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Vision: To create an AIDS-free generation Mission: To harness the power of football to engage and educate kids how to lead successful, HIV free lives. HIV /AIDS is the number one global health challenge, and in the absence of a cure, prevention has to be the main stay in the struggle against AIDS. Africaid has created a truly unique HIV prevention 'package called WhizzKids United (WKU). WKU has been founded on the principal that knowledge alone will not prevent HIV. Instead kids are taught life-skills that inform, motivate and influence their behaviour bringing about a positive behavioural change designed to prevent new HIV infections. By combining each life skill with football, integrating it fully into the programme, and playing on their love for the beautiful game, ensures the kids are fully engaged and has the potential to truly create an AIDS free generation. We are an official Implementing Partner of FIFA’s Football For Hope Movement and hope to capitalize on the 2010 FIFA World Cup by harnessing the passion Africa has for football to address Africa’s biggest challenge, HIV, and in doing so bring about a bright AIDS free future for the next generation of football lovers. In terms of the recruitment of volunteers, we are really only looking at this stage to recruit for our Centre of Excellence or Head Office which is based on Clarence Road in Durban. Our new offices are complete with onsite football pitch where we will train our trainers, run our life skills programme with Clarence Primary School and look to use the field to run tournaments. In terms of scope of work and what volunteers would be required to do, we need to make it clear that for the most part it is office based, although there would be some exposure to the kids on the programme, rather it was through visits to the sites we operate in or through helping at one of the many tournaments we run to celebrate their graduation through the programme. Broadly there are three teams that they may work on; depending on their skill set and also what volunteer requirements / needs we have at the time. They may in fact work across all teams. The three teams are the CEO’s team, which covers strategic vision, project expansion, fundraising, marketing and PR and Events, there is the Programme Management who are responsible for the roll out of the programme management of trainers and school liaison, and then there is Research and Evaluation, which handles both internal and external evaluation to ensure we have measurable results for our programme and also how we can look to improve the programme.

  • Children
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Offenders / Ex-Offenders
  • Young People


Suitability and Volunteering Roles

Volunteering Roles:
  • Accountancy / Finance
  • Administration
  • Arts / Crafts
  • Charity Shop / Retail
  • Community Work
  • Counselling
  • Fundraising
  • Journalism / Newsletters
  • Marketing / Publicity
  • Research
  • Sport
  • Theatre / Drama
Volunteering Type:
  • Group Volunteering
  • Virtual Volunteering
  • Individual Volunteering
Work Alone or With Others:

With others.

Liability Insurance

Volunteers working in this organisation are not covered by legal liability insurance

Volunteers Placed Each Year



  • South Africa, Africa

We ask that all volunteers are fluent in English and have good English written skills. Basic computer skills (word, excel, powerpoint, email, internet browsing) would also be required. A Driving licence is not compulsory but definitely helps.

  • We cannot accept volunteers who need help with their daily activities
  • We cannot accept volunteers who use a wheelchair all of the time
  • We cannot accept volunteers who use a wheelchair at any time
  • We cannot accept volunteers with a learning difficulty/impairment
  • We cannot accept volunteers with a speech impairment
  • We cannot accept volunteers with any breathing difficulties
  • We cannot accept volunteers with mental health needs
Health Requirements:

A number of vaccines are required for South Africa, but no malaria required (depending on their travelling).

Cost To Volunteer:

Flights, accommodation in volunteer house: 100 RA per day, other costs (additional food, drinks etc)


21 to 60 years old

Weeks min/max

Weeks from 6 up to 52 per year

Hours min/max:

Hours from 20 up to 65 per week

When to Apply:

As far in advance to check our current availability and to allow for travel arrangements and visas to be arranged by volunteers.

Start Months:
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

Additional Information


Together with the other international volunteers in the same building but different rooms:


We request that volunteers bring a laptop, mobile phone (a sim card can be sourced locally), credit card and the necessary driving licence. This aside, a backpack is useful if they want to travel!.


Please send us a request. We will then forward you an application form and do a skype call afterwards.


All volunteers receive a volunteers manual and have an induction meeting on their first day. They may get further training throughout their stay depending on what team / area they are working in.


Volunteers are supervised by the designated team leader.

Debriefing & Certificates:

We are happy to supply our volunteers with certificates.

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