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The aim of the Disaway Trust is to provide holidays for physically disabled adults who would not be able to travel alone. Our Trust provides a one-to-one carer for each holidaymaker who we try to match to a like-minded helper. We stay in regular hotels both at home and abroad and organise trips out to interesting venues. Venues change every year and are decided in the summer of the previous year. Volunteers with an offending background are not accepted.

One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.



Vidaråsen Landsby is a Camphill Village community. CAMPHILL COMMUNITIES provide opportunities for young people and adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs to live, learn and work together with others in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equality. There are more than 100 Camphill communities in over 20 countries in Europe, North America, southern Africa and India where those with special needs are offered the support they need to develop their potential. Camphill community life is based on Christian ideals and the teaching of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). We welcome those of all beliefs who respect our ethos. In addition to caring for each other, those who make their lives at our Camphill centres care for the land and the environment around them by following organic and biodynamic principles in their gardens and on their farms, recycling and using environmentally-friendly products and services whenever possible. Some of the villagers at Vidaråsen are both physically and learning disabled (the two sometimes go hand in hand), but Vidaråsen exists to cater for learning disabled.



EIL UK is a registered charity and our mission is to bring people together from different nations to improve understanding, tolerance and cultural awareness.
Registered Charity No. 1070440

Ambios Ltd


Ambios is a nature conservation training organisation. We aim to help people achieve their goals for nature, science, education and employment. We manage an 80 acre farm on the Sharpham Estate, overlooking the stunning river Dart valley where we farm with wildlife as a priority. we share our farm with ROC, a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities. All aspects of volunteer experiecnes either help support people of the natural world.



Camphill Rotvoll is an urban community project with adults in need of special care. At the moment there are 25 people living in the community, including volunteers and co-workers with their families. We live together in three house-communities, work in the houses,garden with some animals, herbgarden- and workshop, workshop for juice- and jamproduction and the weavery. Each house has their meals together and we gather for cultural and festive events. see more info in , where you also will find an application-form you can fill and send to We welcome applications from people who would like to live and work in our community, for a short or long period of time. We seek new co-workers who want to live in one of our community houses and who will take part in the cultural life and other activities of the community. We offer you free food and lodging, pocket money and new challenges and opportunities in a developing environment.



Xchange Scotland is a charity set up by young people in Scotland to help others see the world and develop communities along the way! Our aim is to offer a world of exciting and accessible international opportunities. We are built on the principals of Active Global Citizenship and Intercultural Understanding - to inspire volunteering around the corner and around the World.

How we Work

We are part of 2 international Networks: Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and CCIVS, which collectively allow us to cooperate with organisations within 55 countries worldwide.

Opportunities for you to see the World and Volunteer

International Volunteer Projects (IVPs)

These are from 2 weeks up to 1 year long and involves other volunteers from different countries working with you on a project benefiting the local community. Volunteers are provided with food and accommodation. While giving back you discover a country in an authentic way, exchange cultures with people from around the world and develop your sense of initiative, language skills and ability to work in a team.

Where: Over 55 countries worldwide, through our network we can offer places on over 1700 projects.

Cost: £ 250 project contribution. Volunteers have to pay for their own travel to their project and their travel insurance.

Who: Anyone over 17 years old, no skills required.

Apply: Email us at or phone us on 0141 237 2430. Projects happen all year round with most in the summer and are added to our website for all to see.

Looking for a longer opportunity?

Xchange Scotland sends volunteers on European Voluntary Service (EVS). This is a European Commission funded programme that enables young people to volunteer long-term abroad. From 3 months up to 1 year - mainly European countries although it is possible to go beyond Europe as well.

Cost: All costs are covered by the grant. The EVS programme pays for your living expenses, pocket money, accommodation and your travel.

What: A life changing experience to enhance young people's initiative, creativity and enterprise. Project themes are cultural, social, environmental and many more.

Who: Anyone 18-30, some projects available to 17 year olds too.

Apply: Email or phone us on 0141 237 2430. Projects happen all year round.

What we do in Scotland

International Groups

Just as we send volunteers on short-term and long-term projects overseas, likewise we co-ordinate international groups to take part in similar projects in Scotland. These projects are also open to anyone living in Scotland to become Xchange Scotland Project leaders - an important role in the projects we co-ordinate here in Scotland.

If you are interested in coming to Scotland to volunteer, get in touch and we will provide information on the projects and organisations we are working with.

Our Education Work

We offer a range of exciting Non-Formal Educational Activities. These are topics related to global education, such as active citizenship, intercultural understanding, anti-sectarianism and equality. if you are interested in participating in/helping to run these workshops, then do get in touch!



Service Volontaire International (in English: International Volunteering Service) is a Belgian pluralistic youth organization run by and for young people, by and for volunteers. It is an apolitical and non-religious organization. It is open to everyone, without discrimination of nationality, origin, philosophy, financial resources, education or sexual orientation. SVI is registered in Belgium as a non-profit organization (NPO).

The organization mainly works in the field of international volunteering (international projects), but also in the areas of social economy, solidarity tourism and intercultural exchanges between young Europeans and the rest of the world. Each year, it sends more than 350 volunteers abroad and welcomes about 100 foreign volunteers to Belgium and France. The aim of the Belgian organization is to stimulate young people’s interest (from 16 to 30 years old) to volunteering. SVI thinks it is not only an act of solidarity, but also an opportunity to live an experience of active citizenship and a way to learn how to live as a community. Beside international projects, SVI also offers opportunities for young people to meet and encourages them to create their own projects and to take over the management of the organization.



Community Care Development Foundattion (CCDF) is a non-governmental organization set up in 1997. It uses both local and foreign sponsors to fund its social care initiatives in the Mathare and Huruma slums of Nairobi, and Rakwaro Village in kisumu in the rural areas, where unemployment and poverty levels are both extremely high. It is connected with several local schools, runs Entrepreneurship Education and Vocational Training Programs for the mentally challenged children , conducts HIV/AIDS awareness and counseling programs ,is engaged in Environmental Projects ,pre-schoo,lfish farming on fishponds and peace building initiatives CCDF is officially registered under the Kenyan Ministry of Culture and Social Services as a Foundation to be a lead organization to promote challenges experienced in our village.we work with Rotary international to some of our goals are achieved.

CCDO is involved with the following projects in the Mathare and Huruma communities:

• Subjects teaching in primary and secondary schools

• Counselling and HIV/AIDS activities in local clinics

• Environmental initiatives with youth groups and peace

• Entrepreneurship Programmes for the unemployed

• Vocational training for the unemployed and mentally challenged persons



Rachel’s Development Programme is a National NGO working in Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Ruiru, Thika District and Kiambu County in provision of free basic health facilities with a special emphasis on health and sustainable development. The organization was registered in July 2003 under the NGO Act, with an aim of poverty alleviation, health and food security.

The organization sits on 10 acres of land with River Karimeno on the bottom overlooking coffee plantations. It is located on a Highway which is accessible to many people from various locations.

The organization has wide experience in the provision of medical services, having held many free medical camps in collaboration with Ministry of Health. Rachel's Development Programme has premises that can be used as a hospital.

We practice Agri-Business and all fresh food comes from the farm. It has a very good environment which links Agro-Tourists to other farmers, organized groups, community and internship students.

Our Mission

To reach out and rescue the less fortunate children, like orphans, street children, abused children and children infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and reintegrate back to the community after the environment where they are supposed to settle is sensitized and made better for their livelihood.


1. Provision of homely environment to the neglected and vulnerable children in need.

2. Education for life through formal and informal training in order to make them self reliant.

3. Promote their identity and personality to make them complete people.

4. Provision of love, care and counselling.

5. To re-integrate back to community and take after care services.

6. Empower their guardians in order for them to cater for their children when they leave Rachels’s children home from 18 yrs and below.



TEJO (Tutmonda Esperantista Junulara Org) needs volunteers to join work camps in various European countries arranged by TEJO, the World Organisation of Young Esperantists. All camps include Esperanto lessons for beginners. TEJO's principal objectives are to serve the interests of young speakers of Esperanto throughout the world, and to spread the use and practical application of the international language in youth circles. TEJO is concerned with present-day youth problems, especially those requiring international understanding and co-operation. It is completely neutral in regard to nationality, race, sex, religion and politics with the exception of cases in which human rights are violated. The organisation has 41 national sections in all parts of the world. TEJO and its national sections organise frequent meetings, conferences, seminars and congresses. A number of young activists from all over the world serve every year for short periods in order to acquire organisational experience.



CCIVS was created in 1948 under the aegis of UNESCO as an international non-governmental organisation responsible for the coordination of voluntary service world-wide. CCIVS has an associate status with the UNESCO and is an elected member of the NGO Liaison committee. CCIVS is charged with networking and international representation of IVS, training and capacity building, communication and campaigns.

Its 200 member organisations implement voluntary programmes in the fields of sustainability and environment, peace and human rights, poverty reduction and health promotion, active participation and social inclusion, cultural heritage and diversity. These programmes are generally carried out through workcamps or mid to long term volunteering, consisting of a national or an international group working on a common project.

Please note that workcamps and longer-term projects are not organised directly by CCIVS, and that we do not recruit volunteers directly. These activities are carried out by CCIVS member organisations who undertake the recruitment. The full list of CCIVS members can be found on our website.



WAVA. So what do we do? Well, the aspirations of travellers have changed – people nowadays don’t just want to take undemanding holidays where they merely observe other peoples’ lives, they want to get involved in their surroundings and have authentic experiences that leave them changed by the encounter. It is these types of travellers that we cater for – travellers for whom simply ‘seeing’ is not enough, they also need to be ‘doing’. See More. Do More. is our mantra at WAVA – and we send participants to projects all over the world, permitting them to get up-close and personal to real life situations, and allowing them to see exactly what needs to be done and the capacity in which to do it. Today, we have sent hundreds of participants around the world by offering three broad types of travelling experiences (made possible through solid partnerships with highly reputable local providers in various parts of the world): . Volunteering on projects in developing countries · Internships in professional environments around the world · Seasonal paid and unpaid working holidays in developed economies. Our Responsible Travel Policy is the backbone of WAVA (central to our culture and value) promoting sustainable and respectful behaviour throughout all our practices and operations. Everyone that works with and/or for WAVA is involved in the process of implementing change, and securing our goal to be a sustainable enterprise. Our Responsible Travel Policy is not an ideology. It is not a cast-iron set of rigid guidelines and procedures. Rather, it is a spectrum of principles and concepts that promote co-operation and learning not only by those in our London office, but also with all the parties involved – travellers, partners and host communities – ensuring each can mutually benefit. Formerly Twin Work and Volunteer Abroad 6.10>>



The Wilderness Foundation UK is a charity. Its aims are to provide environmental education through experiential learning of wilderness, and by addressing the urgent need for conservation of wild areas in the UK and abroad through lobbying on all levels and youth development by arranging youth expeditions to wilderness areas. Volunteering Opportunities South Africa: These include: 1. 4 - 12 week placement at Ben Lavin Reserve in the Northern Province. This inspiring programme continues to grow, with a steady supply volunteers making a contribution to this reserve near the Zimbabwe border in South Africa. Work involves all aspects of running a small reserve and includes management, maintenance and conservation projects. Volunteers can work for a period of six week to three months. A Showcase for Community Run Conservation - Ben Lavin is a showcase of community involvement as it was recently handed back to the local Manavhela clan as part of the government sponsored "right to buy" scheme. The clan in turn have expressed a desire to continue in partnership with previous owners, The Wildlife and Environment Society of Southern Africa, and aim to use the reserve as a centre of learning and excellence in environment. This makes the volunteer programme even more unique involving participation in an important and innovative initiative for the new South Africa. Money raised from the programme will be used to invest in community and education programmes and volunteers can feel that contribution will live on once they have left. The reserve is malaria free and does not have dangerous big game. 2. Scientific Environmental Volunteer Programme in the Baviaanskloof Reserve in Eastern Cape Province - this is limited to students with a particular focus on environmental issues/sciences or community outreach programmes. Work will include supporting the existing scientists and opportunities for dissertation work is available for those needing practical projects for their studies. The Baviaanskloof is a large project with the intention of creating a mega-reserve of up to 500,000 hectares. Norway 3. The Trust works closely with the island community of Finnoy in the Norwegian Arctic Pole. Placements are available from July 2004 for work including bird and mammal counts, laying of wilderness trails, and generally helping with all activities and events within the community. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and a very hospitable local network. Costs will be low for 2004 as it is the pilot year.



HorizonCosmopolite is a Canadian based organisation helping young and less young people to go abroad for internships, volunteer work and Spanish immersion programs. In the last eleven years we have sent more than 3000 individuals who have had the chance to get involved in social projects, environmental protection projects and teaching opportunities. Volunteers do not need to be Canadian to apply. They choose the project that meets their objectives and apply. Volunteers with offending backgrounds are accepted if they can get a passport and a visa.



International Disaster Volunteers (IDV) is a volunteer driven, England and Wales registered charity that works with communities worldwide which have been affected by or are vulnerable to disaster. Our goals are to help survivors achieve sustainable recovery and build more resilient communities both before and after disaster. IDV does not charge volunteers a registration or administration fee, and we believe that anyone can make an impact in a disaster zone. You don't need to be a doctor, structural engineer, or rich to assist in the recovery of communities devastated by disaster. Volunteering with IDV is fun, challenging and rewarding you will work and live within a local community, working on projects which are decided upon by the local community so you will get to learn about the local culture, learn new skills, get to make great friends with both local people and a diverse group of international volunteers, all whilst knowing that you are contributing to long term sustainable change. We have just launched our 2013 deployment in Philippines and are looking for volunteers to join us.



Camphill CommunityJerpoint is a small residential, landbased community with adults, some in need of special care. We have a gardening and food processing workshop, as well as a small farm. Living at Jerpoint Community means sharing everyday life and responsibility for supporting adults with intelectual disabillities, the work in the houses and on the land.Most of our adults work part of the week outside of the Community in local services.

We are a mixed bunch of long and short-term volunteers from various parts of the world, employed people and people on various work-schemes.Jerpoint is home to 25 people, who live in two beautiful houses on 10 acres small holding next to the River Nore.We are a busy little places with about another 25 people joining our community through out the week.

Every year 9 young volunteers join us for internships or a gap year/ social year abroad, during their time with us they get training, where they join volunteers from other communities.We celebrate the christian festivals and many other occasions through out the year.

All enquiries are welcome.



Girlguiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK. Thanks to the dedication and support of 100,000 amazing volunteers, we are active in every part of the UK, giving girls and young women a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities. We build girls’ confidence and raise their aspirations. We give them the chance to discover their full potential and encourage them to be a powerful force for good. We give them a space to have fun.



YOUTH WITH A MISSION is an international, interdenominational Christian missionary organisation working in over 170 nations worldwide. YWAM was founded in 1960 and is committed to training people to care for those in need, through short term relief and long term community development projects. Our desire for those who work with us is that they "know God and make Him known". As a volunteer on one of YWAM's short term projects, you will get the opportunity to share your Christian faith with those you meet, take part in building and development projects, work alongside permanent staff in urban community work in cities such as Amsterdam and London. You will be able to work with children in orphanages and on the streets in some of the poorest of the world's cities and communities. We need people who have a wide variety of skills from cooks to secretaries, people who are willing to have a hands on experience, to work in a team with other volunteers in order to get the job done. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Computer and IT work, Finance, Accounts and Fundaraising, Communications and PR work. Volunteers with an offending background are not accepted.



The Association of Camphill Communities is an umbrella organisation for the 45+ Camphill Communities in the British Isles. Some of the communities are residential special schools, some provide further education and training for youngsters with learning disabilities or developmental disabilities; the majority of centres are therapeutic and mutually supportive communities with adults who have special needs. Some centres cater for people with mental health problems. People with special needs, short-term and long-term co-workers (unsalaried workers) and their families learn, live and work together in extended family settings or in supported independent accommodation. Short-term volunteers (up to twelve months) are provided with accommodation, food and a modest personal allowance. Volunteer co-workers are encouraged to apply direct to individual communities. All relevant details as well as information on each community and life as a volunteer are found on the Association's website Other similar Camphill Communities are found in 20 countries worldwide.

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