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Volunteer Latin America provide free and low-cost work abroad opportunities in Central and South America. We aim to connect volunteers to some of the best grassroots projects in the environmental and humanitarian sectors.

The environmental projects we offer are as varied and interesting as you might imagine, ranging from forestry to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. A multitude of other opportunities exist in a diverse range of species, habitats and locations. As well as offering a vast range of environmental projects, we offer volunteers the opportunity to help the economically, socially and politically disadvantaged people of the region by providing a wide variety of humanitarian work. There are opportunities to get involved in child welfare, community development, education and health programmes.

The projects we offer either require the volunteer to make a small financial contribution (participation fee), are free but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses, or provide complimentary accommodation and food.

Projects vary in length from one week up to a full year. Most of the projects we offer are from one month to three months; however, there are opportunities to volunteer for shorter or longer periods of time.

Because we help hundreds of grassroots organisations find people willing to help them achieve their objectives, we support environmental conservation and local community development in the region. Without the support and commitment of volunteers many of these organisations would be unable to carry out their vital work.



Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) is people giving their time and skills to help a world in need. It is a way for people to work at issues greater than themselves, recognizing that their efforts may not immediately solve deep-rooted problems, but can be part of ongoing work for justice, peace, and the care of creation. As sponsor of the program, the Church of the Brethren exemplifies its heritage in peacemaking and service through the goals of BVS: Working for peace, advocating justice, serving human need, and care for creation.Some volunteers engage in projects that deal with immediate needs. Others work towards changing unjust systems. Sharing God's love through acts of service, volunteers bring hope to shattered lives, offer food and shelter to those in need, and build understanding between individuals, groups, nations and humanity and the world we share. BVS seeks volunteers willing to act on their commitment and values. We challenge individuals to offer themselves, their time and their talents to work which is both difficult and demanding, rewarding and joyful.

One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.



Love Volunteers provides rewarding, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities in developing countries around the world.

We offer not for profit programs fees and flexible volunteer placements from one week to six months. Whether you have a passion for teaching, construction, medical work, helping children or the elderly, helping people living with HIV/AIDS, animal welfare or conservation we have a volunteer abroad program that will suit you - and probably one in each continent.



ICYEUK is an ethical volunteering charity which believes in a world where the sharing of cultures and ideas is embraced, celebrated and lived.
We work in partnership with an international network of locally managed ICYE organisations and partners to provide supported international volunteer opportunities that directly benefit local communities and encourage young people from around the world to live, learn and work together.

Volunteers support local projects throughout Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia for anything between 3 weeks and 12 months. Projects include promoting human & women’s rights, supporting those with disabilities or affected by HIV and AIDS, education projects, environmental conservation, rehabilitating street children, community development programmes and much more.

As a cultural programme, ICYE UK volunteers receive extensive training both before departure and on-arrival, and support & training throughout their stay. We invest in volunteer’s personal development, such as providing CV advice at our returned volunteer camps and we actively engage volunteers in the on-going development of the organisation.
ICYE UK also helps extensively with fundraising towards raising the programme fee. As a charity, we have an all-inclusve programme fee (ie. return flights, accommodation, food, transport costs, visa costs etc) and our support means our volunteers are well equipped to be able to raise funds.

Recruitment is ongoing throughout the year and we have regular information days, held at our office in Kilburn, London, where interested parties are invited to find out more about our ethical charity and meet returned volunteers. For details of specific upcoming information days and countries/ projects, please visit our website



Real Gap is a leading gap travel organiser offering a wide and diverse range of programmes. These include: - volunteering, conservation, adventure travel and expeditions, sports, teaching English, round the world, paid working holidays and learning. Real Gap has expanded the original concept of “life-changing” travel opportunities, and now offers around 500 projects and gap year travel ideas covering 45 countries over six continents. The Real Travel portfolio includes Real Gap, Real Sport Experience and Gap Year for Grown Ups. No longer under 30? Our sister company Gap Year for Grown Ups is a travel company in the UK that specialises in rewarding career breaks and voluntary work for the over 30's market.

Centro Internacional de Idiomas


Centro Internacional de Idiomas.◊VOLUNTEER AND CULTURAL IMMERSION

We offer the following programs:

* Opportunity to help orphan Honduran Kids

* Help street children in risk

* Help primary school for the disabled

* Help teaching English in public schools

* Health care programs.

You’ll help us to make the difference!!


Welcome at the La Ceiba airport followed by transfer to host family. The next morning, join orientation sessions and discuss the program itinerary. Centro Internacional de Idiomas director will brief participants about Honduras past, its people, lifestyle, customs and geography. Orientation/briefing also covers safety, health issues, “do's and don'ts” of Honduras. At the end, join lunch and enjoy a typical Honduran Cousin platter! Real tasty!! In the afternoon you will discover town on a walking around city tour. Visit to the Orphanage or the volunteering program placement you have selected *** where you will be introduced with the director, coordinator and other volunteers.

YOUR HOST FAMILY (7 days a week)

Volunteers/Students are placed in an upper middle class family. Private room and bathroom. Three meals per day included, 7 days a week. The members of the family are always willing to converse with you and make you practice the Spanish you have learned during the day. You are provided with a key of the house, so you are welcome to come in and out at your own convenience. Host family also provides bed sheets once a week, towel, bath soap, fan, desk, lamp, chair, pillows, and toilet paper.


Work in an orphanage in La Ceiba. Work for local orphans and share your love and time with the needy children and teach those basic conversational English and Computers so that they can slowly develop the courage and confidence to face the challenging world where English is becoming more and more necessary.

Other duties you can help with:

Teach Basic English and Computers

Organize team games

Help orphans with their homework

Drawing and Colouring

Kitchen and laundry help.

Some office help might be required.


Unfortunately, the public health care system in Honduras is one of the worst in Latin America. There are very few good hospitals, and most middle class families are unable to afford them. Therefore, able volunteers in our Volunteer Honduras Health Project assist in local hospitals which are often poorly-equipped.

If you volunteer for this project, you will support local doctors and nurses in their work. You may also work in different capacities from observing to providing assistance in surgery, based on your skills and experience. Also depending on your skill level, you may help care for patients, check blood pressure, distribute food, and work in the pharmacy or with a gynaecologist. There is always work for volunteers in the public hospital and clinics in La Ceiba and surrounding areas.


An intermediate level of Spanish is required for participants joining the HIV/AIDS project in Honduras. If not possessing a sufficient level of Spanish, please consider one of our other Honduras-based projects. Alternately, if wishing to join this project, participants can take advanced level Spanish courses with our partner school for a nominal fee. In recent years, Honduras has experienced a rapid increase in HIV infections, accounting for nearly 60 percent of all cases reported in Central America. Roughly 80 percent of all reported cases are attributable to heterosexual transmission, and studies indicate that between 1 and 4 percent of pregnant women have been infected with the virus. Volunteers in this project will be involved in various care and support activities. Volunteer activities will include counselling, including prevention counselling and the design and use of complementary IEC (information, education, and communication) materials; working in diagnosis and treatment of minor opportunistic infections and palliative care; referring patients in some cases to public or private sources of more sophisticated care, including the diagnosis and treatment of TB and sexually transmitted infections and anti-retroviral therapy, including prevention of mother-to-child transmission; and working in IEC activities to reduce the stigma of being HIV-positive and combat discrimination.


Special education for deaf and mute, mentally retired and learning problem children is a complex field for volunteers and requires special talents and interests. However, this Volunteer Honduras Project allows you to play a crucial role in the lives of deaf and mute children. Your tasks in this project may include helping to improve or develop the communication level of the children. You will primarily adopt communication techniques such as auditory-verbal, bilingual-bicultural, cued speech, oral method, acoustic method, Rochester method, speech reading (lip-reading), manual sign languages (PSE, ASL, Signed English, Signing Exact English), sign supported speech (simultaneous communication), and total communication. All volunteers in this field must use sign language to provide the primary students an opportunity to learn it and to help them feel more confident with themselves and their ability to communicate with others. In addition, you will also be involved in other curricular and extra-curricular activities such as games, painting, and dancing.


La Ceiba is a picturesque town located on the northern coast of the Caribbean Sea. As Honduras develops its tourism industry, recent focuses have been on La Ceiba—called “The Capital of Tourism” because of its strategic location. La Ceiba is a destination for many English-speaking tourists. For these Honduran students to become part of this growing industry, they should be proficient in English. Our volunteer program in Honduras offers opportunities for international volunteers to teach English to children and young people attending primary and secondary schools in La Ceiba and its surrounding areas. These areas are very poor, and the schools lack native English-speaking volunteers. In this program, volunteers will help children learn the correct use of English words and master English grammar. A typical class averages about 30 students. You must have some knowledge of the Spanish language to successfully interact with them.

AMAIDI International


Since 2006 AMAIDI enables social organizations worldwide to get access to professional and general volunteer resources to be able to meet their global challenges.

Therefore we inspire and mobilize individuals, companies and universities to engage themselves locally or online, either with their skills (pro bono) or their work force (hands-on).

Amaidi International links overseas and local volunteers with local communities they want to support via building capacity of the local organizations that serve these communities such as non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, care-homes and social enterprises.

Amaidi International also partners with responsible travel organizations in the countries we work in, so that tourists are offered a different way of getting in touch with the soul of a country. This also allows opportunities to the local communities visited, such as earning respect for their culture and income towards their livelihood.

Amaidi International acknowledges that money, spent in the right way according to the real needs of a local community, can be a boon for the urban and rural poor, enabling them to place the first steps on the road to a better life, away from poverty and its ugly faces such as chronical illness, un-employment, lack of access to quality education and political empowerment.



MEDICO is a humanitarian service organization whose mission is to serve areas of Central America where there is little or no access to medical care. MEDICO is an independent humanitarian service organization not affiliated with any faith-based or governmental organization. Our focus is medical help and health education for those living at the poverty level. This service is provided through volunteers who have completed our participation application and have been selected to participate on a given team. MEDICO is diverse in its programs which include volunteer mission teams, special surgical teams, funding of water sanitation projects, elementary school dental fluoride programs, shipments of school / medical supplies, medical seminars, bringing children to the U.S for necessary medical attention when not obtainable in Central America. MEDICO also has an Adopt-A-Village / Hospital Initiative format that allows for more sustainable programs to be developed within a community. MEDICO's vision is to continue its current program of providing the opportunity of humanitarian service to the under-served. Additionally, our hope is to inspire volunteers to see the importance of service not only on an international level but in their own communities. MEDICO welcomes all medical professionals as well as lay volunteers, interpreters in the Spanish language, resident doctors and medical students. The MEDICO staff, in partnership with their national board of directors, prepare project planning and management, and invite input from volunteers who serve on a team. Each team works in partnership with a host organization that provides in-country logistics for team support and worksite location and accommodations. Participating on a team can be a life-changing experience. Service weeks normally begin and end on a Saturday. One-week trips are scheduled six to eight times a year. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Assistance with researching funding opportunities.



My Little Red House Bilingual School is the only full-bilingual school in Ocotepeque, Honduras, delivering to its students both a higher standard of education, and a command of English. In a country increasingly dependent on tourism, and becoming more integrated into the global economy, being able to speak English is the path out of poverty. The Little Red House Bilingual School is currently looking for volunteer teachers to teach English in an English speaking school. Room and board will be provided along with a chance to make extra money teaching adult English classes. You will have sample time to take on your own projects in the community, and travel to the many vacation spots in Honduras. You will be responsible for your travel expenses to and from Honduras. Ocotepeque is located three hours from Copan Ruins, the ancient Mayan Ruins. It is also a weekend trip away from the beautiful Bay Islands of Honduras. The most important thing we are looking for is someone who speaks English, loves children, works hard and can easily adapt to new cultures and environments. Please send a letter of interest and your resume to e-mail above also, any questions, comments or concerns you may have please feel free to ask. You are welcome to stay between 3 6 and 12 months. Highlights: An opportunity to learn Spanish, travel within Central America whilst offering an education to local children. You will have the chance to interact with a new and exciting culture, experience new foods and people.



Founded in 1996 by marine ecologist Dr. Gregor Hodgson, the Reef Check Foundation is a California registered nonprofit dedicated to empowering people to save our reefs and oceans. Every year, Reef Check trains thousands of citizen scientist divers who volunteer to survey the health of coral reefs in over 90 countries and rocky reef ecosystems along the entire coast of California. The results are used to improve the management of these critically important natural resources. Reef Check programs provide ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions to save reefs, by creating partnerships among community volunteers, government agencies, businesses, universities and other nonprofits. For more information on Reef Check please visit



As an international non-profit organization, United Planet (UP) strives to create a world in which all people understand, respect, and support one another. United Planet's global network of leaders and volunteers fosters cross-cultural understanding and addresses shared challenges to unite the world in a community beyond borders.



CADIP is an independent, not-for-profit Canadian organisation. Through various youth initiatives, CADIP promotes peace, cooperation, tolerance and understanding in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and international surroundings. The organization also promotes patterns and examples of civil activities focused on serving others, on building social ties and strengthening communities, on supporting civil society development.
Mission and general objectives:
To promote volunteering as an expression of civic contribution;
To assist in community development;
To build tolerance and understanding in multicultural and multi-ethnic surroundings;
To promote multiunderstanding among volunteers all over the world;
To facilitate the individual growth of the volunteers through the acquisition of work, life and learning skills;
Our main activities include short and long-term voluntary projects focusing on: work with orphans and disadvantaged kids; teaching children from poor communities; nature protection, gardening and forestry; therapeutic and social programs; renovation and restoration of cultural and youth centers; heritage conservation and archaeological excavations; preparation of cultural events.



Xchange Scotland is a charity set up by young people in Scotland to help others see the world and develop communities along the way! Our aim is to offer a world of exciting and accessible international opportunities. We are built on the principals of Active Global Citizenship and Intercultural Understanding - to inspire volunteering around the corner and around the World.

How we Work

We are part of 2 international Networks: Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and CCIVS, which collectively allow us to cooperate with organisations within 55 countries worldwide.

Opportunities for you to see the World and Volunteer

International Volunteer Projects (IVPs)

These are from 2 weeks up to 1 year long and involves other volunteers from different countries working with you on a project benefiting the local community. Volunteers are provided with food and accommodation. While giving back you discover a country in an authentic way, exchange cultures with people from around the world and develop your sense of initiative, language skills and ability to work in a team.

Where: Over 55 countries worldwide, through our network we can offer places on over 1700 projects.

Cost: £ 250 project contribution. Volunteers have to pay for their own travel to their project and their travel insurance.

Who: Anyone over 17 years old, no skills required.

Apply: Email us at or phone us on 0141 237 2430. Projects happen all year round with most in the summer and are added to our website for all to see.

Looking for a longer opportunity?

Xchange Scotland sends volunteers on European Voluntary Service (EVS). This is a European Commission funded programme that enables young people to volunteer long-term abroad. From 3 months up to 1 year - mainly European countries although it is possible to go beyond Europe as well.

Cost: All costs are covered by the grant. The EVS programme pays for your living expenses, pocket money, accommodation and your travel.

What: A life changing experience to enhance young people's initiative, creativity and enterprise. Project themes are cultural, social, environmental and many more.

Who: Anyone 18-30, some projects available to 17 year olds too.

Apply: Email or phone us on 0141 237 2430. Projects happen all year round.

What we do in Scotland

International Groups

Just as we send volunteers on short-term and long-term projects overseas, likewise we co-ordinate international groups to take part in similar projects in Scotland. These projects are also open to anyone living in Scotland to become Xchange Scotland Project leaders - an important role in the projects we co-ordinate here in Scotland.

If you are interested in coming to Scotland to volunteer, get in touch and we will provide information on the projects and organisations we are working with.

Our Education Work

We offer a range of exciting Non-Formal Educational Activities. These are topics related to global education, such as active citizenship, intercultural understanding, anti-sectarianism and equality. if you are interested in participating in/helping to run these workshops, then do get in touch!



Service Volontaire International (in English: International Volunteering Service) is a Belgian pluralistic youth organization run by and for young people, by and for volunteers. It is an apolitical and non-religious organization. It is open to everyone, without discrimination of nationality, origin, philosophy, financial resources, education or sexual orientation. SVI is registered in Belgium as a non-profit organization (NPO).

The organization mainly works in the field of international volunteering (international projects), but also in the areas of social economy, solidarity tourism and intercultural exchanges between young Europeans and the rest of the world. Each year, it sends more than 350 volunteers abroad and welcomes about 100 foreign volunteers to Belgium and France. The aim of the Belgian organization is to stimulate young people’s interest (from 16 to 30 years old) to volunteering. SVI thinks it is not only an act of solidarity, but also an opportunity to live an experience of active citizenship and a way to learn how to live as a community. Beside international projects, SVI also offers opportunities for young people to meet and encourages them to create their own projects and to take over the management of the organization.



NGOabroad is a unique service that helps people enter international humanitarian work, in addition to providing frugal, customized international volunteer options.

This is a condensation of our International Volunteering & Internship Opportunities for 2016


INDIA: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy for kids with Disabilities


UGANDA: Human Rights Education

NEPAL: Trafficking

SRI LANKA: Trauma Counseling after Atrocities of Civil War

KENYA: Counseling Sexual Abuse - Social Work or Psychology

INDIA: Geriatric Social Work


MONGOLIA: Emerging Civil Society

NEPAL: Public Interest Law -> Democracy Building

UGANDA: Community Organizing & Women

RWANDA: International Development

COSTA RICA & ECUADOR; TANZANIA & RWANDA: Micro-finance & Small Enterprise Development


UGANDA: Secondary School


GHANA, INDONESIA & COSTA RICA: Agriculture & Ecology. Environmental.

TANZANIA, NEPAL, KENYA: Water & Sanitation


THAILAND & ECUADOR: Dance, Music, Theatre to work with kids with Disabilities


INDONESIA: Wildlife Rescue

These are volunteer internship positions. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

Interested? Please READ the NGOabroad website. then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume and email to



CCIVS was created in 1948 under the aegis of UNESCO as an international non-governmental organisation responsible for the coordination of voluntary service world-wide. CCIVS has an associate status with the UNESCO and is an elected member of the NGO Liaison committee. CCIVS is charged with networking and international representation of IVS, training and capacity building, communication and campaigns.

Its 200 member organisations implement voluntary programmes in the fields of sustainability and environment, peace and human rights, poverty reduction and health promotion, active participation and social inclusion, cultural heritage and diversity. These programmes are generally carried out through workcamps or mid to long term volunteering, consisting of a national or an international group working on a common project.

Please note that workcamps and longer-term projects are not organised directly by CCIVS, and that we do not recruit volunteers directly. These activities are carried out by CCIVS member organisations who undertake the recruitment. The full list of CCIVS members can be found on our website.



The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity based in Halesworth, Suffolk. From the office our team manage and administrate a range of overseas projects involving land purchase and protection. With our international project partners we have saved over 500,000 acres of endangered habitat. We support projects in Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Borneo, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela. Although our projects are global, the day to day work is conducted from our office in Halesworth and this is where most volunteers are based. The World Land Trust Volunteer Programme is currently limited to full time internships (six months placements) designed for new graduates who are pursuing a career in conservation and require first hand experience and further training in conservation management. The Internships are available on a rolling basis and information can be found on our website at



A world of possibilities awaits you with Frontier. You could be spending memorable days scuba diving off the brilliant white sand beaches of Fiji or discovering Madagascar on a conservation project with lemurs and chameleons.

Frontier has over 300 projects in countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia, giving you unlimited adventures and excursions in beautiful locations. We have used our wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of ethical and gap year travel, wildlife conservation and community development to ensure that we find you the perfect project. With Frontier you can be sure that you will get the best projects at the most competitive prices. You can learn a multitude of skills, discover hidden talents, challenge your preconceptions, gain qualifications and make lifelong friends.

You can contribute to positive change in the future of marginalised communities with one of Frontier's development projects. Teach a class of neglected children in under-funded village schools, before adventuring through forests spotting bush babies and flying foxes, or scuba dive and take part in marine conservation in a protected marine eco park. Work towards your TEFL certificate, making your time with Frontier the perfect combination of learning and gaining valuable practical experience whilst having an amazing experience in fascinating destinations.

Visit to view all of our gap year, volunteering and adventure travel placements.



HorizonCosmopolite is a Canadian based organisation helping young and less young people to go abroad for internships, volunteer work and Spanish immersion programs. In the last eleven years we have sent more than 3000 individuals who have had the chance to get involved in social projects, environmental protection projects and teaching opportunities. Volunteers do not need to be Canadian to apply. They choose the project that meets their objectives and apply. Volunteers with offending backgrounds are accepted if they can get a passport and a visa.

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