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DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage


DAKTARI is a registered non-profit company located in South Africa close to the Kruger National Park. It is a wildlife orphanage where the objective is to inspire and educate local underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage. Every Monday we welcome a new group of 8 local under-privileged children for a week and give them the opportunity to discover, learn and become passionate about wildlife and conservation, their heritage. We also supplement their school curriculum in English, maths, geography, life skills, social issues etc.

Our goal is to enable today’s local underprivileged children to eventually be able to secure good employment in nature reserves, thereby improving their future quality of life.

DAKTARI runs both as a bush school and a wildlife orphanage, where you will be working hands-on with the children and the animals!
In short, here are some of the things you will experience!

- Take an active part in educating underprivileged children about the environment to make a real impact in their community!
- Help care for injured and orphaned animals as part of the educational program.
- Meet the community through our Outreach Program in the local schools and creche, and help further our impact in the village!
- Experience Africa by immersing yourself in the community, or visiting some of the iconic sights and areas surrounding the DAKTARI Farm!

We have been going for more than 10 years now, and have a very structured set-up, making sure you are safe and looked after from the moment you arrive in South Africa to the moment you leave! Even if you miss your connecting flight, we have friends and contacts that can look after you – just keep us informed!



Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a human rights organisation which was created in 1981. Our aim is to help create space in conflict zones so that the civilian population may organise to defend its rights without fear of reprisals and violence. PBI is an independent organisation not affiliated to any religious or political institutions. We are recruiting international observers to work in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and Kenya to protect organisations and individuals who have requested our involvement. You must have a mature outlook, be fluent in Spanish for the Latin American projects and be able to make the minimum time commitment of 12 months (18 months for Colombia). PBI holds orientation weekends for potential volunteers. For more information please email us on There are also volunteer opportunities available in the London office in the areas of outreach, fundraising, publicity, administration and advocacy.



MONA-UK is the UK branch of the Mona Foundation, a Spanish registered charity dedicated to the rescue of primates suffering in captivity. The origins of the Mona Foundation dates back to 1984, when Simon and Peggy Templer, an English couple living in Catalonia, Northern Spain, established a small sanctuary to re-home chimpanzees being used illegally by beach photographers. During this time, a local vet, Olga Feliu, helped the Templers in their work. Following in the footsteps of the Templers, Olga established a permanent sanctuary to offer abused primates a healthy and happy future. This became the Mona Foundation, located in Girona, Northern Spain. The first group of rescued chimpanzees arrived in 2001, most having spent their lives in total darkness, in filthy conditions, inside an old truck. The chimps could barely stand in their small cages but today they have an area the size of a football field, where they can roam, forage and climb. We unfortunately cannot accept volunteers with an offending background.

Projects Overland


Projects Overland is a volunteer organization based in Tanzania, operated through the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

We have offices in Arusha, Moshi and Zanzibar and support projects in medical placements, schools, orphanages and community projects (eg. AIDS, human rights). Our volunteers come from all over the world and we offer them safe and affordable accommodation, 24/7 support, rewarding experiences and much more. Our aim is to empower and support communities in need – because although Tanzania is getting lots of tourists every year, it is still a developing country where health care and education are rare commodities.

Projects Overland support 5 medical projects who are located in Arusha, Moshi or Lushoto, 6 teaching projects in Arusha and Zanzibar, 6 orphanage projects in Arusha, Moshi and Zanzibar and at last but not least they also have 2 community projects in Arusha. So there is something for everyone.



Daisy Inclusive UK is a disability awareness charity whose main aim is to take disabled people from isolation to inclusion within their communities. Daisy Inclusive UK was created to help break down barriers for disabled people which society has put in place and help them reach their true potential. This is achieved through sport, education and employment, inclusive clubs, projects, consultancy and training. At Daisy Inclusive UK, we strive to ensure disabled people can reach their true potential with the desire to inspire.

Daisy Inclusive UK aims to promote for the public benefit:

* Activities that foster understanding of disability.

* Elimination of discrimination on the grounds of disability.

* Education for disabled people and society through support, advice and guidance.

* Social inclusion and integration of disabled people through provision of, and access to, sport and recreation activities.

* Social inclusion of disabled people through access to employment.

If you would like to know more about Daisy Inclusive UK and the services we can offer, please feel free to call us on 0151 220 2319 or email us at Alternatively, you can have a look at our website which is



San Gerardo de Rivas is located 20 km east of San Isidro de General – the second largest city in San Jose Province – in south central Costa Rica.

Though similar to many other coffee-producing communities at high elevations, San Gerardo is unique in being the jumping-off point for hikers and nature lovers wishing to explore Mt Chirripo – the highest peak in Costa Rica, and the second highest in Central America.

Whether you are here for a week or living in San Gerardo permanently there are volunteer opportunities available for you!

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, to contribute in a meaningful way to your community, or to spend time on your vacation really getting to know the culture, the people and the language of Costa Rica.

Proyecto San Gerardo is actively recruiting volunteers for opportunities in community development and education in San Gerardo de Rivas and surrounding villages. We also welcome volunteers in Vancouver, Canada for our Board and online volunteers who can help with writing and website design/maintenance.

Proyecto San Gerardo was founded in 2007 to address the unequal access to education and better paid jobs for rural Costa Ricans. Focusing on the needs of children, youth and especially girls and women the organization has provided hundreds of hours of free education to small communities so they can learn English, Computer Skills, First Aid and How to set up a small business. We also provide high school and university scholarships to around 10 students a year to help them stay in school and encourage girls to consider higher education. We maintain an active local website: which informs visitors about the area and shares information about local services.

Our graduates have gone on to further education, to local tourism jobs that utilize their new language and technical skills, and many have stayed in the area now they can access better paid jobs without having to go to the city.



Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions needs volunteers to document, measure and photograph historic buildings in the Caribbean. Throughout the Caribbean we find many deteriorated historic structures. Other historic and architecturally valuable buildings are being torn down and replaced by more modern buildings. The purpose of Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions is to record and document these buildings and structures. Our effort adds information about styles, history, and architecture of the Caribbean. And more importantly, we hope our work will encourage the preservation of important architectural and cultural heritage.



Iko Poran Society - International Volunteer Programs in Brazil. Iko Poran means 'Alright' in the Mbya dialect of the South Guarani Indians. Our mission is to implement volunteer programs that make a positive impact on the communities in Rio de Janeiro, promoting a wide exchange between cultures and strengthening a constant and growing number of NGOs in Brazil. Iko Poran offers very strong volunteer programs and projects that make a positive impact on the projects, promoting intercultural exchange and strengthening a constant and growing number of NGOs in Brazil. Volunteers have a unique experience by actively participating on developments within communities and on the construction of a fairer world for all. The role of the volunteer is to work side-by-side with and learn from local people, to exchange ideas, and to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding. Volunteers learn the hard but valuable lesson that the giving of aid can sometimes be a complicated business. An important side to volunteering is playing the part of a motivator, having often travelled far to lend a hand. An international volunteer can be a positive presence in a community, a source of inspiration and empowerment.



The Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation is a non-profit organisation that works with local communities to protect forest habitat, enhance environmental education and develop sustainable income-generating activities. We are currently working in coastal communities of the Pacific region. Volunteers may assist in a variety of activities depending on their interests and abilities including but not limited to nature centre staffing, environmental education in local schools, reforestation, biological inventories and mapping, community development and technical training. Volunteers for Ceiba make tangible contributions to locally based conservation work, immerse themselves in rural Latin American culture and have free time on weekends to enjoy hikes, lovely beaches, and local towns to experience the local culture on their own. US office address: 301 S. Bedford St., Suite 7A Madison, WI 53703 608-230-5550. We are unable to accept a volunteer with an offending background.

Volunteer In South Africa


Volunteer in South Africa offers a significant mix of Volunteer opportunities for Volunteers that are walking alongside God and want to make a meaningful impact in South Africa and Africa at large.

Our Volunteer Projects are designed to provide continuous Solutions to help the Poor communities of South Africa. We aim to Disciple Children and walk alongside Children and Adults bringing them to their God given Talents. We aim to Create an Environment where people Flourish in their God-Given Gifts and are Encouraged to Pursue their dreams by adding 'HOPE' into their lives.

Our Mission Statement At Volunteer in South Africa:

"Our purpose is to serve humanity and wildlife by facilitating ways and resources in which people can get involved to help improve ways of living in South Africa and Africa at large. We aim to add HOPE INTO MANY less privileged children’s lives".

Here's Volunteer in South Africa's Vision statement:

Luke 4:18 "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to Preach the good news to the poor."

•To build a Volunteer Organisation that brings “hope” and is a blessing to Africa and South Africa.

•To impact children’s lives with Sports development Projects.

•To Partner with other Ministries and provide them with Resources, Finances and Volunteers.

•To see lives restored, bringing hope and practical answers to broken humanity.

•To Impact the less Privileged Communities of South Africa and Create Ideas for the poorer Communities to get Jobs.

•To see people from all walks of life come into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

•To walk alongside the lost and the Broken and bring hope into their lives.

•To create a community of people who worship God with passion, bringing fresh sounds and new songs to our Creator.

•To provide an environment for the less Privileged where people flourish in their God-given gifts and are encouraged to pursue their Dreams.

•To create a family environment within the projects and locations that reaches all generations, empowering each generation to reach their full potential.

About Us:

Volunteer in South Africa was founded by Mandy Ann Weschta in 2007. A Boy by the name of Jason, Came running past Mandy’s House and Stole her Cell phone from her staircase whilst she was washing her car.

The neighbours next to Mandy’s house saw the little boy stealing her phone and they got in the car to go and drive after the boy. They also called the police. The police happened to be in the area and the police car and the neighbour both found the boy in an alley way near to Mandy’s house. They took the boy back to the house with Mandy’s Phone.

Mandy asked the police what they were going to do with the boy now that he had stolen her phone. The police said they were going to have to punish the boy (because he was under the age to go to jail). At that moment Mandy remembered the verse: LUKE 4:18, The spirit of The Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach the Good news the Poor. The police were just about to drive off with the little boy Jason. Mandy ran after them and asked them to stop the car and let the boy out the police van. I told the police that I would take care of the Boy (Jason). Mandy had a one on one chat with the Boy Jason and I told him that he had made a mistake by stealing her cell phone and even although he had stolen her cell phone she forgave him and Jesus forgive him. Mandy told him it was not the right thing to do and God Gets very sad when we steal. Mandy told the boy how much God loved him and how much God wants the best for him. She also told him that when he feels alone, then God is watching him and comforting him in those times.

That day, Mandy decided to take Jason Surfing. Jason ended up being a Great surfer. He was not attending school at the time, so Mandy told him that if he went back to school then he would be able to surf every-day. Jason loved this idea and started going back to school. The following week he brought 30 of his Street friends to come and surf. This is when Mandy saw a Great Potential to change the Community.

Mandy then made a rule that if they went to school every-day then she would collect them from school (after school) and teach 3 of them to surf a day. This is when Volunteer in South Africa was Launched. At that time Mandy owned a Surf lodge in Muizenberg (called abreakaway) she then decided to change her surf lodge into a Volunteer house. (To impact the community and add HOPE into many less Privileged children’s lives).

Since then Volunteer in South Africa has grown to 7 locations (with more to come) and SUPERSPORT has sponsored the sports Groups with Sports Gear. Mandy has come along side many more Sports Projects providing them with Volunteers and finances to run their projects.

Mandy says ‘My aim was to impact the less Privileged children’s lives in South Africa and Africa at Large’ I always have had a heart to reach out to the people in need and add HOPE into their lives. It’s so good to see that God has used me to reach out to many areas in South Africa and Africa, God is using me as a tool to Impact many less Privileged People’s lives throughout Africa now.

Since I started teaching the street children Surfing in 2007 we have seen many children going back to school and becoming some-thing in this LIFE. We have also built an Orphan school in the township, waterproofed many people’s homes from the bad weather, we have partnered with many projects that need help and support and since I started Volunteer in South Africa over 2500 children and Youth and adults have come to the Lord and are attending church in their local area.

We have taught 1200 children to surf and 300 boys to play soccer and 600 children how to swim so far. We have helped many people with food by going house to house in the townships (slums): offering food to people and Counselling to them. I am so blessed to be able to reach out to the less Privileged people of Africa and South Africa and add HOPE into their lives.

Thank-you to the people that have believed in me and supported me to do God’s work. We are a faith based Organisation, so whatever God brings is what we use to keep the projects maintained and Running. If you decide to sponsor a child to go to school then the cost is +-$150 a year for their uniform and shoes and books and school fees. We will then keep you updated on the child progress. If you decide to sponsor feeding a family (that has no food) then the cost is +-$40 a month. Any donations you can make to help the less Privileged will help. When making a payment through PayPal or into our Bank account, then you can let us know how you would like us to keep in touch with you. We will then let you know what your donation has been used for. All and any donations are much appreciated by the less Privileged people.



The Council for British Archaeology is an educational charity working throughout the UK to involve people in archaeology and to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations. We signpost opportunities for participation through our website, CBA Briefing (, and the Training Online Resource Centre (TORC - We are a membership organisation, offering our members regular updates about the latest in British archaeology, subscription British Archaeology magazine, and opportunities for volunteering and special events through our regional networks. See



Doorstep Library: Recruiting for a BRAND NEW TEAM in PIMLICO

We are recruiting now for a brand new team in Pimlico. In you are interested in applying to become a founding team member, get in touch with Kirsty, our Volunteer Campaigns Coordinator, NOW by emailing
Do you remember a character from a childhood book as fondly as an old friend?
If you do, you’ll know the magic of being able to slip into another world as and when you need to, or how books can make your world a bigger, brighter place.
For bookworms especially, it’s hard to believe that anyone could see reading as anything other than empowering, or even just a pleasure. For the third of children from disadvantaged areas who leave primary school without being able to read well, often it’s nothing but a chore.
That’s why we like to turn up on the doorstep, with a backpack of books, two little stools, and a pair of volunteers who know that words take you places. Every week, come rain or shine, our volunteers bring the magic of reading directly into families’ homes every week, in low income areas across west London.

Doorstep Library volunteers don’t just read stories; they do the silly voices, hand pick the books, and give special recommendations. By making it fun first, we get to watch children transform into budding readers. We love parents to get stuck into the sessions too and encourage them to get involved in their children’s education.
Sometimes though, we’re just there to give a bit of extra support, whether we’re passing on info about a family activity, lending an ear, or even just being a friendly face. Then, before we go, we leave behind a selection of books for each child to borrow for the week.
If this sounds like the role for you, these are the basics. We run projects on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in estates across Fulham, White City, East Acton and Queen’s Park. In Hammersmith and Fulham we start at 3.45pm and finish at 6.30pm. In Westminster, we start at 4.30pm and finish at 7 pm.
Volunteering with us is a weekly commitment. If that isn’t feasible for you at the moment, please do still get in touch. We always need stand in volunteers, our projects wouldn’t run without them.
Come along to one of our Info Sessions to find out more, simply email to book your place.
In the meantime, check out the short film made about us by the BBC last year: Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too for all of our latest news!

Saint Ann Foundation


Saint Ann Foundation (SAF) is local independent non-profit organisation dedicated to work with children, women and promote volunteerism in Uganda. SAF is a registered and works with the poor to overcome poverty and injustice and alleviate the distress of the vulnerable and defenseless, We provide care and support to those in society who are in need of compassion, disenfranchised or have been rendered voiceless.

SAF) offers meaningful volunteer opportunities in Uganda. As a volunteer, you will work on a worthwhile project that addresses specific community needs and immerse yourself in the rich and hospitable Ugandan culture. You will make a lasting impact as you teach children in a local classroom, improve the quality of care for orphans and infants, and work alongside local people on sustainable, community-driven projects that make a lasting difference.
SAF offers a variety of different projects, so whether you are a student or professional, you will be able to find a program in a field that will match your interest, experience or studies. Our volunteer programs are safe, reliable, hands-on and affordable with high-quality service guaranteed. Find out which program is right for you!

Casa Voluntary Work Morocco


Nkonzo Bush Academy


Nkonzo Bush Academy is a popular and highly regarded destination for research, conservation and ecotourism. Founded on the dream of being different, the name Nkonzo comes from Lingala, a language in central Africa, meaning possibility or new beginnings.

At Nkonzo we believe in the bigger picture; creating experiences that not only focus on the ethical wellbeing of all animals, both human and not, but the future of the environment by making a positive impact on the conservation industry and the lives of African wildlife.

​We're working for a better future by showing the world what wildlife is supposed to look like and how we can coexist together.

Our ethos can be detailed as many things but it all integrates into a singular idea, that of respect. Respect is the key on which Nkonzo’s founding is idealized. The pride of Nkonzo is the respect of the environment, which encompasses all things within it, and that of the future, including man’s coexistence and place in it.

ResponsibilitiesVolunteers will take part in various activities, such as: monitoring of various species within the only free roaming big five reserve in the fynbos biome, assist in animal releases and darts when necessary, reserve maintenance (alien plant removal, road maintenance, etc.)



The Great Generation inspire profound change in the systems and processes that surround us: we empower people to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

We believe it is individuals and communities learning and acting together that releases untapped potential to make the most of our resources: people and the planet.

We work across society, across sectors and across continents to deliver experiential learning programmes that are transformational for everyone involved.

We create positive change in 3 ways:

- Mentoring and advising community-based organisations in the developing world to tackle extreme poverty.

- Delivering experiential learning programmes to students and professionals focused on building skills and knowledge to shape positive change.

- Managing action-based projects on-the-ground where students, professionals and local communities collaborate to solve critical needs revealed in the mentoring and advise process.

Act 4


We are looking for volunteers who are strong team players and who have a strong 'Give it a go' attitude! Volunteers must be prepared to present (our programmes involve drama, music and more) in English, although they will be supported in developing their confidence and clarity. Volunteers will ideally be interested in performing arts and be willing to learn and try out new things. This will apply to all areas of work the volunteer may get involved in. Volunteers must be happy to work with children. If they have had previous experience that is great, however we will provide training. It is important that they have a flexible and have a creative attitude and are happy, at times, to work independently.

Educational Presentations: Volunteers will be trained to deliver 20 minute assembly presentations based around a bible story, which will be shared with children in primary schools. This will involve use of drama, music, video and more. These presentations will support EU objectives around wellbeing, both in the context of the UK but also with reference to other counties, as it introduces key EU themes around combating prejudice, global issues and raising awareness of poverty. A key feature of these presentations is focused on supporting children in 'learning to participate'. In this way we seek to encourage children to recognise their ability to get involved as we tackle directly inclusion, empowering children to participate and engage, as they develop mutual understanding of others.

Community Projects: Working in schools, churches, and other community spaces, the participants would provide safe spaces for children to come and get involved in a range of different activities. These activities will vary between toddler groups, Brownies, Rainbows and supporting existing youth clubs.

Some of these projects are already running and participants will be invited to bring fresh ideas to these groups. However, we will also be looking to harness the participants own interests and passions to set up new groups benefiting these communities. Such projects we know have a real impact on intercultural awareness and developing mutual understanding between different countries. All these projects again focus on the need to promote inclusion within society as they seek to find ways to engage children through sport, friendship, music, craft or other actives, and find ways that allow children to recognise their place in their communities, through quality youth programmes.

The Hope Foundation


HOPE works to free children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse and poverty. HOPE is dedicated to immediate and lasting change in their lives.

We provide protection, education, healthcare, nutrition, training, drug rehabilitation, capacity building and emergency response care.

By extending support to children and their communities via 60 projects in Kolkata and the surrounding area, HOPE provides sustainable holistic solutions to protection and development.

Our Volunteer Placement Programme allows volunteers to be at the heart of HOPE's work in Kolkata and help change the lives of children living in slums or street-connected communities.

Volunteers will be placed as best as possible according to their skills and experience.

Ideally you will have a qualification, skills and/or experience relevant to HOPE's work. If you do not have any skills in any of these areas and would still like to volunteer, you can still apply. We welcome all kinds of volunteers who are willing to lend a hand. On your application form you can tell us about your experiences and explain how you think your skills could benefit HOPE's work with street children.

You need to be the type of person who has a positive, open attitude and get along well with others. Volunteers work with lots of different HOPE staff and are involved in a range of work structures and environments. It is important that the children you work with feel comfortable and safe.

To be successful in your volunteer role, you need to be organised and be able to work on your own initiative. You also need to be flexible and prepared to turn your hand to different tasks as required. Applicants must be prepared to fill roles subject to current requirements on HOPE's projects.

Operation Wallacea Ltd




Teens Unite is the only UK charity to provide ongoing support to young people, aged 13-24, with cancer, from the moment of diagnosis through to post-remission. We bring young people fighting cancer together to prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness during such a difficult time.

Teens Unite provide workshops and activities - tailored to the needs, interests and capabilities of the young people we support - designed to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem so often lost in a battle with cancer. The events give the young people the opportunity to meet others of a similar age, in similar situations and build peer support networks that are so vital to their mental well-being and identity development at this crucial time.

We also help the young people prepare for a future beyond cancer which aims to give the young people the confidence and motivation needed to return to education or employment, the incentive to follow their aspirations and be responsible for making their own dreams come true.

We cannot change the fate of the young people we support, but we can ensure that they live the fullest life possible.

Our volunteers are part of our Teens Unite family and at the very heart of our organisation. Every hour that you can spare is vital to helping Teens Unite reach out to even more young people in need of our support, bringing young people fighting cancer together.

“I used to believe that having cancer meant nothing but negativity and that your quality of life is restricted. However, Teens Unite breaks that ideology and teaches that you can most certainly outweigh the negatives by many positives. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Teens Unite taking me on and supporting me through this journey.” Joshua, Teen

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