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The Anisa Foundation is involved with several programs. The volunteers' input is very necessary, both in planning and implementation stages.
The program which is currently being pursued is the Building Communities program. This program consists in training individuals at the neighborhood level in skills which will enable them to take into their own hands the betterment of their communities. Please see the website - - for more details. This particular program requires a fairly high level of Spanish.
We also need someone with mechanical training in order to finish up our solar hot water heater project. This project does not require a high level of Spanish and English speaker would be welcome.
Volunteers with an offending background may be accepted. Each application individually assessed. Physical address in Mexico - Narciso de Mendoza 645, Colonia Magisterial, Mexicali, Baja California, 21290.



WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences, based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, to build a sustainable global community.

WWOOF, Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is a form of cultural exchange in which volunteers live and work as a family to learn about organic farming and gardening, as well as about life in Australia. Working for 4 - 6 hours a day in exchange for board and lodging is the basis of all WWOOFing. WWOOF Hosts are mostly people who are involved in alternative lifestyles, most of them are organic growers and many practice permaculture and bio-dynamics. Work includes gardening, planting trees, woodcutting, weeding - anything! There are over 1800 WWOOF Hosts in Australia, looking for volunteers to help them on their properties.

Lattitude Global Volunteering


Volunteer Overseas With Lattitude

Lattitude Global Volunteering is a youth development charity that provides overseas volunteering opportunities for 17-25 year olds. Our aim is to provide opportunities for young people to enhance their life skills while making a positive difference to the lives of others in a culture and community different from their own.

Over more than 40 years Lattitude Global Volunteering has sent over 40,000 young people to volunteer on long-term placements from 3 to 12 months in over 17 countries around the world. Our volunteers have the opportunity to work in areas as diverse as conservation, medical work, outdoor sports, care work, community projects and teaching.

We help young people from developed and developing countries to volunteer and make sure our placements deliver sustainable value for the children, communities and institutions that volunteers work in. We match every volunteer to a placement that will truly benefit from their skills. Our highly qualified and experienced staff provides comprehensive support to young people from beginning to end of their volunteer journey. To make our placements as accessible as possible we also offer bursaries and scholarships to eligible candidates.

‘In 2012 I volunteered to teach English in San Luis, Argentina with Lattitude. I can honestly say this was to date the best and most important 5 months of my life. I enjoyed my placement and the entire experience so much that I owe a great deal of gratitude to Lattitude. During my time abroad I also developed a passion for teaching, so much so that I have since enrolled on a BA in Education in University, none of this would have been possible had I not been offered the opportunity to teach abroad.’

Rhys Richards, Lattitude Volunteer

2014-2015 places available, apply today!



Formed in 1997, the CRRU is a small non-profit research organisation based in North East Scotland dedicated to the welfare, conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans), through scientific investigation, environmental education, and the provision of a 24 hour veterinary service for sick, injured and stranded individuals. In co-operation with universities, research institutions and international environmental agencies, principal studies focus on the coastal cetaceans frequenting the Moray Firth, providing baseline scientific data for the adoption of long-term management measures and conservation strategies for their protection. Conducting advanced training courses in marine wildlife rescue, the CRRU also operates the only specialist response team in Scotland for live-stranded whales and dolphins. The fully-equipped team (scientists, veterinarians and qualified volunteers) are skilled and experienced to act and advise at the scene of a stranding, with first aid, veterinary treatment and refloatation procedures as required.



MERCY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION AFRICA is a registered Charity Reg. No Kaw/422 - Uganda located in Bwaise a Kampala Suburb. It is a not for profit organisation which caters for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in terms of school fees, stationary and clothing. We collaborate with schools

in Uganda to this noble cause.

The organisation sensitises the youth and trains them about life skills and prevention of HIV/AIDS. It cares for disabled people and elderly guardians in their homes. We work with volunteers who would like to serve in Uganda and connect them to different places where their valuable support is needed.

Right now, we are working with five primary schools around Kawempe on HIV/AIDS and developing children's rights in these schools.



The Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind - Making a difference in Sheffield

Our Vision

To continue to be the primary source of services and support for people with sight loss in Sheffield.

Our Mission

To provide opportunity, support, friendship and services to blind and partially sighted people in Sheffield, helping them to achieve whatever they wish to do and whatever they aspire to be.

What we do

SRSB has a wide range of services to meet the needs of children and adults of all ages.

Our services improve our clients’ quality of life.

We deliver these services primarily in the community, supported by the facilities at our Mappin Street Centre and Cairn Home.

We support over 3,400 visually impaired people in Sheffield and in excess of 300 people access the services within our Mappin Street Centre each week. Our residential care home, Cairn Home, cares for up to 30 people. In addition, we are able to offer some support for people from outside Sheffield if they are able to visit us at our Mappin Street Centre.

Whilst we are an independent Sheffield charity, we also work closely with government departments, local authorities, national charities, local charities and support groups, to enable blind and partially sighted people in Sheffield to receive the most suitable support in an efficient manner.



Befriend A Child is Aberdeen’s own and Scotland’s oldest, befriending service for deprived and vulnerable children. We are founded by Aberdonians, run by Aberdonians and operate for Aberdonians. Befriend A Child began life in 1975 in direct response to the needs of children and young people in Aberdeen who were identified as suffering or at risk. The aims of the scheme were – and have remained – to relieve distress, promote welfare and advance the education of children in Aberdeen through a befriending service. By providing an adult role model, the child experiences reliability, caring and trust which in turn combine to improve their confidence, social skills and help give them the solid grounding required to grow into mature, responsible adults. In 1991, Befriend A Child became a registered charity and in 2002, became independent of the Aberdeen Children’s Panel. More recently, the charity became an Approved Service Provider for Aberdeen City Council Social Work in 2006, and in February 2007, gained the status of Approved Provider Standards for Mentoring and Befriending with Befriending Network Scotland (BNS) and the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation.

RSVP Caribbean Volunteers


RSVP Caribbean Volunteers coordinates safe, affordable, high quality needs-based programmes and projects for overseas volunteers from any country who want to give of their time, skills and resources to their chosen location. The company manages and coordinates all aspects of the volunteer's experience including, but not limited to, providing the necessary information about the programmes, projects and accommodation as well as advice on the culture, travel and volunteering requirements. Ongoing support before arrival and while volunteers are in-country is an important part of the service provided.

The focus is on the Caribbean because the socio-economic issues such as illiteracy; poor health services and facilities; inadequate access to, or, unaffordable health care; high unemployment; poverty; improper sanitation in schools and communities; lack of access to basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter); insufficient programmes for the elderly, the homeless and persons with disabilities and many other issues continue to be a challenge in Caribbean islands.

Our mission is to identify programmes and projects that are aligned to local needs and provide mutually beneficial opportunities for volunteers, communities and partners to make a real difference.

All programmes and projects are linked to the global sustainable development goals that many Caribbean islands are signatories to. These are specific local, national, regional and international priorities that are critical in improving the lives of persons. Of the seventeen (17) sustainable development goals, RSVP Caribbean through the work of its volunteers will focus on seven (7) of these goals. These are no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities and climate action. Every action or task undertaken by a volunteer is connected to a framework for short, medium and long-term improvements.

The RSVP Caribbean Volunteers Team has over 20 years combined experience in volunteer placement and working with volunteers from over 40 countries. The team members have vast cultural exposure based on their extensive international travel experience; which includes the countries of our volunteers and, of course, the Caribbean nations that will facilitate the RSVP Caribbean Volunteers experience. As a result, RSVP Caribbean has first-hand knowledge of what it means to live and work in the Caribbean; which is coupled with our sound knowledge of the Caribbean's hospitality, travel and tourism industry. RSVP Caribbean is very passionate about helping others which is an extension of the fact that we believe 100% in what we do and, as a result, have been active in volunteering on various programmes and projects for many years.

Community RePaint


Community RePaint is a network of over 70 individual paint reuse schemes across the UK, collecting leftover paint from members of the public, painters, retailers etc for redistribution to people and organisations in social need (who would otherwise be unable to afford it). In 2015 Community RePaint schemes diverted over 432,000 litres of paint, which would otherwise have been thrown away, to over 31,997 people and 2,477 community groups and organisations. Additionally the network supported 161 part and full time jobs, and 273 volunteer positions. Further information is available on our website Volunteers can be involved in a variety of different tasks including paint collection, sorting and paint redistribution plus publicity and promotions, driving and project management. The level of involvement in the project will be determinate upon the needs of the individual scheme. Volunteers with an offending background can be considered depending on the individual Community RePaint scheme (although it is unlikely that sexual or physically violent offenders would be considered).

Kalembwana Herbalist Trust Fund


We are Kalembwana Herbalist Trust Fund based right outside the town of Kiberege in the Morogoro region, Tanzania. It is a wonderful registered orphanage, herbalist hospital for regular diseases, mental diseases, alcoholism and drug abuse, adult center for elders and organic farm. also we are dealing with of the goals for now is to have more volunteer. The weather is cool, the place covered with green plants through out the year. We grow vegetables, rice, banana, maize etc. We receive short term volunteers from all over the world, who are willing to stay and work in our community, helping orphans and adults in farming activities as well as sharing lifestyle with the people around the villages. Volunteers will work side by side, with the local people from the area. This can be long term patient from the hospital, people from the adult center, members of the family or the orphans. Some jobs could be; working in the rice-, maize-, casave fields, building projects (mudhouses and brickshouses), making bricks, cooking, Teaching,helping the inhabitants with different things, preparing and collecting traditional medicin, etc.

The main focus for development right now is the orphanage. We have 22 children

But again the project is short on money and really needs some help.So please we need volunteers worldwide to bring development to our Orphanage centerI hope you would be interested working with us thanks



Who we are and what is our mission:
Cordis Hospice is a charity organization based in Katowice, Poland. It has been serving people with a terminal stage of cancer and other life-limiting illnesses for more than 26 years. This is a home full of love and geniality, here people live and die with dignity. An ill person is the core of our care. Our goal is to deliver wide-ranging, free, high quality care to people with life-limiting or terminal conditions and their families. Cordis Hospice offers care which is provided by a versatile team of different professional staff: doctors, nurses, medical carers, psychologists, physiotherapists also priests and volunteers. As well as taking care of people's physical needs, they also look after their emotional, spiritual and social needs.
People all over the world know what joy and suffer is. Being a hospice volunteer is not so easy, it requires such qualities as diligence, particular sensitivity, perseverance, patience, willingness to self-education, openness and creativity.
In July 2012 we started an international volunteering project. We have already hosted volunteers from Ukraine, Brazil, China, Italy, Nigeria, Belarus, India, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Chile, Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Hong Kong, Greece. This project is a great opportunity for our staff and foreign volunteers to exchange their experience and ideas about hospice palliative care. We are always glad to get to know culture and traditions of other nations as well as to show the beauty of Polish culture.
Our project is available all year round. We invite students and people of both medical and non-medical professions. Project lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. Age limits: from 19 to 40 years old. The communication language is mainly English, but can also be Russian, Ukrainian or Polish.

What do our volunteers do:
-help medical staff in washing patients and changing dressings;
-help in feeding patients, making them tea/coffee, gathering used dishes and litter;
-help in cleaning hospice and hostel premises;
-help in a hospice garden;
-assist medical staff during home visits; run errands on patient’s request;
-spend time with patients, go for walks in the garden;
-help out at fundraising events.

A volunteer is guaranteed to get:
accommodation in the hospice hostel (situated on the hospice territory) in a single/twin room with separate bathroom;
full board: breakfast/lunch/dinner;
tutor’s help and assistance;
transfer from/to airport or train/bus station.

Working hours:
A volunteer works 7 hours a day usually from 7:50 to 14:50. Schedule can be changed on volunteer's or staff's request. A volunteer works 5 days a week from Monday till Friday with a weekend break. A volunteer can be asked to help during weekend if needed.

Friends in Khajuraho


Vio & Vijay, Franco-Indian couple living in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India. We run a homestay and are currently launching a social-educative project, founding our own NGO "to allow the local population to live in dignity, with good-quality resources, education, and environmental awareness". Our actions include the creation of a 'Different School' for village children, an ecofriendly promise for our surroundings, children & family sponsorship, clothing distribution... We are currently looking for an art teacher for our school, from 1 March to 2 June 2017. Volunteers will be very well looked after and can be hosted at our house from 21 March and in a nearby hotel until 21 March.



Aims / Objectives

• To promote volunteerism amongst the youth through community development initiatives in the rural settings.

• To educate and train the youth on Information and Communication Technology programmes.

• To engage the youth in Health, HIV/AIDS and STDs/STIs programmes.

• To provide food, security, water and sanitation services to the communities.

• To empower women through Self-Help initiatives (projects).

• To aid victims of natural and man-made disaster.

• To protect, conserve and improve upon the environment.

Volunteer Involvement in Project Planning and Management

Volunteers who are assigned to some administrative roles get involved in policy formulation, planning, pre-testing, implementation and project evaluation. Those mainly concerned are volunteers who have professional skills and duties to perform in areas such as Accounting, Marketing, architecture designing, research, counselling etc.

We also offer virtual volunteering opportunities in website management/maintenance and online campaigning.



Sense offers a summer holiday programme that enables deaf and blind people to have fun, try new things and meet new people. Our holidays also give parents and carers a break.

The role of the volunteer is, as part of a team, to support deaf and blind people to get the most from the holiday. You will provide support to enable individuals to get involved in activities as well as supporting some or all aspect of their daily routine.

We are looking for volunteers who are committed and enthusiastic. We need people who are caring, patient, open minded, work well in a team and are willing to learn new skills. You need to have plenty of stamina, great interpersonal skills, respect and a good sense of humour!

At Sense we take safeguarding very seriously and only select volunteers who pass the relevant security checks. This includes two satisfactory references, a ten-year history check and an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for Sense. An Enhanced Disclosure is necessary when volunteers work with children and vulnerable adults.



The Lebanese Down Syndrome Association (LDSA) was founded by a group of parents in May 1998 as a non-profit organization with the three-fold mission of advocacy, education and research. LDSA aims to promote a positive image of persons with Down syndrome and dispel myths associated with it. It works to increase public awareness and implement the notion that every person with Down syndrome, when given the right services, is able to participate in all aspects of community life. We believe in participation and ownership so we have recently launched a program on "self-advocacy and empowerment". The project aims at empowering youth with intellectual disabilities using creative methods, to fully understand their rights and to advocate for intellectual disabilities in the local and international arena. It also aims at building the capacities of youth members of partner organizations in rural areas to meet the basic needs of the communities with regards to intellectual disabilities. With some other partners, LDSA has also launched the National Inclusion Project aimed at improving thequality of life for people with disabilities, particularly in the areas of education and employment. LDSA is also part of the "Inclusion Network" which is an informal collective that aims at achieving inclusion within the family, the educational system and society. LDSA hosts in its premises "Our Voice Media Room" whose first phase led to the production of a film directed and edited by a group of young people with and without disabilities. More details are available upon request. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Layout design for newsletters, downloading a list of books and their prices, developing a "friends" network on facebook, communicating with members.

Prevail Health


Friendship Works at Family Action


Friendship Works provides long term, one-to-one volunteer support to children from disadvantaged and vulnerable families. Your support will allow Friendship Works to recruit, screen and train adult volunteer mentors who commit to taking a child out for 3-4 hours each week for a minimum of two years. Through these regular outings the child is provided with a positive role model, somebody to talk to and give supportive, consistent one-to-one attention. The children we support face a range of difficulties including being exposed to domestic violence or substance mis use, or having a parent with a mental health or learning difficulty. Without additional support they all face increased risks of poor mental health, anti-social behaviour and developing other long-term problems. Although Friendship Works befrienders commit to a minimum of 2 years, most friendships last longer with the longest in its 26th year. Volunteers will work within the dynamic fundraising team to ensure that sufficient funds are raised to continue to offer this valuable service. Volunteers will help with such things as the organisation, promotion and generation of a range of fundraising events. Volunteers will also be involved in researching funding opportunities, making funding applications and setting up community fundraising projects. Good communication skills are desirable to allow volunteers to promote Friendship Works on the telephone and face-to-face. All volunteers will receive support for this role which should prove very rewarding as they learn how the money will be spent on charitable activities and the outcomes for the children Friendship Works supports.



The International Voluntary Service (IVS) promotes peace and intercultural understanding whilst supporting the sustainable development of British and global communities. IVS aims to be the catalyst for change within individuals, society, and to help breakdown prejudices and stereotypes for a world of mutual respect and understanding.

We are the British branch of Service Civil International, a world wide network of like-minded voluntary organisations promoting peace and justice through voluntary work.

Our International Voluntary Projects offer opportunities to make a difference to the world by working and living alongside other volunteers and contributing to local community development. IVS offers short-term and long-term opportunities in Britain and abroad. IVS also offers a North-South Exchange Programme.

Short-Term Projects usually run for 2 - 3 weeks and bring together a mixed group of volunteers from different countries and ages. For example, if 10 volunteers are needed for a project, you could find yourself living and working alongside other volunteers from France, Estonia, Japan, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Ukraine, and Belarus. All food and accommodation are provided for you while you take part in the project. You just need to cover your own travel expenses (including travel insurance) and spending money. No specific skills or qualifications are needed for short term projects.

If you are interested in actively promoting social justice, peace and non-violence, the environment, social care, the arts, spiritual communities, cultural exchanges, why not join us.



The Wildlife Trust is the largest UK charity exclusively dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity. Our Mission - to work for a region richer in wildlife by the protection and enhancement of species and habitats, both common and rare. To work towards public recognition that a healthy environment rich in wildlife and managed on sustainable principles is essential for continued human existence. Our Vision - to be the key voice for nature conservation within our region and to use our knowledge and expertise to help the people and organisations of Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside to enjoy, understand and take action to conserve their wildlife and its habitats.



Casa de los Amigos is a center for peace and international understanding in Mexico City. The Casa was established as a non-profit organization in 1956 by the Quaker community in Mexico, and its work continues to be rooted in Quaker values. Based in these core values, the Casa has a wide range of areas in which we work. The Casa hosts both paying guests and refugees, making for unique work in hospitality. Volunteers work at reception and help with the events hosted. And tithin the refugee program, volunteers help refugees adjust to life in Mexico as they go through their legal, social, emotional, and professional process of migration into Mexico. Volunteers do a variety of activities for this population, including planning events with other shelters in the city, accompanying refugees to immigration or other organizations, helping with Spanish class, or any other ways they can come up with. The Casa also has an economic justice program, selling products from communities around Mexico in the house and hosting events on the subject. The Casa is in the process of trying to build a green roof, but has already obtained a rain water capture and filtration system, as well as a solar water heater. The Casa is also a community center by hosting Spanish classes, English and French "chats," and communal dinners. We attract a varied crowd of foreigners and locals! If you are interested in working in any of these areas, we would love your help! Full time volunteers work 40 hours per week in the Casa in exchange for room and board. We are looking for full time volunteers right now! Skills requires: fluency in Spanish, flexibility to different kinds of work, enthusiasm to start your own projects. skills desired: french speakers, computer skills, translation, economic justice and alternative currency, environmental... or whatever you think you can bring to the table! Email for an application and more information.

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