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Volunteer Latin America provide free and low-cost work abroad opportunities in Central and South America. We aim to connect volunteers to some of the best grassroots projects in the environmental and humanitarian sectors.

The environmental projects we offer are as varied and interesting as you might imagine, ranging from forestry to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. A multitude of other opportunities exist in a diverse range of species, habitats and locations. As well as offering a vast range of environmental projects, we offer volunteers the opportunity to help the economically, socially and politically disadvantaged people of the region by providing a wide variety of humanitarian work. There are opportunities to get involved in child welfare, community development, education and health programmes.

The projects we offer either require the volunteer to make a small financial contribution (participation fee), are free but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses, or provide complimentary accommodation and food.

Projects vary in length from one week up to a full year. Most of the projects we offer are from one month to three months; however, there are opportunities to volunteer for shorter or longer periods of time.

Because we help hundreds of grassroots organisations find people willing to help them achieve their objectives, we support environmental conservation and local community development in the region. Without the support and commitment of volunteers many of these organisations would be unable to carry out their vital work.



Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) is people giving their time and skills to help a world in need. It is a way for people to work at issues greater than themselves, recognizing that their efforts may not immediately solve deep-rooted problems, but can be part of ongoing work for justice, peace, and the care of creation. As sponsor of the program, the Church of the Brethren exemplifies its heritage in peacemaking and service through the goals of BVS: Working for peace, advocating justice, serving human need, and care for creation.Some volunteers engage in projects that deal with immediate needs. Others work towards changing unjust systems. Sharing God's love through acts of service, volunteers bring hope to shattered lives, offer food and shelter to those in need, and build understanding between individuals, groups, nations and humanity and the world we share. BVS seeks volunteers willing to act on their commitment and values. We challenge individuals to offer themselves, their time and their talents to work which is both difficult and demanding, rewarding and joyful.

One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.

AMAIDI International


Since 2006 AMAIDI enables social organizations worldwide to get access to professional and general volunteer resources to be able to meet their global challenges.

Therefore we inspire and mobilize individuals, companies and universities to engage themselves locally or online, either with their skills (pro bono) or their work force (hands-on).

Amaidi International links overseas and local volunteers with local communities they want to support via building capacity of the local organizations that serve these communities such as non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, care-homes and social enterprises.

Amaidi International also partners with responsible travel organizations in the countries we work in, so that tourists are offered a different way of getting in touch with the soul of a country. This also allows opportunities to the local communities visited, such as earning respect for their culture and income towards their livelihood.

Amaidi International acknowledges that money, spent in the right way according to the real needs of a local community, can be a boon for the urban and rural poor, enabling them to place the first steps on the road to a better life, away from poverty and its ugly faces such as chronical illness, un-employment, lack of access to quality education and political empowerment.

Teaching You - El Salvador


Our volunteer program is located in Santa Tecla, La Libertad. We teach English to schools where the students come from families who are economically disadvantaged.

The program runs from Monday to Friday with school hours from 7 am to 12 pm for the morning session and 1 pm to 5 pm for the afternoon session. We focus mainly on the younger students from the 1° grade to 6° grade. We also offer help in other areas such as sports, dance, computer and values lessons. At the end of the year, we reap the fruits of our labor with the group of all- rounded students attending our summer school

To form a generation of well-rounded young students through education, skills and values in hopes of making them an agent of change for their communities.

Our Mission
We are an initiative dedicated to empower well-rounded young students in our public schools by inspiring and educating them to address life adversities through the learning of languages, skills and values while presenting opportunities to overcome economic disadvantages and be self sufficient



Xchange Scotland is a charity set up by young people in Scotland to help others see the world and develop communities along the way! Our aim is to offer a world of exciting and accessible international opportunities. We are built on the principals of Active Global Citizenship and Intercultural Understanding - to inspire volunteering around the corner and around the World.

How we Work

We are part of 2 international Networks: Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and CCIVS, which collectively allow us to cooperate with organisations within 55 countries worldwide.

Opportunities for you to see the World and Volunteer

International Volunteer Projects (IVPs)

These are from 2 weeks up to 1 year long and involves other volunteers from different countries working with you on a project benefiting the local community. Volunteers are provided with food and accommodation. While giving back you discover a country in an authentic way, exchange cultures with people from around the world and develop your sense of initiative, language skills and ability to work in a team.

Where: Over 55 countries worldwide, through our network we can offer places on over 1700 projects.

Cost: £ 250 project contribution. Volunteers have to pay for their own travel to their project and their travel insurance.

Who: Anyone over 17 years old, no skills required.

Apply: Email us at or phone us on 0141 237 2430. Projects happen all year round with most in the summer and are added to our website for all to see.

Looking for a longer opportunity?

Xchange Scotland sends volunteers on European Voluntary Service (EVS). This is a European Commission funded programme that enables young people to volunteer long-term abroad. From 3 months up to 1 year - mainly European countries although it is possible to go beyond Europe as well.

Cost: All costs are covered by the grant. The EVS programme pays for your living expenses, pocket money, accommodation and your travel.

What: A life changing experience to enhance young people's initiative, creativity and enterprise. Project themes are cultural, social, environmental and many more.

Who: Anyone 18-30, some projects available to 17 year olds too.

Apply: Email or phone us on 0141 237 2430. Projects happen all year round.

What we do in Scotland

International Groups

Just as we send volunteers on short-term and long-term projects overseas, likewise we co-ordinate international groups to take part in similar projects in Scotland. These projects are also open to anyone living in Scotland to become Xchange Scotland Project leaders - an important role in the projects we co-ordinate here in Scotland.

If you are interested in coming to Scotland to volunteer, get in touch and we will provide information on the projects and organisations we are working with.

Our Education Work

We offer a range of exciting Non-Formal Educational Activities. These are topics related to global education, such as active citizenship, intercultural understanding, anti-sectarianism and equality. if you are interested in participating in/helping to run these workshops, then do get in touch!



NGOabroad is a unique service that helps people enter international humanitarian work, in addition to providing frugal, customized international volunteer options.

This is a condensation of our International Volunteering & Internship Opportunities for 2016


INDIA: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy for kids with Disabilities


UGANDA: Human Rights Education

NEPAL: Trafficking

SRI LANKA: Trauma Counseling after Atrocities of Civil War

KENYA: Counseling Sexual Abuse - Social Work or Psychology

INDIA: Geriatric Social Work


MONGOLIA: Emerging Civil Society

NEPAL: Public Interest Law -> Democracy Building

UGANDA: Community Organizing & Women

RWANDA: International Development

COSTA RICA & ECUADOR; TANZANIA & RWANDA: Micro-finance & Small Enterprise Development


UGANDA: Secondary School


GHANA, INDONESIA & COSTA RICA: Agriculture & Ecology. Environmental.

TANZANIA, NEPAL, KENYA: Water & Sanitation


THAILAND & ECUADOR: Dance, Music, Theatre to work with kids with Disabilities


INDONESIA: Wildlife Rescue

These are volunteer internship positions. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

Interested? Please READ the NGOabroad website. then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume and email to



Harvesting in Spanish (HIS) was founded in 1980 in the state of Colorado by Don and Rose Ann Benner.

They started by helping 13 children and now have the capacity to care for 80 children. HIS built a 3-story Christian school in 1994, which has the capacity for educating up to 400 students from pre-school through high school. The school offers the basic classes such as math, science, social studies and language, but also offers English, computer, Bible, swimming, art, and physical education classes.

The Shalom Children's Home is located in the town of Santiago Texacuangos, 18 kilometers from the Capital City of San Salvador. The children range in age from newborns to 21 years old and receive shelter, clothing, food, medical care, education and life skills training, in a Christian environment. The home is supported by the HIS child sponsorship program.

Over the years, other ministries have been started by the Benners and their daughter Teri, which also come under the umbrella of HIS, such as the Oasis Children’s Feeding ministry, Living Stones Church, Nehemiah Project for rehabilitating young people on judicial probation, and the 4-story humanitarian medical clinic.



Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos has cared for thousands of orphaned and abandoned children since 1954. Through the generosity of a worldwide network of supporters, the children have been provided with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and an education. Children of all ages are embraced by this loving family, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, which in English means "Our little brothers and sisters".

We accept volunteers to serve in many capactities in most of the NPH homes. Up to date job listings are available at Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of one year. Volunteers serve in education (teachers, librarians, tutors), medical placements (doctors, nurses, therapists, clinic assistants) directly with children (child care), and in administrative roles (communication, visitor and volunteer coordination), etc.

We give preference to volunteers who already speak Spanish or Creole. Volunteers who are accepted with weak language skills must commit to attending and paying for language school prior to beginning their service.



Operation Mobilisation (OM) is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian missionary organisation with work in over 110 countrie and sent by more than 100 nations. Short-term opportunities are usually with multinational teams that involve some kind of evangelistic work, sometimes combined with social or practical work. There are more short term events in the summer, but there are all-year opportunities too. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: IT projects, mainly programming.



VSO is the world’s leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. VSO's high-impact approach involves bringing people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action, and change lives to make the world a fairer place for all. VSO enables people aged 18-75 to share their skills and experience with communities and organisations across the developing world. We offer placements in a range of sectors including: education (e.g. primary teachers, education leaders), health (e.g. midwives, doctors), business, communications and social development, natural resources, technical trades and engineering. Most roles are 12-24 months although some shorter assignments are available. Over 1,500 volunteers are working in over 40 countries around the world. VSO volunteers do not pay to volunteer, major expenses like flights, accommodation and a local living allowance are covered. Full training and support is provided. VSO also offers youth volunteering programmes. Global Xchange, part of the UK government International Citizen Service, offers either 3 month or 6 months placements for volunteers aged 18-22 in 12 countries in Africa and Asia. The scheme is open to everyone, whatever their background. Volunteers do not need special skills or qualifications to apply for these placements and depending on circumstances may qualify for funding. See the separate entry for Global Xchange.If you’re seeking professional development and a life-changing experience, VSO could be for you.

Accounting for International Development (AfID)


Accounting for International Development (A f I D) is an award winning social enterprise that offers all accountants the opportunity to use their skills to make a genuine difference as volunteers and gain rewarding hands-on International Development experience in Asia, Africa and South America. Individually tailored assignments ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months form part of an ongoing strategy to build the financial management capacity and long-term sustainability of charities and non-profit community organisations across the world.

AfID’s partners, which include orphanages, hospitals, micro-finance organisations, conservation projects, women’s empowerment programmes and the Country Offices of international NGOs, are all doing amazing work to tackle extreme poverty and inequality in their communities but due to their limited resources are unable to access vital accounting and financial management training.

The main focus of all AfID assignments is to develop and enhance the skills, confidence and potential of local people so that our partners have the financial management capacity they need to deliver more effective and sustainable programmes to their beneficiaries. Volunteers could be coaching a hospital bookkeeper in Cambodia , budgeting with a street kid centre in the Philippines, financial reporting for a primary school in Nepal, or implementing new financial controls at the Country Office of an international NGO in Africa. Each assignment is tailored to the volunteer’s skills and experience, availability, passions and interests.

AfID is now supporting over 170 charities and non-profit organisations in 33 countries across Asia, Africa and South America. Since our inception in 2009 we have placed over 500 volunteer accountants taking the total hours of pro-bono financial management coaching to over 70,000 - equating to over £7 Million worth of professional services.

AfID is the winner of the 2012 Santander Social Enterprise Exchange Award; a multi-award winning social enterprise supported by UnLtd & The Millennium Awards Trust (Funded by the National Lottery)



Trócaire is the Irish Catholic organisation for overseas development. We use volunteers to assist with our fundraising, campaigning and education work in Ireland (NI and ROI). Volunteers work together or singly to promote our organisation and the work of our partners in developing countries- a placement with Trócaire is an insight to our work and an opportunity to help others in need- and gain skills about the development sector.



Reto Juvenil Internacional carries out volunteer projects in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad & Tobago in collaboration with local and global partners. For 20 years, our organization has participated consistently in over 540 community projects. RJI has thus provided the opportunity to over 7500 volunteers from different countries to strengthen their abilities and develop new skills. This has placed Reto Juvenil Internacional in a position to celebrate cultural diversity and to contribute to sustainable community development, always with the firm intention to continue being the living expression of solidarity between all members of the global village.Our Alliance, with Youth Challenge International, Youth Challenge Australia and Youth Challenge Guyana is been working since 1991 together, bringing support and development to Central America and the Caribbean.

Welcome to Reto Juvenil International



Doctors of the World is an international humanitarian aid organisation, which provides medical care to vulnerable populations who are in crisis situations or who are excluded from healthcare. This includes caring for people who are victims of natural disasters, war, famine, disease, political repression and poverty. Doctors of the World’s projects take place in both developing and developed countries. We recruit medical and non-medical volunteers to participate in the overseas projects. DOW UK launched a healthcare project in January 2006 called Project London. For overseas posts, international experience is desirable and some knowledge of French and/or Spanish is useful. If you are interested in volunteering, please send a CV and covering letter to Chris Bonfiglioli at Doctors of the World UK at

VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Translation of documents from French to English or interpreting for patients over the phone, and graphic design.



HELP International is an organization dedicated to fighting poverty around the globe and offers each participant the opportunity to make a lasting impact. HELP utilizes different backgrounds and skill-sets of young social entrepreneurs, while enhancing those resume building skills by providing opportunities for hands on experience. Participants serve in developing countries by engineering projects in three core competency areas: (1) education, (2) public health and (3) business. Through pre-departure and in-field trainings, mentorship and teamwork, HELP participants are able to meet specific needs of the community where they work while creating sustainable development programs.

Currently, Help International services India, Thailand, Belize, Peru, El Salvador, Uganda, Tanzania, and Fiji.



Unite for Sight volunteers implement outreach programmes to prescribe eyeglasses, implement eye health education, and screen for cataracts, pterygium, and other eye diseases. All patients with eye disease are referred to the closest eye clinic for diagnosis, treatment and surgery. This new form of delivery enables sustainable programmes while simultaneously reducing all of the barriers to health care, including financial, transportation and education hindrances. Unite for Sight's model also reduces costs and expands the ability of all people to 'Unite for Sight' and help fight against blindness. We are unable to accept volunteers with an offending background.



Seeds of Learning (SOL) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities in rural Latin America. We work with North Americans and Central Americans to build and equip schools in Nicaragua and El Salvador, educate children and adults, and promote cross cultural understanding. We have a US office in Sonoma, California and field offices in Ciudad Darío, Nicaragua, and Chalatenango, El Salvador. Each year, Seeds of Learning sends ten to twelve work groups of volunteers to Central America. These volunteers spend between 7 and 14 days working with communities in Nicaragua or El Salvador. While there, volunteers partner with communities, form relationships, build bridges and explore each others' cultures while erecting or improving a school building. SOL’s Work Group Program is an opportunity for US volunteers to learn about and participate with local community members in El Salvador and/ or Nicaragua. They work alongside community members to build classrooms and schools in a community where a school is lacking or inadequate. Participants form bonds with community members and develop relationships that are as significant as the physical building accomplishments. Typically, volunteers work under the direction of a construction supervisor to build masonry walls, often in direct sun. Mixing cement, moving dirt, carrying water and tying rebar are part of the job. This is physically demanding work. SOL schools are built of brick or cement block, with cement floors and rebar-reinforced posts and bond beams. They are bright and airy, taking advantage of the temperate climate. There are other tasks for those unable to perform strenuous activity or for those who want a break. Some volunteers help teach or entertain children instead of doing construction work, either for a single day or for their primary activity. Visits to homes, games with children, sharing pictures and pumping water from a well help to bond volunteers with the community. Spanish proficiency is not required, although those who learn at least some Spanish before going find their experience enriched. In the evenings, participants often meet to discuss the day, explore social and cultural questions or visit with new friends. Some Work Groups travel on field trips to learn about cultural history, visit other development organizations, or learn about agricultural and humanitarian focused projects in the countries they visit.



The International Volunteer Program is a program of Habitat for Humanity International that has been designed to engage people globally in our mission of eliminating poverty housing. Volunteer opportunities may become available in the following participating countries: Argentina, Armenia, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ireland, India, Kenya and Tanzania. Please visit the website to find out which positions are still open for application. You can apply for a specific international volunteer position by downloading and mailing or faxing in the application found on the HFHI website: When applying please be sure to specify the position number, and include a copy of current resume and a copy of current, valid passport. We do not currently offer non-specific positions. The positions come from direct requests and needs that our Habitat offices have internationally. For general construction volunteers, they rely mainly on local volunteers. If you are interested in this type of volunteer experience, I suggest you look at the Global Village program which organizes 1-3 week trips for groups of individuals to travel to another country and help construct Habitat houses. The website is in case you are interested. Our “special project” volunteers can work on projects and programs for an average of six months at Habitat offices ranging from finance, specialized construction, communications and resource development to training, volunteer coordination and a variety of other areas. The construction positions that arise in the IVP are usually specialized positions requiring previous or even professional construction experience. Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. The purpose and goal of Habitat for Humanity International is to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat for Humnaity International invites all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses in partnership with families in need. Relevant staff/volunteers are CRB checked. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Occasionally we have opportunities for virtual volunteers to help with translation of documents, editing and research projects.

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