Africa. We also provide important free education for both adults and young people.
Unlike most charities we purposely work non-paid (supporting ourselves with other paid work). This allows us to ensure that all the money which would normally be used up on salaries is actually spent where it is really needed.
We are highly successful in what we do, and the key to our success is attitude. We provide comprehensive training for all our staff which has produced very positive practical results over many years. Komsberg Wilderness Nature Reserve in South Africa is an outstanding example of what can be achieved by our unique approach.
To find out more about our work and for details of how to apply for an interview, please visit our website (
See the 'Interviews' page for current opportunities.
We look forward to hearing from you.



British Wireless for the Blind provides specially adapted audio equipment to people who are registered blind or partially sighted, resident in the UK, over the age of 8 and currently on a means tested benefit. Our sets provide so much more than just a radio - they provide companionship, entertainment, information and news. Things that sighted people take so much for granted. We require volunteers to help raise funds, to assist with our administration work and generally to help us raise the charity profile in the public sector. Your time is very valuable to us. We may be able to accept a volunteer with an offending background depending on the role offered.



World For World Organization (WFWO) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Italy with a Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC, DESA – UN NGO Section at the United Nations, New York, USA. ECOSOC is the Principal Organ coordinating the Economic and Social Council Work of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies and International Institutions.

WFWO Ghana Ambassador for Development Network is a body within the WFWO dedicated to advancing the Millennium Development Goals in Ghana in close connection with WFWO’s headquarters. Areas of concern include Education, Women Empowerment, Poverty Reduction, Food Security, Health, Clean Drinking Water, and Elimination of Infant Death as a result of malnutrition.

Since 2008, WFWO Ghana Ambassador for Development Network (GADN) has undertaken various studies and advocacy programs with the objective of getting well informed about the nutritional status of children in the villages in Ghana as well as giving mothers guidelines on good nutrition practices. We have done these with the help of volunteers from Germany, USA, the UK, Singapore, and Spain.

We are in need of volunteers, especially nurses, educationists, social workers, administrators, statisticians, doctors, builders, nutritionists, agriculturists, and other skill-workers. There are opening for other areas for volunteers from all background who have a passion for helping others, creating a future for those who would otherwise have no future, etc. Those who relate who relate well to children are encouraged to apply.

Please visit for more information and get in touch with the Ghana Ambassador for Development Network. You can contact us in the USA on Tel: +1 315-363-3430 and asked to speak to Benjamin (Ghana Ambassador for Development) or Ghana Tel: +233244310121 and ask to speak with Mark Osei Boakye, Director of Save the Needy Advocate. E-mail:

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