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SPIN (Single Parent Information Network) offers information and signposting for single parents (men and women) as sole or shared carer. The organisation is run by single parent volunteers primarily from their home. SPIN has an internet group sending regular information. SPIN provides face to face information SPIN provides advice, information and signposting by telephone, email. Opportunities for project planning, volunteer management, committee membership, membership management, management, marketing, finance, accounts, PR, design, advise, IT, admin, event management available VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Moderating of internet group. Research. Typing. Data input. Advice work after training on the job to answer queries and advise via email.



We are a Non Profit Organization created to help and empower the children in Uganda. We help by giving these children the means for a better life through education and psycho-social support. Our schools and rescue programs are currently helping needy children in Mbale, we're owning land where the new construction progressing for orphanage school. These children are vulnerable to dangerous traditional cultural practices that were exposing them to the dangers of child labour, heavy domestic work, sexual abuse, forced early marriage, exposure to HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies. Every day we are helping more and more children to escape this lifestyle by lending a helping hand and offering an education and care.
We believe that it is up to the next generation to break the cycle, and unify a continent whose unfathomable potential has been locked for over a century. Our curriculum focuses on inspiring a sense of purpose in the hearts of each child by teaching them one person can be the difference. Not only do we hope to expand our schools across Africa, but more importantly, to spread the project's philosophy.
The people in our community are so welcoming and friendly and love having visitors. We have beautiful weather and anyone can easily adjust to it. We give Volunteers a chance to visit different places here and learn more about our culture and the environment. Expect to have lots of fun with us. If you have never crossed the equator can you expect this on your first day in Uganda!
Headquarter- Mbale
Location: Mugisu village, Namakwekwe (2km/5mins from center of Mbale town), Northern division, Mbale Eastern Uganda (240kms/6 hrs from Kampala)

The Jane Goodall Institute


Founded in 1977, the Jane Goodall Institute continues Dr. Goodall’s pioneering research on chimpanzee behavior — research that transformed scientific perceptions of the relationship between humans and animals. Today, the Institute is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. It also is widely recognized for establishing innovative community-centered conservation and development programs in Africa, and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, the global environmental and humanitarian youth program, which has groups in more than 120 countries.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots was founded in 1991 by Dr. Jane Goodall and a group of Tanzanian students, the Roots & Shoots program is about making positive change happen — for our communities, for animals and for the environment. With hundreds of thousands of young people in more than 120 countries, the Roots & Shoots network connects youth of all ages who share a desire to create a better world. Young
people identify problems in their communities and take action. Through service projects, youth-led campaigns and an interactive website, Roots & Shoots members are making a difference across the globe.

Angkor Tree School


Angkor Tree School, a free school where children of the poorest families in one of the outskirts of Siem Reap, minutes away from stunning Unesco World Heritage Angkor Wat, enjoy English and Japanese classes, as a complement of the local school system. Knowledge of English is a first step out of poverty for families that often survive on an income of less than 1 us$ per day.
At Angkor Tree School children not only get language classes, but the ones that did not have breakfast at home get a meal, there is fresh drinkable water, children can play and enjoy, and that is what kids should do. Angkor Tree School keeps the children away from working in the field, from selling souvenirs to tourists, from collecting empty cans to complement the family income ...
Classes are from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 10.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00, leaving volunteer teachers plenty of time to explore the city and region.
We expect a good knowledge of English. Those without teaching experience will assist a local teacher ; playing games with the kids, working in smaller groups ... Those with more experience can take a more advanced class where we mainly focus on conversation skills.
It's a volunteer job, so we offer no salary, but of course you don't need to pay anything.
We offer accommodation (room with shower and toilet), WiFi, bike, and 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) for 9 us$ per day, but the volunteer is free to choose any accommodation in town.
Read the stories of some volunteers on the blog page of our website!



The international volunteer programs of Joint Assistance Centre (JAC) are intended to provide opportunities for visiting friends from abroad to see India and learn about its people and their concerns while travelling. Programs run all year round in different parts of the country. An individual schedule is devised for each person or group to meet their needs. Arrangements have to be made at least 30 days in advance of arrival in India in order to plan properly. Volunteers working with children will be placed in one location at a school or a home for children for a period of 15 days or longer. These volunteers should be prepared to learn some basic Hindi language preferably starting before they leave for India. Learning Hindi is possible in JAC also. It takes four days to understand basic Hindi. Participation in work camps in Indian villages: These programmes involve work with villagers on such activities as sanitation projects, building construction, plant nurseries and other agricultural work, literacy and women's welfare, health projects including use of local herbal medicine, environmental awareness campaign etc. (1-4 weeks) Working with children in schools and orphanages (12 weeks minimum) Helping in JAC office in New Delhi doing office work, and research for cultural exchange, disaster preparedness and other programmes. Preparing and attending conferences on development, disasters and environmental issues. Taking part in environmentally oriented treks in the Himalayan area. Participation in yoga, meditation and natural health care training programme. Participation in individually designed projects based on special skills involving a long term commitment in such areas as medicine, journalism and engineering.



EDGE of AFRICA is combining a visit to breath-taking countries in Africa with a life-changing volunteer experience.

Our vast variety of wildlife, environmental, sports, medical and community projects ensures exposure to the colourful heritage, cultures and traditions these countries have to offer, with the valuable benefit of making an actual, tangible difference in the lives we touch.

Our organisation operates without any official funding. We rely solely on the goodwill, dedication and enthusiasm of our team members and volunteers. As winner of multiple awards, we accommodate all ages and nationalities, and guarantee an authentic, African experience in a safe and beautiful environment.

EDGE of AFRICA’s Ethos and Principles aim to encourage empowerment by promoting self-worth & education through responsible volunteering. We choose our projects very carefully. We aim to work at a grassroots level, meaning we work alongside locals, hearing what their needs and dreams are. We aim to empower individuals and to create a self-sustaining community. This is an instrumental factor in which projects we decide to run. EDGE of AFRICA hopes to inspire and educate individuals who otherwise don’t have the opportunities, creating a mentality of ‘I can do it!’

Why support EDGE of AFRICA?

We don't just go rushing ahead and creating part-time volunteer opportunities to please our voluntary workers. We don't go around looking for kids with runny noses, crèches in need of assistance, alien plants to be eradicated and HIV patients requiring a bit of sympathy just to act the part. We don't get our volunteers involved in services that offer them a sense of goodwill while they're over here, but then slowly dissolve as soon as they leave back home. Our projects are all sustainable and continue long after volunteers' footsteps have been washed off our beaches.

We accommodate all age, race and religious groups.

You can join us as a single volunteer or intern, or come over as part of a school or university group. We can recommend the most rewarding program for the more mature volunteers, and adapt our programs to suit your requirements.

The accommodation is very comfortable, the meals are heart-warming and the staff members will become your best friends.

Our headquarters are based in Knysna, in the jewel of the Garden Route and one of the top holiday destinations globally.

We have well established opportunities in Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Cameroon.

Our overall volunteer feedback is extremely positive and we boast a high return rate of volunteers.

For more information about our individual programmes please visit our website: or email to request a brochure



Cambridgeshire Community Foundation’s objective is to make a real difference to the well being and quality of life of people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We do this by matching those who want to give, to local charities and voluntary groups that are of interest to them. In this way we have enabled funding to reach a wide range of community groups and environmental projects, as well as the homeless, people with special needs and disabilities, children and youth groups.

Since 2004 we have distributed over £5 million in grants and built a unique knowledge of local charitable projects. This expertise has been recognised by the Lottery, National and local Government, Comic Relief, and household names such as Mars and Microsoft, all of whom have commissioned us to distribute money on their behalf.

Nkonzo Bush Academy


Nkonzo Bush Academy is a popular and highly regarded destination for research, conservation and ecotourism. Founded on the dream of being different, the name Nkonzo comes from Lingala, a language in central Africa, meaning possibility or new beginnings.

At Nkonzo we believe in the bigger picture; creating experiences that not only focus on the ethical wellbeing of all animals, both human and not, but the future of the environment by making a positive impact on the conservation industry and the lives of African wildlife.

​We're working for a better future by showing the world what wildlife is supposed to look like and how we can coexist together.

Our ethos can be detailed as many things but it all integrates into a singular idea, that of respect. Respect is the key on which Nkonzo’s founding is idealized. The pride of Nkonzo is the respect of the environment, which encompasses all things within it, and that of the future, including man’s coexistence and place in it.

ResponsibilitiesVolunteers will take part in various activities, such as: monitoring of various species within the only free roaming big five reserve in the fynbos biome, assist in animal releases and darts when necessary, reserve maintenance (alien plant removal, road maintenance, etc.)



L'Arche provides residential care for adults with intellectual disabilities. L'Arche communities are places where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together in a simple way, to build community in the spirit of the Gospel - places which offer a way of life that is not competitive nor dependent on material success and intellectual achievement - places that heal rather than divide. L'Arche communities provide a family atmosphere within small homes that are well integrated into the local neighbourhood. L'Arche workshops provide different kinds of work where each person can find fulfilment and opportunity for growth. L'Arche's spiritual life is particularly important, and all homes offer a life of prayer which members can share as they wish. L'Arche is a Christian community, ecumenical in spirit, striving to live a life of simplicity in the spirit of the Gospels. September start is preferred but other months are possible. Volunteers with a criminal background are not accepted.



ALL OUT AFRICA's mission is to engage people from around the world in the research and action necessary for a sustainable Africa. We run projects that conserve biodiversity and improve human wellbeing and support the projects through offering people the opportunity to participate in the projects as a rewarding travel experience. Our conservation projects tackle both ecosystem and species level conservation issues within National Parks, Nature Reserves and areas of important biodiversity in Africa. Our social projects focus on orphans and vulnerable children and involve mostly education with aspects of health and nutrition and other basic needs. Both our conservation and social projects include hands-on action and research. Our conservation projects involve a variety of research and conservation activities in Swaziland and Mozambique. Depending on the time of the year, you can be involved in a number of different studies. Recent projects have focused on threatened plants, big game, bats, reptiles, endangered birds such as blue swallows, vultures and marabou storks. The marine conservation project focuses on Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, dolphins, turtles coral reefs and much more. Learn essential skills such as capturing, banding and radio-tracking and help to conserve Africa’s endangered wildlife. Our community projects works with schools and a number of small care centres and non-profit organizations that are assisting orphans and vulnerable children. You can help to improve the quality of life and future prospects in different ways by constructing basic shelters, water systems, developing trench gardens, and giving children basic education in English, maths and essential life skills. We believe that this is a very rewarding social experience helping children in need of support both for our volunteers and the children themselves.

Iceland Forest Service


The Thórsmörk trail volunteer programme ( was established by Iceland’s Forest Service (Skógræktin) in 2012. It’s main role is to assist with the maintenance of the hiking trails in Thórsmörk and Goðaland though our teams are involved in a variety of practical nature conservation tasks in the area.



Chestnut Tree House is the only children's hospice in Sussex and cares for over 300 children and young adults from 0-19 years of age with progressive life-shortening conditions from East and West Sussex, Brighton & Hove City, Portsmouth City and South East Hampshire.

Our care services extend to the whole family - not just the child, but mums, dads, grandparents, sisters and brothers.

Our aim is to make every day count. The good days, the bad days and the last days.

Volunteering opportunities

The opportunities available are for ‘offsite’ volunteers. The opportunities could be marshalling at a large event, running an awareness stand, doing a public collection, running a tombola or a raffle, selling fundraising merchandise etc.

The large events that we organise would mean the volunteers would be part of a team of perhaps 100 volunteers, but the smaller events could mean that they and one other volunteer would be running the stall and perhaps even setting up the stall, breaking down the stall and taking responsibility for any money collecting during the event. Staff are not often present at the smaller events, but staff are always present at the large events that we organise.



Aldeas de Paz - The Peace Villages Foundation - is a sustainable grassroots NGO based in Samana, Dominican Republic. PVF is independent from political, religious or business interests and maintains independence by completely funding and operating its programs with the practical and monetary contributions of volunteers.

OUR MISSION: We support disadvantaged communities and their members in the process of achieving sustainable development, social justice and peace. We promote the "Culture of Peace" through enriching cross-cultural exchange aal and environmental fields and assist our beneficiaries to develop their potential and improve their own lives.

OUR VISION: We share the values of peace, justice and tolerance, fundamentally focusing on the empowerment of young people while valuing local knowledge and working with cultural sensitivity. Our Volunteer opportunities are truly the microcosm of a world where people join together giving priority to improving life for humanity and promoting a Culture of Peace as a practical way to both prevent and resolve conflict.

OUR VOLUNTEERS: Aldeas de Paz is exclusively financed and operated by volunteers. Volunteering with us is a great opportunity to work side by side with locals, learn new skills, study Spanish and immerse oneself in the Latin culture.

YOUTH CARE & COMMUNITY - Help us enhance the lives of children and teenagers, help the community and preserving the beautiful Venezuelan nature. NGO MANAGEMENT AND ADMIN: Assist with the day-to-day running of a small, grassroots NGO. MULTI MEDIA PROGRAM: Assist with artistic and journalistic methods such as writing, photography, interviews, documentaries. MEDICINE AND HEALTHCARE: Experience a different way of running a medical center and expand your knowledge. DENTAL HEALTHCARE: Dentistry observation and experience opportunity. HOSPITALITY & TOURISM: Work at exotic destinations and enjoy fun-filled adventures

VOLUNTEERING WITH PEACE VILLAGES: Volunteering is a great way to experience another culture, make new friends and learn new skills. The beauty in volunteering lies in the fact that you are not simply passing through as a tourist. You are interacting with the community, building relationships and making a positive impact. It is an experience that may well change your life! Volunteers are the driving force of Peace Villages' work, both through their volunteering and through their financial contributions. Costs depend on length of stay and type of accommodation. There are three accommodation options which include: • Volunteer placement in the program/s of your choice • Accommodation • up to 12 FREE Spanish lessons every week • free use of WIFI • Placement introduction and hand-outs, supervision, regular briefings • Certificate and/or written reference upon successful completion of volunteer placement • Full support and 7 days, 24 hour back-up from our local staff • bus terminal pick-up. Our staff will welcome you to the Peace Villages home-base upon arrival - from a safe and comfortable place to stay, to unparalleled access to perspectives and insight about the local culture. For more detailed information check http://www.peacevillages.orgnd voluntary community service for people of all ages, races and nationalities. We provide additional opportunities in humanitarian, educational, recreation



Voluntary Service International is the Irish branch of Service Civil International, a worldwide peace movement started in 1920 in the aftermath of the First World War. Voluntary Service International was founded in 1965 after several projects in the late '50s. Since then VSI has undertaken a wide variety of voluntary and community work throughout Ireland and has sent volunteers to similar projects in over 50 countries worldwide. OUR VISION - is a world of peace, social justice and sustainable development, where all people live together with mutual respect. OUR MISSION - is to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and intercultural understanding through volunteering in Ireland and internationally. OUR VALUES - We base all our work on the following values Volunteering - in the sense of acting out of self-initiative, without seeking material reward and for the benefit of civil society, as a method and a statement for social change, whilst never competing with paid labour nor seeking to contribute to strike-breaking. Non-violence - as a principle and a method. Human Rights - respect for individuals as stated in the universal declaration of Human Rights. Solidarity - international solidarity for a more just world and solidarity between human beings at all levels. Respect for the Environment - and the ecosystem of which we are a part and upon which we are dependent. Inclusion - to be open and inclusive to all individuals who share the aims and objectives of the movement, without regard to gender, race, colour, religion, nationality, social status, sexual orientation and ability. Empowerment - empowering people to understand and act to transform the social, cultural and economic structures that affect their lives at all levels. Co-operation - with local communities as well as other local, national and international actors to strengthen the positive potential within civil society as a whole.



SHARE is a registered charity providing a lakeside residential activity centre, promoting integration between able-bodied and people with disabilities of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We welcome over 10,000 people each year and run a wide range of outdoor sports, both on the water and on the land, as well as many different functions. We have over 35 years experience.



Ann Foundation's mission is to empower disadvantaged children through progressive education.

Educating disadvantaged children; breaking the poverty cycle.We envision a world where every disadvantaged child has access to primary education.

The Ann Foundation is a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization committed to improving the quality of education for children/youth with disabilities around the globe. The Ann Foundation is working in India, Russia, Africa and continues to expand its missions in new areas and communities

Education creates independence that inspires confidence which brings peace.
We at Ann Foundation aspire to bring the basic right of education to all children and young people across the world because we believe that education creates a better tomorrow for everyone.Poverty, disability, gender discrimination, child labor, slavery – all are stumble blocks that keep youngsters from the mainstream education. Once out of the system they face ever increasing challenges to make it. Left behind without choice.

Disability is one of the top obstacles around the world. Over 93 million less fortunate children live with the disability. They often experience inequalities in life and have fewer opportunities to access quality education. Education brings hope to these children. Hope that they also can make it on an equal footing.
Our new projects: Empowering destitute girls in Kolkata.
Educating children who are doing child labor.
Bringing hope for the children with HIV.
Empowering young girls in Quilon Social Service Society (QSSS) in Kerala.
Hearing program for the hearing impaired children and youth in Kolkata
Teaching English & computers for the blind children in Burgur,India

Otra Cosa Network


Otra Cosa Network is a registered Peruvian non-profit NGO (no. 11126841) and a UK Registered Charity (no. 1133680) based in Huanchaco, Trujillo on the coast of Northern Peru. Our mission is to promote social development and education in our local communities.

Otra Cosa Network runs five of our own projects, which are all part of the Huanchaco Education and Learning Programme (HELP). HELP is dedicated to advancing the education possibilities and resources for those living in lower-income communities in Huanchaco and the surrounding shanty towns. Our five projects are based in the areas of Literacy, Women's Empowerment, Environmental Education, Youth Programmes, and English Language Learning. Alongside this, we support several partner organisations in the area, as well as in two remote locations in northern Peru.

Otra Cosa Network works with fantastic social development projects within Peru that work day-in and day-out to change the lives of the less fortunate. The committed members of staff at these projects often work on a voluntary basis or for a very minimal wage and as hard as they work these projects remain under-staffed and work with minimal resources. Therefore, donating your time to work with these projects is invaluable and you will truly see how your time and contribution are hugely appreciated by those around you.



Edirisa UK is part of the Edirisa Society - a society for promoting Africa, creativity, cultures and practical skills which was started in 2001 at Uganda Martyrs University by Ambrose Kibuuka, a Ugandan educator, and Miha Logar, a Slovenian journalist. The Edirisa Society now has three sections:

Edirisa UK - Responsible for the management of all the education and volunteer programmes, the Teach Inn locations, major building and water projects, health initiatives and sustainable development projects.

Edirisa Ltd – a not for profit company running the Home of Edirisa in Kabale, Studio Edirisa at the Gardens in Nkozi and Canoe Treks on and around Lake Bunyonyi.

Edirisa Slovenia - supporting the education and volunteer programmes through child sponsorship, scholastic materials and their highly successful libraries and reading project.

Edirisa UK was founded by Sheila Windridge to support the work of the Edirisa Society in South Western Uganda. We are working to improve the living conditions of the local people, focusing on education, health and sanitation, the provision of clean water and sustainable enterprise.

We began by funding a primary school on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and have extended our activities to include building and running 5 nursery schools, renovating 5 primary schools, establishing a special needs education centre where 70 children board, installing over 70 water harvesting tanks in the community and have built a clinic on Bwama Island at Lake Bunyonyi.

Through our volunteer programme we run workshops in the primary schools and nurseries, supporting the teachers and improving the learning environment. Volunteers also take part in community focus groups and a variety of other activities.

We support sustainable projects for local communities – craft making, bee-keeping, vegetable gardens and orchards – as we believe in a “hand up” not a “hand out”.

We also cater for Educational Visits for groups (minimum of 10 people) which includes volunteering. Please contact us to find out more about our group visits.

Centre for International Voluntary Service


CIVS Kenya is a community development agency operating especially in the marginalized and poverty-stricken rural areas of Kenya. We pursue an integrated socio-economic and cultural development approach in the fight against poverty and social exclusion of Kenyan communities under the maxim “development by people”. We believe that people should retain the responsibility for their own development while CIVS supports, guides and mentors their efforts with innovative and customized high quality services.

CIVS achieves this aims through its two program areas: International Voluntary Service (IVS) and Community Development. The INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE is designed for people who want the chance to make a real difference in the fight against poverty, fostering development by the people as well as developing harmonious relations among people of different backgrounds and cultures. We organize short term, medium and long term and weltwärts project attachments throughout the year both in cities and rural areas for volunteers to offer their services as they learn, gain exposure and experience.

Our COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT activities focus on the areas of Food Security, Water & Sanitation, Vulnerable Children & HIV/AIDS, Good Governance and Emergency Relief in order to mitigate the effects of hunger, environmental degradation, diseases and mismanagement of public resources.

The Little farm sanctuary project


"If you are cheerful person, love animals an happy to live on the way of simple life for learn about sustainable agriculture and Thai traditional culture. Our local farm sanctuary project may is the right place for you."

At our little farm, we are helping and caring for many animals in the farm sanctuary such as sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats and many other animals. It makes us happy to see the animals within our compound. In our farm, we have space for playing, eating, walking and relaxing.

We may be just a small farm but we are proud to have been able to impart knowledge to those who come and volunteer. Over at our farm, you are able to get to know and experience the feeling of warmth and friendship. Here, you will live a simple life, working with new friends and bring back home many great memories with farm life activities that you can imagine.

Our little farm sanctuary is a full of friendliness and warmth. Any money raised goes back into running the farm with things such as maintenance, food, medicine and into the community. One provides a safe home to rescued farm animals and pet house elderly and disabled or who may never loving and a peaceful. it is the last home for them to retirement here. On a daily basis you will see, assist and contribute to a different way of life and be involved in new experiences which will change your heart and mind.

So, we welcome anyone who is interested and wants to take part in our volunteering programs. Here you can meet new friends from all around the world who share the same interest of love. Love is what we stand by enjoy your work experience by taking a hands-on approach to animal care, play and farm life within local farm sanctuary. The project has great benefits to both the environment and community.

Every day the volunteers have several jobs that need to be done on a daily basis. This project is flexible; therefore activities during your stay can be changed or tailored for you. The volunteer's jobs consists of helping to working with animals You will not only learn about the animals care, but you will also help in the sustainable agriculture and leran about the traditional Thai culture by working within the local communty. You will work hands-on in a real experience with new friends from different cultures. We have many interesting activities for you to join, which will strengthen the relationship within our little farm community.

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