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Together for Women and Children


Together for Women and Children – TOWOC was founded by a group of Social Workers, gender experts, Community Relay Agents and lawyers who were concerned with the plight of children, widows, young people, single mothers, female school drop-outs, orphans and vulnerable children, and HIV and AIDS infected persons. Especially those in the hard-to-reach areas.
Much of our work as in previous years has been based on the three pillars upon which our strategic plan lies namely; Gender and Capacity Building, Education and Support for orphans/vulnerable, Health and HIV/AIDS.
Inspired by the existing laws of the government of Cameroon, which seeks to empower individuals to assure full responsibility in nation building, and the noisy confusions surrounding human existence, TOWOC was created to culture and redirect the lapses affecting our communities. This is in defense of the principles of globalization and sustainable development.
Sustainable development entails the putting together of the limited resources at the disposal of man for positive achievements to humanity. It is a collective procedure whereby the skills and resources of collective fragment account for a collective whole. In this quest there of TOWOC seeks to exploit the lost skills buried in the heart of every living being. It is empowering the people to stand up and work for the well being of the community. It to the development of every society and should not be left out in the race for globalization and sustainable development. Of worth is the education and re-education of the individual with an emphasis on the symbolic relationship and relevance of the environment on human existence. This ultimately attunes to the importance TOWOC attributes to human health and community development.
So far, we have reached 3500 people directly and about 11,500 indirectly in our activities.

Kurios Trend Volunteer Projects


Kurios Trend Volunteer projects is a young, vibrant volunteer organisation based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We specialise in arranging and managing unique and meaningful community service projects in previously disadvantaged communities. Our programs allows volunteers, interns and holiday makers an opportunity to get an in depth experience of our community and at the same time, do some valuable servic . Lead by our local volunteer coordinator, who also leads intensive reflection sessions with volunteers, we provide a platform for volunteers to experience our community, to make a change and to be a part of something that is greater than us all. Experience our hardships, our trials. Experience our joy, our blessings...

Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme




PhaNgan Animal Care (PAC)

is a Non-Profit Animal Welfare Centre on a island (Koh Phangan) in South Thailand. PAC is dedicated to improving the lives of all the Island's Animals, since 2001.

PAC provides Nursing care for all basic illness and injuries of Stray Animals, as well as Neutering Vaccination and a Re-homing and Adoption Program.

PAC does not Operate as a Shelter.

PAC is Currently Staffed by 2 Full time Thai members : the CEO / Head Nurse & Senior Clinic Assistant / Trainee Nurse. other members of the Team are made up of Rotating Volunteers.

PAC asks Depending on Volunteer for a minimum commitment of 3 months, and generally requests a minimum of 2 days per week, depending on the number of volunteers available.Volunteering , Donation and Sponsorship are essential to PAC.

PAC receive No Official Funding and relies Heavily on the Good Will of the Local Communmity, Tourists and friends of PAC..

Please contact PAC directly to find out about availability, or complete the application form on our website under Support PAC.



Education for All International is involved in placing volunteers in a variety of fields. We have successfully hosted a number of volunteers in both teaching and community programmes. This is done by working closely with the local community, in which the volunteers will be placed. We aim to provide the local community with a learning perspective from overseas and also to help educate them. The organisation is primarily based on helping educate the local community in teaching, agriculture and awareness of AIDS/HIV. We are unable to accept volunteers with an offending background.



The Albrighton Trust provides a structured all year round activity and events programme for individuals with disabilities and special needs as well as tailored or bespoke sessions and activities for groups and organisations at their site, the Albrighton Moat and Gardens. All of our activities are either inspired by or involved with the outdoor environment and are based around the themes of angling, horticulture, conservation & wildlife, culture and creativity and woodcraft. The Albrighton Moat and Gardens offers excellent recreational and educational opportunities in a safe and therapeutic environment with first class facilities designed to ensure everyone, regardless of disability or ability can experience the joy and satisfaction of engaging with the outdoor world.

Khoj - Society for People's Education


Khoj - Society for People's Education was established to work with women for their development. Education that includes socialization from an early age was seen as a determining factor to keep women subjugated for centuries. It was deemed imperative to work towards a kind of education that is liberating and leads to women's development

In a couple of years the scope of Khoj work was broadened and children also became the participants of the organizational program. This two pronged approach was meant to achieve better results for women's development.

Khoj School
Thathi Bhanguaan and the surrounding villages in tehsil Sharaqpur, district Sheikhupura in the Pakistan province of the Punjab, where the population is predominantly of small landholders or landless peasants, was deprived of the most basic facilities. These crime-hit villages are spotted with non-functional government primary schools for girls and boys. The gravity of the problem can be realized seeing the school buildings fallen into ruins. Children in many villages, as a result, are denied the basic right to education. There are certain one teacher primary schools where occasionally classes take place in the absence of most needed educational aids. After a few years' futile exercise most of these children get absorbed in the status quo of the socioeconomic life of the communities. Girl children are the first and the worst casualty of the circumstances.

Community education includes education for adults and children both. It also provides a platform for community development activities. It accommodates not only the conventional mainstream schools subjects but experiential learning in civic education, agriculture, nutrition and health care, environment and computer skills.

Khoj Health Center
Kot Mughal and the surrounding villages in tehsil Sharaqpur, district Sheikhupura in the province of the Punjab in Pakistan where the population is predominantly of small landholders or landless peasants had absolutely no health services, either by the public or the private sector. These crime-hit villages were deprived of even the most basic health care facilities. Basic Health Units run by the government are in Fattoo wala and Marh Bhanguan which are about 15-25 kilometers away from the cluster of these villages. Some of the villages do not have even the traditional mid wives. This leaves the villagers at the mercy of quacks or unqualified and inexperienced doctors. Women and children are most adversely hit. In case of a complication in child birth the woman was taken to town on a tractor trolley. There were instances of delivery taking place on the way and children expiring.

Khoj decided to build a health center in order to Providing health education and health services to neglected communities of Kot Mughal and thirty villages with a focus on women and children's health. And also the health of the local environment. . The central location of the village Kot Mughal became the reason for the selection of the site. It is directly connected to six villages and more than 15 villages are within 5-7 kilometer radius.



FNQ Volunteers is a Cairns based, not-for-profit community organisation that recruits and refers volunteers into positions with other not-for-profit community organisations throughout Far North Queensland. Each year, over 1,000 volunteers are referred into volunteering to over 100 not-for-profit community member organisations throughout the FNQ region. Join us and become one of the many millions of volunteers all over the world, helping to create connected communities.



Welcome to Pari Voluntourism Solutions for Voluntourism in India. The Aim of launching Pari Voluntourism Solutions is to provide cross culture experience with travel and volunteering opportunities to international volunteers. Pari Voluntourism Solutions works to serve people in the best possible way for communities who are living in rural villages of Dharamshala specially women and children. Our priority is to provide safe volunteering and travelling programs to our volunteers. Here we are working in Dharamsala , the home town of DALAI LAMA. Dharamsala is situated in north India in the state of Himachal Pradesh. All the programs are arranged by us in rural areas of Dharamshala and Our Motive and Aim is to give education to poor children and decrease the gap between rich and poor people of rural Himachal. All these programs are organized by us in the range of 10 to 25 kms of Dharamshala Town. Volunteers can join our programs for minimum 2 weeks and maximum 12 weeks which are running around all over year.Students, volunteers, couples all that wants’ to enjoying this combination of volunteering and travelling are welcome by us



The Bendrigg Trust is a residential activity centre for disabled and disadvantaged people. We are open throughout the year and take a very wide range of groups including people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities or sensory disabilities. We also run courses for able-bodied young people who are socially disadvantaged in any way and for minority groups. We employ a team of experienced and qualified staff to run the centre and to provide the activities. However, we need extra people to help us in a voluntary capacity in all areas of our work. The Trust uses the outdoors and the residential experience to: promote integration, encourage independence and to build self-confidence in our visitors. We also try to ensure that there are as many benefits to the volunteer as to the Bendrigg Trust. Volunteers help us in a number of ways including maintenance, grounds, catering and domestic work. We also need help for our tutorial staff in providing support for the activities we provide. These include: climbing and abseiling, canoeing, kayaking, caving, orienteering,ropes courses aerial runway, tube-slide, arts and crafts including games and projects. We try and utilise whatever skills the volunteers have for the benefit of our visiting groups.

PATH TO AFRICA, "The Hostel Hoff"


Path to Africa was set up in 2006 and is primarily involved in accommodating volunteers and managing projects in the local town. We are located in Moshi, Tanzania. This is a medium-sized town in the north of Tanzania located at the base of Kilimanjaro. High rates of HIV/AIDs, malaria-related deaths and unemployment have left many of the people in the area in need. There are many opportunities to volunteer in Moshi. These include teaching at small, basic nursery, primary and secondary schools at a local level, helping at orphanages, working at mobile health clinics, educating locals on the causes and preventative measures of HIV/AIDs, etc. Generally volunteers come to Moshi in one of two ways. Some come on specific placements, such as social workers or doctors to the local hospital. Others come through the large international volunteer networks such as i-to-i, CCS, etc. These companies charge huge amounts of money, very little of which, if any, ends up going towards the projects. Path to Africa is a small organisation that provides accommodation and project placement, or information on the various projects at which volunteers can donate their time and skills. We run a number of projects within the town. Volunteers are needed for many roles including teaching, project planning, construction and fundraising. Path to Africa are also involved with a local women’s' group that provides aid to women and children in rural villages and access to medical attention. This group carries out HIV and health awareness programs along with seminars to promote the rights of women and children. Along with the projects we run, we also have connections with local groups such as a women's group, a secondary school and other local orphanages (in total about 15 projects which we send volunteer to). We will help you find a placement suited to you, give you advise and provide you with accommodation, breakfast and dinner and a comfortable hostel in which to relax and meet other volunteers. This organisation was set up in order to allow volunteers to come and help without being ripped off. The hostel can accommodate up to 24 people and our volunteers come from all over the world. We charge only for the accommodation, not for volunteering at projects, as we do not believe that it is right that volunteers should pay for the opportunity to help others. Therefore, those who stay with us will spend approximately 1000+ dollars less per month than they would should they have booked through the larger profit-making organisations. We believe that any money you wish to donate should come straight from you directly to the projects and so the money the volunteer saves can be spent or donated in any way that he/she decides. To chat personally about a placement with us email us at or and we will reply within 24 hours. For more information about our projects look up or

Heart of a Thousand Hills


The Family Haven


The Family Haven was established in 1988 to help disadvantaged and vulnerable families in Gloucestershire to a brighter future. We help parents and their pre-school children by providing a warm, caring and supportive day centre where assistance and encouragement is available to help them to improve the quality of their lives.



ARCAS hosts nearly 500 volunteers each year, from all over the world at our two main conservation project sites in Guatemala.
Its first and most established project is its Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre situated on 45 hectares of forested land on Lake Peten Itza in the northern Peten region of the country, close to the Mayan ruins of Tikal.
Volunteers help in feeding and caring for the animals at the centre, including parrots, macaws, spider and howler monkeys, coatimundis and kinkajous. Nearly all of these animals have been seized from the illegal pet trade and the rehabilitation process can take years. Volunteers are vital for assistance in this process. There are also opportunities to take part in veterinary medical treatment, animal releases and wildlife surveys, though the scheduling of these activities cannot be predicted.
ARCAS's other volunteer programme is its sea turtle and mangrove conservation project near the town of Hawaii on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Volunteers here assist in conducting nightly patrols of beaches in search of nesting sea turtles, collection and burial of eggs in the hatchery and collection of research data. Volunteers also take part in mangrove reforestations, educational activities in area schools and other community projects.
The turtle season in Hawaii is June to December with peak months in August and September for olive ridleys. For the much scarcer leatherbacks, the nesting season is December and January. In addition to the above projects, ARCAS also hosts volunteers who are interested in helping out at in its Environmental Education Program, but this does require a higher level of Spanish language ability, and there are opportunities to help out at its central office near Antigua with marketing, publicity and research.



The Wecock Community Association works in the heart of the Wecock Farm and Hartplain areas of Waterlooville, providing many different events, courses, and facilities to the local community. We are always keen to hear from any members of the public who would like to volunteer their services to help us to continue to develop and grow our range of community-driven activities.



We believe passionately at United Purpose that each person has the right to what they need to live a life of dignity. In line with the international Millennium Development Goals, we believe that extreme poverty can and must be meaningfully tackled. We are determined to do all we can to play our part in the global movement challenging poverty and inequality, by working directly with partners and communities to identify real opportunities for lasting and positive change. United Purpose nurtures the voluntary contributions and spirit that sustains it. Volunteers are extremely important and valued contributors to United Purpose’s work. We aim to provide our volunteers with tasks they can undertake with enthusiasm and enjoyment, knowing that their support will help United Purpose’s activities in the poorest parts of the world. Volunteers in the UK can participate in and develop the organisation’s work in four key areas: [i] administration, [ii] finance, [iii] community involvement, fundraising and development education, and [iv] special projects. We unfortunately cannot accept volunteers with an offending background.



Vidaråsen Landsby is a Camphill Village community. CAMPHILL COMMUNITIES provide opportunities for young people and adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs to live, learn and work together with others in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equality. There are more than 100 Camphill communities in over 20 countries in Europe, North America, southern Africa and India where those with special needs are offered the support they need to develop their potential. Camphill community life is based on Christian ideals and the teaching of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). We welcome those of all beliefs who respect our ethos. In addition to caring for each other, those who make their lives at our Camphill centres care for the land and the environment around them by following organic and biodynamic principles in their gardens and on their farms, recycling and using environmentally-friendly products and services whenever possible. Some of the villagers at Vidaråsen are both physically and learning disabled (the two sometimes go hand in hand), but Vidaråsen exists to cater for learning disabled.



BMS World Mission works in partnership with Baptist churches and other Christian organisations in approximately 30 countries across four continents - Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. As a leading Christian mission organisation, BMS World Mission aims to share life in all its fullness with the worlds people by:

1) Enabling them to know Christ.

2) Alleviating suffering and injustice.

3) Improving the quality of life, with many people as our primary agent of change - motivating, training, sending and resourcing them.

We have around 200 mission workers engaged in pastoral and church planting work, engineering, teaching, agriculture, community and medical work etc, and then we also send short-term volunteers each year. BMS Action Teams (gap year) are designed specifically for young people between the ages of 18-23 and run from September to June. The programme starts with a month of quality mission training, followed by a six-month overseas placement working alongside BMS mission staff or a local partner church. On return to the UK, teams head out on a two-month tour of Baptist churches, sharing their experiences and encouraging other people to get involved in world mission.

The BMS Volunteer Programme is specifically designed for people who want to share their professional skills and experience to demonstrate Christ's love in another culture. Spending between three months and two years overseas enables you to impact on the lives of those in need in a meaningful way. We aim to match your expertise (technical and non-technical) with the needs of BMS personnel or partner organisations, so that the placement provides help where it is really needed and is a truly fulfilling experience. You may think that your particular expertise could never be used in short-term mission, but your skill could be the very one our overseas partners are looking for. There is no typical volunteer - we have individuals and couples from all walks of life serving on the volunteer programme. Applicants need to be over 21 years for this programme and we can accept people up to their mid-seventies as long as they can obtain health clearance. We are also able to place medical electives, language students and Bible college students for their placements.



VJF organises international workcamps, most of which are social or ecological projects, but there are also special programmes which focus on issues such as history or archaeology. In most cases volunteers have to do easy manual work on the camps. VJF places 300 international volunteers a year and 50 German volunteers. Please apply through UNA-International Youth Exchange Wales, Concordia or International Voluntary Service. All three have entries on this database. Alternative email address



Leicester Children's Holiday Centre provides summer holidays for groups of 32 girls and 32 boys from socially deprived backgrounds in the Leicester area. The one week camps are held from July through to the end of August each year. We prefer people who are able to work the whole season. Volunteers are expected to work a six day week on our outdoor programme of activities. Volunteers with offending backgrounds are not accepted. (Proof of no convictions for all volunteers is required/ DBS in the UK arranged by the charity) This is a paid position at UK national minimum wage. If working in the outdoors and being part of a team is something you enjoy, then this is the job for you. Our Activity Leaders are full of energy, people who can be trusted by the children and parents alike. You will be leading activities, organizing entertainment, and making sure the children have a great holiday with us. The role of Activity Leader is a fantastic chance to share your love of the outdoors and playing games, discovering new things, making new friends, learning new skills and being part of an experience which stays in the life of a child forever.

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