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Volunteer Latin America provide free and low-cost work abroad opportunities in Central and South America. We aim to connect volunteers to some of the best grassroots projects in the environmental and humanitarian sectors.

The environmental projects we offer are as varied and interesting as you might imagine, ranging from forestry to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. A multitude of other opportunities exist in a diverse range of species, habitats and locations. As well as offering a vast range of environmental projects, we offer volunteers the opportunity to help the economically, socially and politically disadvantaged people of the region by providing a wide variety of humanitarian work. There are opportunities to get involved in child welfare, community development, education and health programmes.

The projects we offer either require the volunteer to make a small financial contribution (participation fee), are free but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses, or provide complimentary accommodation and food.

Projects vary in length from one week up to a full year. Most of the projects we offer are from one month to three months; however, there are opportunities to volunteer for shorter or longer periods of time.

Because we help hundreds of grassroots organisations find people willing to help them achieve their objectives, we support environmental conservation and local community development in the region. Without the support and commitment of volunteers many of these organisations would be unable to carry out their vital work.

One World 365




Latin Link works in partnership with churches to send and receive individuals, families and teams, to and from Latin American communities, to share the love of God.

We do this through three inter-related programmes:

Step: Our renowned short-term programme for teams. Get a hands on experience of mission in Latin America, living and working alongside a local church, helping with a practical project and joining them in reaching out to their community. Apply as an individual or put together your own team. Projects last for 16 weeks each spring and 3-7 weeks in the summer.

Stride: A programme offering student placements and mission training opportunities.
Student Placements: 6-9 months suitable for language students on their year abroad or 6-8 weeks suitable for medical students requiring an elective. An opportunity to explore how your study and mission can work together to support churches and Christian projects in Latin America.
Mission Training Opportunities: Bespoke placements for individuals, married couples or families to spend 12-24 months putting their faith into practice in Latin America. Use and develop your gifts and skills while working alongside a church or Christian run project. Stride could be a career change, sabbatical, or something to pursue in early retirement. A Stride placement is a great way to explore whether cross-cultural mission is for you. A 24 month Stride is the pathway into the Stay programme.

Stay: We have over 100 members of many nationalities, working with local churches and organisations to help them meet a diverse range of spiritual and practical needs - from caring for street children, to training church leaders and supporting university students to generating employment opportunities.

Latin Link's vision is to see vibrant, Bible-believing Christian communities in every part of Latin America, impacting their neighbours, their societies and the wider world.



As GoAbroad's Top Rated Volunteer Abroad Organization in 2016, African Impact is now a multi-award winning volunteer travel organization that is operating responsible and sustainable volunteer projects and internship programs throughout Southern and East Africa. We have over 16 years’ experience and have facilitated over 12,000 volunteers in 12 countries across the continent!


To maximise the positive force of volunteering and make sure our volunteers have a fun and rewarding adventure with us. We truly believe that volunteering has the power to change lives; we’ve seen it first-hand.
We aiming to integrate ourselves into the community from grassroots to partnerships with local governments and strive to nurture a culture of mutual respect.

Our volunteer experiences are based on three key things:

- We want our volunteers to have an amazing time experiencing everything Africa has to offer and leave knowing they’ve contributed to something bigger than themselves.

- We want our volunteers to learn as much as they can about local history, culture and wildlife

- We want to support local communities and conservation efforts through education and hands-on help.

Our Charity: The Happy Africa Foundation

As part of our commitment to making a positive impact, we set up The Happy Africa Foundation in 2008. The charity helps to independently monitor our projects and provides tools and expertise that help to ensure our sustainability. The charity also ensures that donations given by our volunteers are managed responsibly.

Our Wildlife Trust: ALERT

African Impact were also instrumental in the establishment of the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) in 2005, a non-profit organization dedicated to the facilitation and promotion of sound conservation and management plans for the African lion in consultation with governments, wildlife authorities and communities.

Alongside African Impact, ALERT also aims to support the ground-breaking four-stage African Lion Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Program developed by our founders in 1999.

Our Projects

To ensure the sustainability of our projects, we thoroughly evaluate each potential project with a detailed scorecard before setting up a volunteering program. This involves analysing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a project as well as its long-term viability and impact. Also, every single one of our projects has community stakeholders. We won’t run a project unless the community not only wants us there, but actually has ownership of the project. Community buy-in is essential.

We have a core emphasis on learning and empowerment for all involved – changing the lives of people in the communities we impact, our volunteers and all African Impact staff.



Mafanikio Community Based Organisation (MCBO) was started in 2003 to promote quality education through tailored programs. As such several programs were set up that help in the achievement of the objectives.

Our School development program focuses on providing volunteer services for local and international volunteers to the local marginalized schools, which have very few teachers and limited learning resources. The volunteers work with the local teachers and community together with the children. This creates an opportunity of interaction and roller coaster of grassroots experience.

The experiential learning is beneficent to all the parties involved in that they all learn from each other in a very dynamic interesting manner.

Our student placement and internship program focuses on providing professional placements for students in various fields in order to engage in work experience abroad under supervision. This opens up a whole world of possibilities because in most cases, the students are taught to improvise in order to provide certain services. Besides, they also strengthen professional skills and interpersonal relationship in professional setting. In this program everyone is a beneficiary in terms of wealth of experience and services respectively.



The aim of the Disaway Trust is to provide holidays for physically disabled adults who would not be able to travel alone. Our Trust provides a one-to-one carer for each holidaymaker who we try to match to a like-minded helper. We stay in regular hotels both at home and abroad and organise trips out to interesting venues. Venues change every year and are decided in the summer of the previous year. Volunteers with an offending background are not accepted.



Love Volunteers provides rewarding, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities in developing countries around the world.

We offer not for profit programs fees and flexible volunteer placements from one week to six months. Whether you have a passion for teaching, construction, medical work, helping children or the elderly, helping people living with HIV/AIDS, animal welfare or conservation we have a volunteer abroad program that will suit you - and probably one in each continent.



UNA Exchange is a registered charity. We send volunteers overseas to work on community based projects in over 60 countries worldwide. Volunteers live and work in an international group, alongside people from many different cultures on projects lasting between 2 to 3 weeks, although there are also opportunities for longer volunteering projects. Longer-term individual placements of up to a year are also available in Europe, through the fully-funded EVS (European Voluntary Service) programme. International volunteer projects are organised all year round, but the majority run during the summer months. The work involved varies widely, depending on the project, but does not usually require specific skills or qualifications. In addition to our overseas programme we also organise projects in Wales, and there are opportunities for people interested in leading projects, becoming volunteer trainers, taking part in fundraising and promotional activities or volunteering in our offices. We organise a yearly training course to prepare leaders to coordinate groups of international volunteers every Easter.



Coral Cay Conservation (CCC) is seeking assistance with marine and coral reef conservation projects throughout the Asia-Pacific and Caribbean region. Volunteers can spend from two weeks or more participating on expeditions, with monthly departures throughout the year. The aim of CCC expeditions is to help gather key ecological information for the protection and sustainable use of tropical resources, whilst simultaneously offering poverty alleviation through the provision of alternative livelihood opportunities for local communities. Current CCC projects are based in the Philippines and Montserrat and volunteers require no previous experience.

Since 1986, thousands of CCC volunteers have helped establish numerous marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries across the globe, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Belize Barrier Reef.



The Kingdom of Nepal which is situated in the lap of Central Himalaya with a rich cultural heritage, is a land of ancient history and colourful cultures. Insight Nepal was established as an institution with a view to introducing the diverse geographical and cultural environment of Nepal to the participants, and to foster an awareness and cultural understanding. Global Hands is a short-term volunteer programme, which is designed for those people who want to come to Nepal with a desire to explore, experience and discover a unique way of life. The main objective of this programme is to provide opportunities to those people who have limited time and budget, but are keenly interested in gaining experiences by sharing their ideas and skills with local community service groups, and to reach the people who are in need.



Jubilee Partners is a Christian community dedicated to serving poor and oppressed people. The community's work includes several areas of service: resettling refugees, peace-making, and working against the death penalty. Each volunteer does a variety of work, including teaching English as a second language to refugees, providing childcare for refugee children, cleaning refugee houses between occupants, gardening, light maintenance, meal preparation and cleanup, and various other manual labor tasks as needed. The staff eat meals together, sharing responsibilities for cooking and dishwashing. Volunteers are expected to participate in the spiritual life of the community, which is Christian.



The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) is a registered charity which has pioneered the study of whales, dolphins and porpoises found in the waters off Scotland's west coast. Using study techniques that neither harm nor seriously disturb the animals, the research work undertaken provides those who manage Scotland's wildlife and habitats with the information they need to achieve effective conservation. The research also provides the materials for our work in environmental education, helping to raise public awareness around the UK and educate visitors to this outstanding area about the local marine environment.

HWDT welcomes onboard about 60 volunteers every field season to assist with visual and acoustic data collection. Volunteers effectively become marine mammal scientists for the week, contributing to data collection and the general running of the boat. For more information, see

HWDT also recruits interns to assist with specialised tasks over the field season. Interns will spend six months in Tobermory, working alongside the HWDT team undertaking sightings and strandings tasks or educational activities. Interns will receive no funding from HWDT. For more information see

Adventure Alternative, the Responsible Travel Company


Adventure Alternative work alongside it's charity Moving Mountains Trust to offer gap years, electives and sabbaticals that have direct value to communities in Kenya and Nepal, with long term sustainable wealth creation as our aim.

The trips combine overland travel and international development, and we have started our own companies and NGOs in each host country. Training is provided to successful applicants, as well as excellent staffing and post-trip support and benefits. Rewarding, meaningful and challenging. Our trips are all Fair Trade Volunteering.

We offer volunteer posts in Kenya and Nepal which allow people to engage with the work of an NGO - this includes:

Teaching non-examinable subjects (sports, arts & crafts, drama, ethics and values, music)

Running extra-curricular events like after school reading club, conversational English, play time, sharing stories, putting on a play or teaching a new sport. This depends on personal interests and skills

Helping to manage the childrens home where you will be living - discipline, cleaning ,food preparation, homework, weeding the shamba, looking after the cow, running evening activities (Kenya only)

Helping in the on-site Early Child Development centre - games and play, basic numerical and literacy skills (Kenya only)

Learning Swahili or Nepali

Mentoring and counselling - group sessions with our youth groups, individual coaching and assistance with life skills

Duration is from a minimum of two weeks but we much prefer a minimum period of at least one school term (beginning start of January, April, October). Volunteers work with our staff who run the NGO and are experienced in social welfare and education. You will learn about these issues in a developing country.



The Foundation For International Human Development and Environmental Studies is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to inform, educate and train every individual, irrespective of his or her cultural, national or educational background to acquire basic knowledge about social, economic and political rights. Our activities transcend all boundaries in the world and this has facilitated our utmost objective of promoting inter-cultural exchanges among countries. The Foundation For International Human Development and Environmental Studies considers as its mission the need to promote a vigorous campaign of sensitising people to be more proactive towards issues concerning the environment. We also inform and educate people all over the world to acquire knowledge about their economic and political rights. The volunteer programmes currently include: teaching, community development, media internship, law placements, orphanage, information technology, medical internship, and conservation. Summer Youth Camps: every year summer camps are organised for the youth to bring them together during their school break. There is a theme on various issues ranging from HIV/AIDS prevention and abstinence, restoration of the environment, peace building as well as conflict resolution in West Africa. It is one setting that offers a whole host of camp options to enrich, challenge and entertain the youth every holiday. Support Centre for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS: FIHDES WORLDWIDE join other organisations throughout the world to participate in the International AIDS CANDLELIGHT MEMORIAL FIHDES WORLDWIDE every year in May. We hope to construct a support centre in affected areas in order to provide medical care and counselling for the youth and those living with HIV/AIDS. The centre will try to fight the ostracism and ignorance of these people within their communities. We also plan to establish a rehabilitation centre for the youth and students involved in drugs and ex drug users.



PhaNgan Animal Care FOR STRAYS (PACS)

is a Non-Profit Animal Welfare Centre on a island (Koh Phangan) in South Thailand. PAC is dedicated to improving the lives of all the Island's Animals, since 2001.

PACS provides Nursing care for all basic illness and injuries of Stray Animals, as well as Neutering & Vaccination.

PACS does not Operate as a Shelter.

PACS asks Depending on Volunteer for a minimum commitment of 2 months, and generally requests a minimum of 5 days per week, depending on the number of volunteers available.

PACS receive No Official Funding and relies Heavily on the Good Will of the Local Community, Tourists and friends of PACS.

Please contact PACS directly to find out about availability, or complete the application form on our website under Support PACS.



The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation works to restore the endangered flora and fauna of Mauritius, Rodrigues and offshore islets and is well known for its work in the recovery of the Mauritius Kestrel, Echo Parakeet, Pink Pigeon, Mauritius Fody and Mauritius Olive White Eye as well as its work on habitat and island restoration projects.

We are always keen to hear from University graduates who would like to gain practical hands-on experience and pursue a conservation career working within our organization. We accept volunteers throughout the year to work on a range of our projects.
The work may involve endemic bird nest location and monitoring, radio tracking, population monitoring, report writing, bird handling of Pink Pigeons, Echo Parakeets, Mauritius Kestrels and Passerines. Other projects include conservation of rare plants (mainland Mauritius, Rodrigues, and offshore islets such as Round Island and Ile Aux Aigrettes), Reptile conservation and translocation and captive breeding amongst others.

Working for the MWF gives the opportunity to gain valuable experience of first hand conservation work in the ongoing recovery of endangered species, for which the NGO is world renowned.



Big Beyond facilitate ethical volunteer placements in Africa for adventurous and ambitious individuals looking for experiences far beyond the norm, off the beaten path and the chance to truly immerse in another culture.

Our volunteer opportunities are for people that want to genuinely be part of conservation and development in some of the most stunning places in the world, and are interested in working across a range of exciting high-impact community projects. Volunteer placements are always tailored to your skills, interests and level of experience, as well as the needs of the local community.

Originally headquartered in the UK, our team is now based in East Africa and currently run project sites in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. They’re all located next to national parks and we work hand-in-hand with the adjacent communities to integrate the conservation and socio-economic development objectives of the local area. Volunteer involvement ranges from education, enterprise, environment, health or culture related projects.

This is the chance to take your knowledge, experiences and energy to people and places that genuinely value your contribution, but it's also a great way to learn just as much as you give, explore lesser known corners of the world, gain unique insight by truly immersing in another culture, build memories of a lifetime, and be inspired about new possibilities.

Each and every Big Beyond volunteer has a placement designed to match their motivations, skills and passions, with all activities directly supporting the local community and the conservation area in which they're based.

We also offer International skills-based employee volunteering combined with CSR initiatives. Whether it’s specific skills you’re looking to develop or a global issue that you’d like to support, or both, Big Beyond strive to help organisations and employees reach their goals.

To check out our full range of incredible volunteer opportunities please visit:

Call us: +44 (0)800 098 8440 or email us:



Act4Africa is an award-winning health and education charity with a vision to provide a brighter future for Africa’s poor. Our mission is to address inequality in Africa through gender justice, health education and sustainable earning potential. Using Theatre for Development, we aim to promote gender equality for women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa, equipping them with life skills to be free from poverty and combat HIV.

Set up in 2000, Act4Africa has a small UK support team based in Manchester which works in partnership with Act4Africa NGO partners in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi. We also organise trips to Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi, for those wishing to do their medical elective or teaching placement in Africa, as well as organising various sponsored events and fundraising activities.

Current projects include:

The Girl Effect: Adolescent girls in Uganda experience poverty through gender relations that leave them powerless and vulnerable. This forces them into lives of low-paid work, early marriage, unwanted pregnancy and sexual and domestic violence. This gender injustice denies these girls their human rights and prevents the nation from benefiting from the invaluable economic and social contribution that young women can bring. The Girl Effect, funded by donations to our Grow A Girl programme, releases the untapped potential of adolescent girls through the provision of comprehensive training, education and leadership opportunities. This enables girls to grow in stature, know their rights and exercise a positive leadership role in their own communities.

HEAL (Health, Empowerment and Livelihoods): This project is creating improved life-chances and livelihoods for out-of-school adolescent girls and young women in Uganda and Malawi. The project combines HIV prevention training, testing and counselling with savings and business enterprise coaching, helping these young women to secure access to higher earnings. Higher earnings means more independence, which in turn has been proven to have a direct positive impact on health outcomes. The project is backed up by the provision of HIV services men and women in their communities.

Kathy’s Centre: Act4Africa is currently building 'Kathy's Centre' in memory of it's co-founder Kathy Smedley, who died in August 2014.
The multi-functional women’s community centre is situated in the rural Mayuge district of Uganda, where gender inequality is entrenched (as it is in much of the country). This leads to both health problems and poverty which together create a degenerative cycle from which many women find it difficult to break free.

Kathy’s Centre will offer an Early Years Education facility, HIV testing and access to advice, counselling and health support for women. The centre will provide a place where girls, women and young mothers can meet safely, share their stories, support each other and work out solutions to their problems. The surrounding land will be developed as a goat farm to enable us to train the local community in best practice for animal husbandry and basic veterinary skills.

We currently have overseas opportunities for medical/teaching professionals/students and are also looking for agricultural/veterinary advice/volunteers. In the UK opportunities include administrative, marketing, fundraising.

Teach and Learn with Georgia


Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG), a progressive education movement initiated by the Georgian government, recruits native English speakers to co-teach English alongside local English teachers in public schools throughout the country of Georgia. TLG aims to improve Georgia’s nationwide English language proficiency in an effort towards further globalization.



Young and Talented is a theatre school with a difference. While on the surface we appear like many other theatre schools, our holistic approach, high calibre coaching and credentials put us in another league. Our TRIPLE TALENT programme takes students aged 6-16 on a ‘journey of discovery and development’.

Young and Talented has been nurturing and developing young people for stage and screen since 2004. In March 2012, our group The Real Deal, won BBC TV’s Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2012. Showing that not only do our young people learn how to perform, they also learn how to succeed in life.

Our mission is to Engage, Enthuse, Educate, Enrich and Empower young people to pursue life with passion and purpose.

Our first centre opened in Bethnal Green, Derbyshire Street, London E2 6HG. In this centre we work with children and young people aged 3 to 16 years old.

In 2013 we opened a new centre in The Broadway Theatre BYT, Barking. In this centre we work with children and young people aged 5 to 19 years old and we specialise in acting classes. We also offer a Choir sessions.

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