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Helps International (HINT) Cameroon is a charitable non-profit and non-governmental organisation whose mission is to improve on the social and economic well-being and health of the poor and underprivileged in the society, through education, skills development and job creation. We have projects and volunteering opportunities in five main areas which are:

1. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

2. Health

3. Education

4. Economic Development

5. Community Development

There are a number of volunteer positions currently available as listed below. If there is anything you can do in the list, please visit our website and fill in the application form.

· Project proposal writing

· Fundraising

· Help build a database of very poor and needy children in our community

· Secretarial work (typing, sending emails etc)

· AIDS literature preparation and production

· AIDS education and awareness in schools, community groups and universities

· Identification of orphans & street children in the community

· Teaching computer and internet skills

· Computer hardware installations and repairs

· Computer software installations, repairs and development

· Teaching young entrepreneurs business management skills

· Teaching tailoring & interior design

· Teaching carpentry skills

VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Fundraising, proposal writing and translating our website into French.



The Congolese Association of Merseyside aims to relieve the need, and help improve life style of refugees, asylum seekers and other French speaking persons in need within the community throughout Merseyside and surrounding areas. We provide translation, interpretation, training, advocacy, sign post and referral to specialists and other main stream agencies to meet social need (health care, housing, employ, education, life long learning and other basic rights). We may be able to accept a volunteer with an offending background depending on the offence.

Global Dental Relief


At Global Dental Relief our mission is to bring free dental care to children throughout the world.

Volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants and non-dental volunteers deliver treatment and preventive care in dental clinics that serve children in schools, orphanages and remote villages.

With a vision to transform lives and cultivate community through volunteerism, GDR provides opportunities for diverse groups of volunteers to explore the world and bring free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of impoverished children in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Kenya and Cambodia.



PAID VOLUNTEER ENGLISH TEACHING INTERNSHIP program in India is aimed to give international experience and exposure to teachers/students who aspire to accomplish global teaching skills. Teaching internship provides teachers or prospective teachers an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their ability to assume responsibilities of a full-time teacher in ENGLISH in Indian schools.

India is the second largest English-speaking nation in the world and most preferred destination for English Teachers to gain real practical experience to augment teaching career prospects in a unique cultural platform.

The position provides a world of opportunity to take classes in Kindergartens, Pre-school, Elementary school, Middle school or High school to acquire teaching experience along with regular teachers in a professional environment. In addition, the teaching interns will have the opportunity to participate in academic seminars, cultural and recreational excursions, sporting and cultural activities in the host schools.

The main highlights of the Volunteer Teaching internship are;

* All teaching internees will be provided with free accommodation, food,Wifi and other organized services throughout their stay in India.

* Monthly stipend of Rs.7500-15000 (Salary of a regular teacher)

* Free Raffle ticket to win one Crore rupees

* Expert guidance and 24/7 support from an experienced and dedicated professional team.

* The duration of the internship is 4 months to 1 year.

* Interns can work in International schools or private schools .

* Placement is open throughout the year (Academic year)

* Interns will be honored with International Experience Certificate after successful completion of their internship.



VolunTeach Peru is an educational organisation, created in 1999 to help improve and enrich the teaching of the English language in schools throughout the country thanks to the cooperation of English-native university students and graduates who cooperate in our programmes.

What we do,

Training and practical workshops in partner schools
ELT consultancy.
Selection and training of British university students and graduates
Pro-bono project I: “Hello English”
Pro-bono project II: “Happy Christmas”.
TEFL Certificate



We offer a unique choice of holistic interventions for the prevention, treatment, and recovery from addictions and attachments. The charity also provide a range of educational and preventative services for children and adults including meditation and mindfulness practical workshops to help deal with the underlying relapsing conditions, such as stress, anxiety, anger, low self -esteem, pain and depression which often lead to alcohol, illicit drug, and medication dependency.



Wesley Community Furniture has been running an essential service in Manchester, in one form or other, since 1993. WCF is a Furniture Reuse Organisation (FRO) established with the aim of reusing household items for the benefit of people in need, after concerned local volunteers saw a huge waste of resources in Hulme - both items and people. We endeavour to use the initiative, hard work and creativity of local people to help sustain disadvantaged inner-city communities.

Our operation presently consists of our main shop/office/work unit in Fallowfield, a second shop/work unit in Hulme, a small fleet of 3 vans, 7 paid staff, and our invaluable team of 25+ volunteers (many of whom work full time). We can only do what we do thanks to the input & efforts of our volunteers, and all our generated income goes into the service provision.

We collect donations of all manner of household items: furniture, beds, white goods/electricals, bicycles, books, bric-a-brac, bedding & clothing. We collect donations from the public from all over Greater Manchester/N Cheshire, which we sort, repair (if viable), store, sell (at minimal cost) and deliver to our clients.

Our clients either walk in off the street or are referred from other statutory/voluntary organisations. These referred clients, in the direst of circumstances, can access our ‘Homestarter’ furniture packages, which provide many of the basics for independent living for a very small outlay.

The main beneficiaries of the work of our charity fall into two groups, but, as we often find when clients become volunteers, these are often the same people. These are:-

1) Volunteers: all our staff (paid or unpaid) come from the wards of Manchester with the highest multi-deprivation indexes scores in the city (some of the highest in England), and it is often the case that they are unemployed, homeless, from a refugee background, or otherwise disadvantaged.

2) Clients: similarly mostly from the poorest wards in the City of Manchester (plus Salford & N Trafford), and on Benefits or Benefit level incomes. Referral organisations include:-

Social Services, Health Trusts, Social Landlords, CABs, Refugee/Asylum Organisations, Mental Health Projects, Women’s Refuges/organisations for the victims of violence, Homeless Projects, Probation Service, Age Concern, Drug/Alcohol Projects etc. Some 40%+ of our clients come from BME backgrounds.

Please see our website for more details.

KAASO Uganda


St. Paul KAASO (Kabira Adult Attention & School for Orphans) is a unique community project in Uganda that provides education and mentorship to children in one of the areas hardest-hit by the HIV/AIDS crisis. KAASO is first and foremost a primary school, but relies on an interconnected network of community initiatives to keep the school running and the level of education high.

The school’s motto – “Invest in Education” – not only applies to the children, but also the adults of the community. KAASO’s ultimate goal is to empower people, both young and old, to enable them to follow their dreams and realise their full potential.

KAASO’s success over the years has been thanks to community involvement and a series of initiatives that work together to make education at KAASO sustainable. By bringing together parents, guardians, volunteers and community members, KAASO has created a centre for innovation, entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box thinking.

KAASO has been welcoming volunteers since 2006 - and many of those volunteers have come back again and again. Volunteering at KAASO is not just a one-off experience, it is to become part of a unique community, a school and a family. You simply cannot come to KAASO and not be moved by the spirit, tenacity, determination and hope of the people. It is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

We invite self-motivated, forward-thinkers with open minds to KAASO. Your duties will not be handed to you - there is no set format, no text book. With respect, empathy, and personal motivation, you can find your own unique way to make a difference. We invite you to join us.

Learn more at or read volunteer stories at



The Butterfly Tree charity was founded by Jane Kaye-Bailey after a business incentive trip to Zambia with her late husband, Lawrence, in February 2006. During a visit to the Mukuni Village they learned about the decimation caused by HIV/AIDS in Zambia, every family had been affected. Out of 1000 pupils in the school, 450 were orphans. Jane was determined to find a way to raise funds to help these vulnerable children.



Organisation for Strategic Development in Africa (OSDA) is a home grown, not-for-profit organisation, that is committed to bringing accelerated development to deprived communities in Africa, through Education, Capacity Building and Health programmes.

We believe our first responsibility is to deprived communities and the less privileged in society, and also our development partners, both in the public and private sector.

Mission Rabies


Rabies is the world's deadliest disease that still kills 59,000 people - and countless dogs - every year, despite being 100% vaccine preventable. It is a neglected tropical disease that has historically lacked attention and resources, but this is starting to change.

Based on World Health Organisation guidelines, Mission Rabies runs mass canine vaccination projects in rabies hotspots such as India and Malawi. This method is a proven and cost effective way of eliminating the disease, that targets the source not the symptom; 99% of human rabies cases come from dogs and by vaccinating 70% of the dog population, we can break the disease cycle. Alongside our vaccination teams, we also run education programmes that provide local children and communities with lifesaving lessons on how to avoid rabies and understand dog behaviour, while we work on the longer term project of disease elimination.

Every year, we welcome vaccination and education volunteers to our mass vaccination drives at each of our projects. For either placement, you do not need to have veterinary experience - there are roles for everyone and you'll get full training in-country! Please contact us if you have any questions!

Nepal Hiking Trek


Volunteering is for nothing to gain but the inner satisfaction of your social service. A human is not a complete human if he/ she don’t have the feeling of volunteering at the bottom of his/ her heart. Hence, we believe in volunteering and it strengthens the overall development of entire community and as a whole of the nation. The sole motif of establishing Nepal Hiking Trek was to enhance the tourism prospect through volunteering and social works at the local level. At the time of disastrous earthquake in Nepal (25th April and 12th May), when Nepal was hard hit and people were found totally helpless, we, Nepal Hiking Trek, our entire team voluntarily provided our humanitarian support for the victimized families. We provided food stuffs (especially rice) for 75 families in Jyamrung. Each family got a sack of rice of 30 kg, 1 kg salt and 1 kg sugar. They were 2250 kg rice, 75 kg salt and 75 kg sugar in total. We don’t claim that these foods were never enough for them but at least we attempted to resist the very situation of the moment. We also believe that one is easily broken and joint venture in charity or volunteering is never defeated and always oriented to the peak of the success. So do we. We have been assisting Kumari Devi Secondary School which is located in Jyamrung VDC of Dhading in their teaching learning activities for the past 5 years. Basically, we insist on providing school uniforms, stationary materials and school bags. From our attempt, 150 students of this school are directly benefited with stationeries like, copy, pen, pencil and 50 students are provided school uniforms as a help in order to support their education. Our mission is, “no student should be deprived of fundamental right, like education and educating a child is educating the community and the nation and each and every student is to attend the school” Many students come from poor families, who can’t afford them all these things. We find out them and help them to reach their access in quality education to enhance the overall development of a child. In the days to come, we are planning to help them for the environmental awareness programs, first aid trainings and many more in this school. We also think to extend such humanitarian works like disaster management, sanitation and awareness against women violence and production of organic foods in different other communities and for this we of course require volunteering manpower. Hence those volunteering enthusiasts are humbly welcomed to join in our volunteering and charity works. Nepal Hiking Trek how much they earn they spent 5% net profit for community work as well.




Birds Edge Countryside Charitable Trust (BECside) is based in Holmfirth and is providing a wildlife haven, with disabled visitor facilities, on land off Birdsedge Lane on the outskirts of Birdsedge, nr Denby Dale.

Although there are a number of nature reserves in the Kirklees and surrounding areas, none of them are completely accessible to disabled people. This project is different and aims to combat that.

Through personal experience of taking out disabled family members, it was found that there were very few places where it was possible for them to experience the countryside. Many places with access for disabled people are more like parks and not 'natural'. Disabled family members and friends have said, in the past, that even the limited access at the project was a wonderful treat and the experience in parks is just not the same.

The BECside project is being developed on the site of a garden nursery, abandoned due to theft. The need of the project was identified by talking to the people that matter the most; wheelchair users and their carers.

The disabled people that will use the project will need wheelchair-friendly footpaths and parking, allowing them close access to nature, but they also want it to be as natural as possible and to be able to see a variety of habitats. Wildflower meadows, wetlands and tree plantations are but a few of the habitats that will be accessible, when the project is finished.

The BECside project will improve opportunities and facilities for disabled people, from the local and wider area, to experience woodland and nature in a safe and user friendly environment. In co-operation with British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), volunteers with mental and physical health problems have been involved in the work and continued involvement will improve their social and inter-personal skills so that they can live more confident and independent lives.

Volunteers will be involved in every aspect of the project from the planning and organisation through to delivery of practical work and publicising the project.

Aims of the project

To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment for public benefit, in particular for wheelchair users. 

Encompassed by farmland and the mature, private woodland of Rusby Wood nature reserve, the main purpose is to create a haven that is disabled-friendly and to involve disabled people with physical and mental health problems in its upkeep and management.

Access for All

A level off-road parking area will be improved and special gates have been installed to allow easy wheelchair access and a 500 metre circular path was completed, in 2007, with 200m surfaced for wheelchair use. Alas, during 2009 the paths became terribly overgrown and floods damaged the surface. At the time of writing, they had been cleared and every effort will be made to keep them clear. To this end, a £1500 brushcutter has been purchased with the help of donations.

In addition, work will also continue to complete another 500m to 600m of pathways continuing through the woodland round the field edge. These paths will have short branches off at suitable viewing points overlooking the grassland and lakes. In time, a tactile trail will be developed for the visually impaired.

Once the lakes are built, a wheelchair friendly path will be provided around one of the lakes with fishing jetties to the lower lake and viewing platforms to the other lake which will be reserved for wildlife.

The rest of the land will be used to create wildflower meadows, which will be visible from the wheelchair friendly paths.

Schools and other groups will be offered access for education and training purposes and it is hoped that some practical help will result but this will not be a pre-requisite.

Schoolchildren - Birds Edge First school is next door to the site, which has great potential for environmental education activities. Children from the school have been given guided tours and have so far become involved with the supply and erection of bird boxes, which they will monitor

Woodland and hedges

In all, over 5000 trees and shrubs have been planted, over the last 12 years. A lot of the earlier trees are now well established with some between 10 and 15m high. Some of the trees are specimens and, eventually, information plaques could be posted next to trees of especial interest. A rockery is planned along the lower dam and this will be planted with bird and insect-friendly ornamental shrubs and heathers.

The existing mature hedge alongside Birdsedge Lane is being regularly maintained to encourage vigorous and dense growth for the benefit of nesting birds.

Within the site, beetle banks were created, during 2008/2009, with a gorse hedge along the top. Already, the gorse has attracted hundreds of butterflies in the summer and chaffinch, linnets and robins are just a few of the birds believed to be nesting.

The beetle banks and the adjacent cover are ideal for grey partridges, which were not seen last year, and it is hoped the habitat will encourage them to return.

Nature conservation and enhancement.

13 species of butterflies have been attracted and it is hoped to improve on this with the introduction of beneficial shrubs and plants and the creation of wildflower meadows.

Birds and animals sighted have included Blackcap, Whitethroat and Willow Warbler, in addition to abundant berry and seed eating birds like Linnets and Goldfinch, Thrushes and Blackbirds etc. The endangered Willow Tit has been seen and, eventually, maintenance of the meadows will hopefully bring Skylarks and Lapwings back.

The undergrowth has encouraged Woodcock and Pheasants. Some years, a pair of the endangered Grey Partridge was successful in raising broods. A family of Stoats and a Kestrel appear to have taken up residency, together with an Owl which is regularly seen roosting in the dry stone walls. They have probably been attracted by the explosion in the population of mice and voles etc.

At the time of writing, hares have not been seen for a couple of years, since one was shot by some unknown moron. However, just this month (May 2010) a very large specimen was seen ambling along one of the tracks, so hopefully we will see them more often again. (update, spring 2011 – breeding pair on field)

A migrating Ringed Plover, rare in this area, stayed by the pond for 3 days in spring 2008 and the wet area has been visited by a curlew recently. A pair of Snipes is also seen regularly and it is hoped to attract migrating waders, albeit on a small scale, by developing reed beds and shallow edges to the lakes.

Many of the trees planted in the early years are now large enough to accommodate bat and bird boxes and children from Birdsedge First School have been involved in the erection of boxes for Robins, Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Great Tits, to name a few.

The badgers from the Rusby Wood reserve also seem to like our woodland and there are many signs of their night-time visits.

Public Building

Less able bodied people especially will need toilets and a retreat, in case the weather turns nasty, and a purpose built shelter is to be built near the parking area.

The shelter will also provide an undercover viewing area for the lakes and information boards will be displayed giving information on the local wildlife.

The building will have alternative energy, either from photovoltaic panels and/or a small wind turbine. Enough power needs to be generated in order to supply one or two charging points for electric wheelchairs or scooters but this is yet to be properly assessed, as the threat of theft would be a constant worry.

Now for the begging bit.

We have had occasional help from various groups and individuals in the past but the project is turning out to be more than a full time job. Anyone who can offer practical help will be most welcome. Tasks will include tree and shrub planting, tree maintenance, levelling paths, clearing debris (hedge trimmings etc) and, of course, the never ending battle to stop weeds encroaching onto the paths.

Materials are always needed:- Beams and decking/railings for a footbridge, fence posts or anything that can be used as a tree shelter or stake and of course any building materials for the disabled shelter and w.c or even hardcore for the paths.

Schools and other groups are welcome to use the land for training purposes and studies, especially the provision of bat and bird boxes etc. It is also intended to clear all the hedge trimmings and form piles which will act as refuges for birds and animals.



The name Volunteer Kenya is used as the international name for our organisation, but we are known as ICODEI (Inter-Community Development Involvement) within Kenya. We work in the Western Province of Kenya and we have discovered that if we invest a sufficient amount of time and energy and work hand-in-hand with the local people of Western Kenya, we can facilitate improvements in health, education and the local economy. We are a grassroots volunteer organisation that has been active since 1998. One unique feature of our organisation is that we operate through a partnership between overseas volunteers and a staff of local Kenyans. All of our international coordination, fundraising, and marketing is done through a member of staff or unpaid volunteers from the US and Canada. Our on-the-ground operations are all run by local Kenyans who are trained in development, education, HIV/AIDS counselling and home-based care. From our first-hand experiences in Kenya, we have witnessed certain situations in development work that can inhibit progress. Unfortunately, development and education projects offered by some organisations often reach a limited number of individuals. Most often, only those living in easily accessible locations benefit from knowledge and treatment offered by these organisations. We believe that it is important to reach those that are often overlooked and to teach from within and not from above. Working with and educating those living in the rural villages, we hope to have an impact in areas not often touched by international aid. Through our HIV/AIDS Education programme, we equip rural community members of the Western Province with the tools and knowledge that are necessary for preventing the disease, which is a major obstacle to sustained growth and development. We also provide Kenyans with the skills they need to teach each other, which facilitates knowledge transfer following our visits. Through the provision of affordable healthcare at the Bill Selke Memorial Clinic and our mobile clinics, we are decreasing the number of serious illnesses and deaths due to manageable diseases. We provide general health care to rural community members who would otherwise never have access to such care. Through our Microenterprise Development Programme, we are helping rural women's self-help groups start small income-generating projects, such as sewing/tailoring shops, bee-keeping projects to harvesting honey, fisheries, and horticulture projects on group land. Through our primary school, we are building a strong culture of education for the future leaders of Kenya. Our public library provides an opportunity for increased literacy for adults and children in the Kabula area. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with us.

VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Help with the website.




Do you want to make a difference to a young person’s life?
Do you have 1- 4 hours per month to spare?
We urgently require more volunteers, so why not volunteer as a mentor/befriender for NYAS as an Independent Visitor for children and young people in care.

We are looking for reliable and dependable people from all walks of life

We will provide training and on-going support. We will pay expenses to a set limit.

Here is what some of our young people and volunteers have to say about this rewarding role:

I like how my Independent Visitor isn’t anything to do with social services and is here to support me not to judge
She boosted my confidence, now I feel like when I go places I can just relax and have fun
My young person always looks forward to me coming, they have had such a disjointed life, I am a stable figure in their life and this has to be important for them, as everything else changes around them a lot.

NYAS. Independent Visitors are individuals who befriend children and young people who are in care (looked after by the Local Authority). To fulfil this role you must be able to listen to children and young people, be available to meet the individuals and show commitment. Applicants must have experience of working face to face with children/young people but no formal qualification is necessary. You will receive IV training – accredited course equivalent to NVQ 3 level, supervision and support to fulfil this role.

Specific Responsibilities include

1 To befriend and provide a stable, positive and continuous friendship with the child or young person you are matched with.

2 To visit the child or young person on a regular and reliable basis.

3 To value and respect the wishes and feelings of the child or young person and where necessary represent their wishes and interests to other significant persons.

4 To undertake activities agreed with the child or young person, suitable to his/her age, aptitude, and ability.

5 To promote the child or young persons developmental, social, emotional, educational, cultural and religious needs.

6 To maintain confidentiality at all times and to ensure observance of and adherence to NYAS Confidentiality and Serious Concerns and Reporting Policy and relevant local authority procedures.

7 To participate in training, and individual and group support meetings where necessary.

8 To keep and submit brief records about your contact/visits with the child or young person you are matched with, along with any expenses incurred.



Help combat child poverty in Nepal. Your volunteering will help to supply water and sanitation to schools and rural families and prevent child deaths. Give your time to help us enable children from poorer families to attend primary school.

If you are applying to the World of Difference scheme we can work with you to develop a realistic and worthwhile project for your application. We would like to hear from you.

We need help with:1. Promoting Life in Nepal teaching resources. 2.Recruiting members and other volunteers 3. Fundraising in your local area.4. Developng our monitoring and impact measurement procedures 5. Funding applications and budget preparation.

VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Many of our volunteers work from home and make a significant difference to our work. A computer and a phone enable you to help us wherever you are. We may be able to accept volunteers with an offending background. Each individual case reviewed on its own merit.



Cotravaux directs young people from any country to the workcamp organisations, which propose many volunteering work on projects all over Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Cotravaux is a national network of French organisations (national and regional), most of them have links with international networks.

Specificity about applications : most French organisations work with one or more partners around the world, and they do not reply to individual applications from abroad. People interested by workcamp should contact organisations in the country where they live.



Assumption Volunteers share one year of their lives with young people in poor communities in a culture very different from their own in India, the Philippines and Lithuania. The Assumption Sisters, a Catholic religious order of women, who have been working for almost 180 years with young people around the world now offer opportunities in cross-cultural learning and friendships. Volunteers with a Catholic or other Christian faith may feel more at home in this programme, but we can also accept those with no religious faith who are open to and respectful of the religious dimension which is an important aspect of life of 85% of the world. We see this opportunity as a mutual sharing of gifts between the volunteer and those he/she encounters. The subsidised programme offers preparation and training, good support in placement and debriefing on return, as well as other avenues of service if desired.



West Sussex Mediation Service provides a free community and intergenerational mediation service across West Sussex using trained volunteer mediators. We help individuals, groups or family members resolve conflict that is affecting their health & wellbeing and community relations. We are an independent charity and have been operating for ten years. Our core work is neighbour disputes, which covers subjects such as noise nuisance, antisocial behaviour, parking etc. We need keen and enthusiastic people to help promote our service and generate funds, so that includes fundraisers, event organisers, social media manager and marketing support. We are a friendly bunch and our service has been built around volunteers. We would not exist without them. The charity only has the equivalent of three paid staff members.



Tambasons Global Human Services provides humanitarian services to African immigrants in the United states and provides support to people with special needs in Liberia..We work with you, religious groups, institutions, individuals and partners on a global basis to render humanitarian services to people with disabilities/special needs. These include mental disabilities, developmental disabilities, the blind, African immigrants in the USA, the poor, the sick, kids, women and others, in order to make the world a better place for human beings to live in peace and good health. This is our twitter page . Here is our facebook page .This is our Ebay page .This is our youtube page .

We urgently need volunteers from around the world to join our fundraising team, board of directors, committees and leadership etc.

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