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Globe Aware develops short-term volunteer programs in international environments that encourage people to immerse themselves in a unique way of giving back, focusing on the principles of cultural awareness and sustainability. This process naturally instills in them values to become lifelong advocates for a better world. Simultaneously the volunteers help to empower the host communities in creating renewable, sustainable programmes. Globe Aware's financial assistance benefits the community economically, but it is actually the involvement and collaboration between volunteers and the community that is of the greatest mutual benefit. We believe that understanding other cultures helps everyone to create better-informed solutions, not to mention leading a more enjoyable life!

Globe Aware adventures provide volunteers the opportunity to live and work side by side with a host community and to develop a real appreciation for cultures unlike our own. The host provides a safe and interesting setting in which to learn, help and have fun! The communities with whom we work choose the projects that they feel are most important to develop. The work is varied and can encompass everything from helping provide a better life for captive elephants in Thailand, playing word games with Peruvian children, planting trees in India, to painting a community centre in Costa Rica, amongst many other activities. We feel it is of supreme importance to respect the culture and heritage in which the volunteer is working. The goal is not for volunteers to change the host communities, but rather to help them in the needs that the host community has identified as important. Those who will enjoy the experience the most are those who bring an open mind and willingness to help. The natural healthy exchange of ideas and opinions leads to a mutual understanding of cultures.



We work in Ghana to provide impoverished, orphaned and street children with Health Care and Education.

We need volunteers to help with teaching in one of our partner schools (any subject of your preferred choice), helping in local hospitals (i.e. during child delivery in the Maternity Unit), holding HIV/Aids awareness talks etc. These are only a few examples of the things you could be doing here in Ghana and we are willing to accommodate you with any skills you may have. If you have an idea in which area you would like to volunteer you can also let us know and we will see if such an opportunity is available.

Africa ICT Right


Africa ICT Right (AIR) is an ICT-oriented NGO established in 2007 and run by a team of volunteers. AIR was established in order to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to address critical national problems pertaining to education, gender, youth empowerment and health in Ghana.

AIR was created out of the belief that the modern world is in the midst of a profound technological revolution where personal computers, mobile phones and Internet technologies play a critical role but there is great inequality in the distribution of these tools, which is detrimental not only to underserved communities, but also to our society.

We partner with donors, governmental and private institutions, NGOs and local communities to address this detriment through our integrated development programs that provide technological solutions and support to educational and health facilities especially in less privileged areas where the digital gap is most pronounced.

Cosmic Volunteers


Cosmic Volunteers is US-based non-profit offering international volunteering trips since 2000 to China, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam. Volunteers stay from 1 week to 1 year. They volunteer at orphanages, schools, clinics, media companies, Buddhist monasteries, AIDS clinics, women's groups, and wildlife parks and more. Ages 14-70+. Group trips & individual programs available. Led by American Scott Burke, Cosmic Volunteers is not affiliated with any government or religious organizations. We receive all of our funding from program fees paid by our volunteers. Contact Scott today to find out why: We're the Best Volunteering Organization You've Never Heard Of!



Travellers Worldwide is a Leading International Provider of Volunteer Projects Abroad, Work Experience Internships and Study Abroad courses overseas for your gap year, sabbatical or career break. Established 1994.

Choose from over 200 exciting projects in 20 countriesTravellers also arranges professional work experience internships in every area of study, to really give your CV a boost as well as language courses, cultural courses and an abundance of adventure fun projects.

Projects Types:

Hands-on Conservation placements with Orang-Utans, Dolphins, Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Creatures of the Amazon Rainforest, Sharks, Monkeys plus many more.

Teaching English and many other subjects such as Music, Maths, Drama, Computers, Science, etc.

Rewarding Community Development projects across the globe for example - Townships in South Africa, Refugees in Australia, Street Children in Brazil, Orphans in Argentina, and much more.

Coach & Play Sports, 22 sports including Football, Cricket, Netball and Basketball all over the world.

Professional Work Experience Internships in many fields, including Journalism, Law, Medicine, Business, PR, Tourism, Veterinary, Architecture, Design and much, much more.

Language Courses. The best way to learn a language is to live it, eat it, and breathe it! Learn Spanish in Argentina or Ecuador, Mandarin in China, Portuguese in Brazil.

Each project is different with different requirements however no qualifications or previous experience are necessary for many of these projects - just a good dose of enthusiasm!

Everyone is welcome on a Travellers programme, whether gap year, undergraduate, on a career break - or even retired! From 17 years old upwards, and all nationalities.

Costs vary depending on length of placement and you can participate for 1 week or up to one year as you wish and subject to visa requirements. Included is full support from the moment of booking and throughout your placement to your return home. With a team of support staff available 24/7 in all our destinations worldwide and a 24-hour emergency international telephone line direct to the Head Office. Meals and accommodation are provided, unless otherwise stated. You will be met at the nearest airport on your arrival by our in-country manager who will take you to your accommodation and give you a full induction into the area. He/she will also be on call 24/7 and you will see them frequently.

Our country managers are long term members of the Travellers family and extremely friendly and helpful! Their job is to ensure your wellbeing and safety during your time overseas with Travellers.  

Pre-departure you will receive comprehensive information about every aspect of your placement and necessary preparations, ranging from what to pack, to visa information, to what to do on your weekend travel in the country. Your safety, wellbeing and happiness throughout your placement are our primary concerns and we will keep in touch with you throughout.
International flights not included.

Projects run throughout the year.



EXIS is your ticket to put together a different kind of travel experience. EXIS got started in 1982 with restlessness and an urge to ramble – before globalization was a household word and the world could be Googled in five seconds. EXIS made sure nearly 30 years ago that Danish au pairs could drink tea on the High Street in London – and now offers unique language study and voluntary work on five continents. You can probably still be an au pair, but a lot of travellers think it is just as exciting to tend elephants in Sri Lanka, help out at an orphanage in Costa Rica, work with Masai women in Tanzania, teach English to young Buddhist monks in Thailand or work on conservation in the Grand Canyon, USA. EXIS’ philosophy is still the same – to make it possible for you to satisfy your curiosity and thirst for adventure. We work with partners all over the world to build the most secure starting gate for unique experiences – and you take it from there! Forget all about the world getting smaller. It’s bigger than ever and right within your reach. Join the world... it's yours !

One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.



Future Leaders Underprivileged Children’s Centre (UCC) aims to improve opportunities for youth in underprivileged communities through better education and sustainable community development. The project was founded in 1998 by a Ghanaian, Billa Mahmud, who taught reading, writing and maths under a mango tree to local children who were not able to attend school. Today we teach 170 children aged 3-16 in our free school, have three vocational centres training seamstresses and hairdressers for free, run a food programme and coach girls and boys football teams. The first afternoon football team started as an incentive for the students to attend the school-under-the-mango-tree in the morning; the project now coaches Ghana Football League-registered teams on football pitches located on an old rubbish-dumping site which Billa and his students have cleared. Most recently the UCC has set up a micro-finance project which is enabling parents of the children at the UCC to start their own small businesses in the community.

The volunteer project which works with the centre has been running since 2008, as a way to support the UCC. We need volunteers to teach our many students one-to-one, to bring them up to the class level and bolster what is learnt in the classroom. Some children come to us with little or no education and our Ghanaian teachers do not have the time to invest in them individually, which is where our volunteers are invaluable. The children love the attention and affection that volunteers bring and benefit from the cultural exchange, new teaching styles and the opportunity to communicate with a native English speakers. Volunteers also help coach football and can organise to hold creative sessions in afternoons. The funding that volunteers bring through donations to the centre and our Sponsor a Child scheme is also important for the running of the project.

Over the next couple of years our main aim is to build a permanent school for the centre so that we can teach more children who are not currently in formal education. Land has been purchased and building work started in the Summer of 2017. Expertise in construction could prove very useful over the next 2 years and would enable us to move the project forward at a faster pace.



Love Volunteers provides rewarding, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities in developing countries around the world.

We offer not for profit programs fees and flexible volunteer placements from one week to six months. Whether you have a passion for teaching, construction, medical work, helping children or the elderly, helping people living with HIV/AIDS, animal welfare or conservation we have a volunteer abroad program that will suit you - and probably one in each continent.



UNA Exchange is a registered charity. We send volunteers overseas to work on community based projects in over 60 countries worldwide. Volunteers live and work in an international group, alongside people from many different cultures on projects lasting between 2 to 3 weeks, although there are also opportunities for longer volunteering projects. Longer-term individual placements of up to a year are also available in Europe, through the fully-funded EVS (European Voluntary Service) programme. International volunteer projects are organised all year round, but the majority run during the summer months. The work involved varies widely, depending on the project, but does not usually require specific skills or qualifications. In addition to our overseas programme we also organise projects in Wales, and there are opportunities for people interested in leading projects, becoming volunteer trainers, taking part in fundraising and promotional activities or volunteering in our offices. We organise a yearly training course to prepare leaders to coordinate groups of international volunteers every Easter.



The Foundation For International Human Development and Environmental Studies is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to inform, educate and train every individual, irrespective of his or her cultural, national or educational background to acquire basic knowledge about social, economic and political rights. Our activities transcend all boundaries in the world and this has facilitated our utmost objective of promoting inter-cultural exchanges among countries. The Foundation For International Human Development and Environmental Studies considers as its mission the need to promote a vigorous campaign of sensitising people to be more proactive towards issues concerning the environment. We also inform and educate people all over the world to acquire knowledge about their economic and political rights. The volunteer programmes currently include: teaching, community development, media internship, law placements, orphanage, information technology, medical internship, and conservation. Summer Youth Camps: every year summer camps are organised for the youth to bring them together during their school break. There is a theme on various issues ranging from HIV/AIDS prevention and abstinence, restoration of the environment, peace building as well as conflict resolution in West Africa. It is one setting that offers a whole host of camp options to enrich, challenge and entertain the youth every holiday. Support Centre for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS: FIHDES WORLDWIDE join other organisations throughout the world to participate in the International AIDS CANDLELIGHT MEMORIAL FIHDES WORLDWIDE every year in May. We hope to construct a support centre in affected areas in order to provide medical care and counselling for the youth and those living with HIV/AIDS. The centre will try to fight the ostracism and ignorance of these people within their communities. We also plan to establish a rehabilitation centre for the youth and students involved in drugs and ex drug users.



ICYEUK is an ethical volunteering charity which believes in a world where the sharing of cultures and ideas is embraced, celebrated and lived.
We work in partnership with an international network of locally managed ICYE organisations and partners to provide supported international volunteer opportunities that directly benefit local communities and encourage young people from around the world to live, learn and work together.

Volunteers support local projects throughout Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia for anything between 3 weeks and 12 months. Projects include promoting human & women’s rights, supporting those with disabilities or affected by HIV and AIDS, education projects, environmental conservation, rehabilitating street children, community development programmes and much more.

As a cultural programme, ICYE UK volunteers receive extensive training both before departure and on-arrival, and support & training throughout their stay. We invest in volunteer’s personal development, such as providing CV advice at our returned volunteer camps and we actively engage volunteers in the on-going development of the organisation.
ICYE UK also helps extensively with fundraising towards raising the programme fee. As a charity, we have an all-inclusve programme fee (ie. return flights, accommodation, food, transport costs, visa costs etc) and our support means our volunteers are well equipped to be able to raise funds.

Recruitment is ongoing throughout the year and we have regular information days, held at our office in Kilburn, London, where interested parties are invited to find out more about our ethical charity and meet returned volunteers. For details of specific upcoming information days and countries/ projects, please visit our website

Volunteer Ghana


When you join a project with Volunteer Ghana, you are helping support the work of various organisations in Ghana. Some of these organisations focus on education, community, health and hygiene and others on ecotourism. We know you will get more out of your experience with us not only through the physical support you give, but also because the projects you are involved with have not been created to provide you with an experience, but are a response to a local need and are therefore part of a sustainable development agenda. Your role is support the project with your enthusiasm and skills where possible - the more you put in the more you both get out...



Organisation for Strategic Development in Africa (OSDA) is a home grown, not-for-profit organisation, that is committed to bringing accelerated development to deprived communities in Africa, through Education, Capacity Building and Health programmes.

We believe our first responsibility is to deprived communities and the less privileged in society, and also our development partners, both in the public and private sector.



Iko Poran Society - International Volunteer Programs in Brazil. Iko Poran means 'Alright' in the Mbya dialect of the South Guarani Indians. Our mission is to implement volunteer programs that make a positive impact on the communities in Rio de Janeiro, promoting a wide exchange between cultures and strengthening a constant and growing number of NGOs in Brazil. Iko Poran offers very strong volunteer programs and projects that make a positive impact on the projects, promoting intercultural exchange and strengthening a constant and growing number of NGOs in Brazil. Volunteers have a unique experience by actively participating on developments within communities and on the construction of a fairer world for all. The role of the volunteer is to work side-by-side with and learn from local people, to exchange ideas, and to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding. Volunteers learn the hard but valuable lesson that the giving of aid can sometimes be a complicated business. An important side to volunteering is playing the part of a motivator, having often travelled far to lend a hand. An international volunteer can be a positive presence in a community, a source of inspiration and empowerment.



Kaya is a responsible travel organization with a focus on genuine and meaningful volunteer projects worldwide. We work alongside NGOs, Charities and local community projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America who need the help of volunteers in the fields of environmental and community development. With Kaya, volunteers can combine work experience with travel and live and work alongside the community. Learn local culture, customs and language to gain a more thorough understanding of the country in a mission to promote responsible travel for the benefit of sustainable social, environmental and economic development, the empowerment of communities and the cultivation of educated, compassionate global citizens. Kaya works to identify quality projects that are in specific need of volunteer assistance providing volunteers a great choice of locations, fields of interest, types of work and the flexibility to build a travel experience to fit the volunteers needs whilst maximising skills and building personal CV’s. Itineraries can be set by volunteers and we welcome any student regardless of degree type or specification. We have over 180 placements for skilled and unskilled students to choose from with our more targeted skilled projects covering journalism, business and marketing, medical specialism’s and NGO back-end development work.

Future For Africa


Future for Africa (F4A) is a Ghanaian voluntary, non-profit and Non-Governmental Organization working at local levels to create a future of hope for children in economically poor areas of northern Ghana. F4AO operations covers the entire three regions of Northern Ghana namely; Northern, Upper East and Upper West with the headquarters in Bolgatanga, the regional capital of Upper East. F4AO approach is working through strong partnerships with civil society and other institutions and using volunteers, to reach the deprived and vulnerable children and families in its operational areas. (The organization also seeks to promote intercultural awareness, tolerance and communication of our Youth.)


Future for Africa offers a blend of programmes and services for children and young people. It aims to enhance the quality of life through a structured intervention and advocacy programme that offers opportunities for children and young people’s development. Work: programs can include life skills and basic education, job training and placement, entrepreneurship, and other youth – friendly services targeting disadvantaged children, young people, including orphans and vulnerable children.

We seek to engage and empower children especially, the vulnerable in society and to provide meaningful interventions in areas of education, health, Water and sanitation, and Livelihoods. Our services include volunteer, intern and travel programs,our programs are year round,and are designed to help both participants and our target group in the delivery of our service.
for more information visit our website



World For World Organization (WFWO) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Italy with a Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC, DESA – UN NGO Section at the United Nations, New York, USA. ECOSOC is the Principal Organ coordinating the Economic and Social Council Work of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies and International Institutions.

WFWO Ghana Ambassador for Development Network is a body within the WFWO dedicated to advancing the Millennium Development Goals in Ghana in close connection with WFWO’s headquarters. Areas of concern include Education, Women Empowerment, Poverty Reduction, Food Security, Health, Clean Drinking Water, and Elimination of Infant Death as a result of malnutrition.

Since 2008, WFWO Ghana Ambassador for Development Network (GADN) has undertaken various studies and advocacy programs with the objective of getting well informed about the nutritional status of children in the villages in Ghana as well as giving mothers guidelines on good nutrition practices. We have done these with the help of volunteers from Germany, USA, the UK, Singapore, and Spain.

We are in need of volunteers, especially nurses, educationists, social workers, administrators, statisticians, doctors, builders, nutritionists, agriculturists, and other skill-workers. There are opening for other areas for volunteers from all background who have a passion for helping others, creating a future for those who would otherwise have no future, etc. Those who relate who relate well to children are encouraged to apply.

Please visit for more information and get in touch with the Ghana Ambassador for Development Network. You can contact us in the USA on Tel: +1 315-363-3430 and asked to speak to Benjamin (Ghana Ambassador for Development) or Ghana Tel: +233244310121 and ask to speak with Mark Osei Boakye, Director of Save the Needy Advocate. E-mail:



Education for All International is involved in placing volunteers in a variety of fields. We have successfully hosted a number of volunteers in both teaching and community programmes. This is done by working closely with the local community, in which the volunteers will be placed. We aim to provide the local community with a learning perspective from overseas and also to help educate them. The organisation is primarily based on helping educate the local community in teaching, agriculture and awareness of AIDS/HIV. We are unable to accept volunteers with an offending background.



Real Gap is a leading gap travel organiser offering a wide and diverse range of programmes. These include: - volunteering, conservation, adventure travel and expeditions, sports, teaching English, round the world, paid working holidays and learning. Real Gap has expanded the original concept of “life-changing” travel opportunities, and now offers around 500 projects and gap year travel ideas covering 45 countries over six continents. The Real Travel portfolio includes Real Gap, Real Sport Experience and Gap Year for Grown Ups. No longer under 30? Our sister company Gap Year for Grown Ups is a travel company in the UK that specialises in rewarding career breaks and voluntary work for the over 30's market.

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