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Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides support to marginalized communities across the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.

The formation of LUYODEFO in 2003 was out of deep aspiration by a group of motivated youth to respond to the plight of children, youth, women, and men impacted greatly by the war and other detriments, such as HIV/AIDS, particularly in the Rwenzori region in western Uganda. The idea was to create a platform for empowering rural resource communities to contribute to sustainable livelihoods among the local, underprivileged communities, especially in their social, health, and economic well-being.

LUYODEFO is committed to ending social exclusion and discrimination; creating networks for children, youth, and women; increasing access to development services; and empowering all people to reach their potential and take responsibility for their development. We use very flexible approaches with a strong emphasis on active participation from our beneficiaries and their skills and talents.

In order to fulfill our mandate and pursue our objectives, we are implementing various interlinked and overlapping projects for which seeking for volunteers to assist! The available placement opportunities include;-

(a). Blogger/Writer
Volunteers are needed to document LUYODEFO activities with blog posts, non-fiction stories, interviews, and photos. The volunteer should also be willing to use these materials to promote LUYODEFO through social media as well.

Materials: Laptop, DSLR Camera

(b). Photographer/Videographer
Volunteers are needed to take photos, film videos to document LUYODEFO’s community programs. The volunteer should also be willing to use these materials to market and promote LUYODEFO, and can go further to use the materials to raise funds.

Materials: Laptop, DSLR Camera, Video Camera

(c). Financial Coach
Volunteers are needed to teach women’s groups social and financial skills such as personal development, savings, goal setting, budget, spending and bookkeeping. Knowledge of how to use technology particularly mobile phones for transparency and safety is important

Materials: Pencils, notebooks, solar-powered calculators

(d). Librarian / Reading Coach
Volunteers are required to organize a community library (proper cataloguing and classification of books) and take the initiative to open up the library room for local children daily while helping to organize and conduct reading camps for primary students.

Materials: Elementary reading level books, funds for books and computers and software.

(e). Sports Coach
Volunteers are needed to coordinate and coach games and practices for young people. Teach rules of the game, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Materials: Sports equipment (ex: balls and nets)

(f). Construction Instructor
Provide instruction and technical advice on constructing varies low-cost permanent structures for guardians (grandmothers), schools and health centres such as houses, toilets and hand-washing stations. Involve locals in the construction and make sure they can do it on their own once volunteers have left.

Materials: Funds for a house/ toilets/ hand-washing stations



  • Children
  • Conservation - General
  • Disability - Learning
  • Drug / Alcohol Abuse
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Human Rights
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Women
  • Young People


Suitability and Volunteering Roles

Volunteering Roles:
  • Accountancy / Finance
  • Administration
  • Agriculture / Farming / Forestry
  • Architecture
  • Arts / Crafts
  • Building / Construction / DIY
  • Campaigning
  • Caring / Healthcare
  • Community Work
  • Computers / I.T.
  • Counselling
  • First Aid
  • Fundraising
  • Gardening / Horticulture
  • International Aid / Relief
  • Library / Resource Centres
  • Marketing / Publicity
  • Music
  • Outdoor activities
  • Research
  • Social Work
  • Sport
  • Teaching - Children
  • Technical Skills
  • Theatre / Drama
  • Training
  • Visiting / Befriending
Volunteering Type:
  • Family Volunteering
  • Group Volunteering
  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Individual Volunteering
Work Alone or With Others:

With others. The volunteer(s) will work with the local team (staff and volunteers).

Police Check

All those working with children and vulnerable people will have a complete criminal records check

Child Protection

This organisation has a child protection policy

Liability Insurance

Volunteers working with this organisation are covered by legal liability insurance

Volunteers Placed Each Year

5 - 15


  • Uganda, Africa

N/A. What is only important is that, the volunteer must be able to speak and use English

  • We cannot accept volunteers who are visually impaired/partially sighted
  • We cannot accept volunteers who use a wheelchair all of the time
  • We cannot accept volunteers who use a wheelchair at any time
  • We cannot accept volunteers with a hearing impairment
  • We cannot accept volunteers with a heart condition
  • We cannot accept volunteers with a learning difficulty/impairment
  • We cannot accept volunteers with a speech impairment
  • We cannot accept volunteers with any breathing difficulties
  • We cannot accept volunteers with mental health needs
Health Requirements:

Recommendations include:- Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Anti-malarial (not chloroquine). It may be important to visit the Center for Disease Control website for up-to-date requirements ( or speak with a local travel doctor.

Cost To Volunteer:

No fee charged. However, volunteer(s) will be requested to pay for the accommodation, food and transport cost


16 to 85 years old

Weeks min/max

Weeks from 4 up to 52 per year

Hours min/max:

Hours from 25 up to 38 per week

When to Apply:

Any time.

Start Months:
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

Additional Information


The volunteer will pay for their accommodation, we will help them arranging this including drawing budget estimates.


Nothing special required.

Local Information:

We are located in Kasese District about 500 km west of Kampala and about 6-8 hour drive by bus. Here, you can visit many places of interest such as the Queen Elizabeth national park, the Equator, Chimp trekking, Mountain trekking


No. But we need volunteers to submit their application with your CV, and proposal for your project. We will then enter into correspondance via e-mail or Skype


Induction training and orientation, and regular training will be done to equip, inform and keep volunteer(s) updated about our work, what is expected, the progress, etc.


The volunteers are supervised by the Director.

Debriefing & Certificates:


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