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Mencap is the voice of learning disability. Everything we do is about valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, their family and carers. We work with people with a learning disability to change laws, challenge prejudice and support them to live their lives as they choose. We are an individual membership organisation, with more than 500 affiliated groups. Mencap's mission is to improve the lives and opportunities of children and adults with a learning disability, their families and carers. Mencap's vision is a world where everyone with a learning disability has an equal right to choice, opportunity and respect, with the support that they need. Mencap is a membership organisation; membership is open to all approved and properly constituted groups. There are volunteering opportunities across the organisation in local groups, campaigning, fundraising, with children and young people, at Gateway clubs (leisure and sports). Volunteering with all ages from children to the elderly. Throughout the country there are over 500 local groups and clubs offering a wide range of activities for varying age groups, covering leisure, sports, arts, and other recreational activities. They are a bridge into the local community giving groups and individuals the opportunity to take part in community activities as any other person or group would. Volunteers looking to work with vulnerable adults or children will be asked to apply for a criminal records check. To welcome, help and support our volunteers in their roles we offer accessible information, support and training on things such as Health and Safety Awareness, being an advocate, a supporter and a campaigner.



Cameroonian Action for Aids Welfare and Return Home (CAAWRHO) is a registered charity in UK under the Registration No: 1115448 which aims to alleviate asylum seekers and refugees from Africa and Cameroon in particular living in the UK. Our team of expects provide advice, support and information on education and training, employment, sponsorship, integration with Communities, health and nutrition and income generation etc. CAAWRHO was founded in 2006 by a group of Cameroonians living in the UK. CAAWRHO Trust was established in 2006 for public benefit in United Kingdom. We work with local authorities in UK and abroad to identify orphan children up to the age of 12 in Cameroon who have no visible means of support. Many of these children are victims of the scourge HIV/ AIDS that is taking a terrible toll throughout Cameroon, asylum seekers and refugees from Africa living in UK particularly those from French speaking African Countries. By relieving such persons who are in need of education and training, employment, income generation, poverty and sickness. We provide advice, support and information. We also respond to disasters and emergencies, CAAWRHO promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities.



The Universal Film and Festival Organization (UFFO) was founded to support and implement a good business code of practice for film festivals and the film making community.

UFFO is a not-for-profit voluntary organization that brings together the highest quality of Film Festivals and the film making community by encouraging Film Festivals to become sound in principles and business practice.

UFFO is an open international organization with branches and festivals in many countries. Membership is entirely free and anyone can join UFFO and network with our online community.



The Council for British Archaeology is an educational charity working throughout the UK to involve people in archaeology and to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations. We signpost opportunities for participation through our website, CBA Briefing (, and the Training Online Resource Centre (TORC - We are a membership organisation, offering our members regular updates about the latest in British archaeology, subscription British Archaeology magazine, and opportunities for volunteering and special events through our regional networks. See



Spinal Research funds ground breaking research to find treatments for paralysis caused by broken necks or backs.

There are various opportunities around the UK to help at events. We rely on our supporters to raise funds for our vital research.

We are always looking for cheerers at races like The London Marathon, Royal Parks Half Marathon or The Great North Run.

Annually we are look for volunteers to help us at The Bicester and Finmere Show which takes place in early August each year in Oxfordshire, and The Chiltern and Thames Rider Championships are in September at the Herts County Showground by selling raffle tickets and our charity merchandise. These are really lovely events and volunteers will have the opportunity to watch the fantastic show jumping and dog events during the day. Or you could help at volunteer lead event near you, such as a Cycle Challenge through Wales, a Motorbike meeting in Kent, Open Garden in Sussex or Polo Match in Suffolk to name a few. For further information about our work and how to get involved go to our website



The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) is a registered charity whose aim is to preserve and protect wetlands through programmes of scientific study, education and the operation of nine Visitor Centres around the UK. The Slimbridge Wetland Centre is located in Gloucestershire and is also the HQ for WWT.

Volunteers support us in every area of the Visitor Centre. Some roles support a variety of practical conservation tasks, including grounds wardening (planting, weeding, habitat management and other practical conservation activities), reserve wardening (wetland habitat creation and management) and aviculture wardening (assisting with the welfare of the captive wildfowl and helping at the duckery). Additionally, volunteers are also required to assist in the Visitor Centre. They help on the information desk, with school parties, they guide visitors in the observation tower, sell membership and grain. We particularly need this help at weekends and during school holidays. Volunteers in the Education Department are involved with holiday and weekend activities, as well as supporting term-time teaching. Other volunteer opportunities include helping with the Canoe Safari, supporting our Mammal and Toad wardens, and assisting with the maintenance of the centre within the Facilities team. Details of all our current opportunities can be found at

We provide the opportunity to learn about the unique environments of the wetlands themselves, providing full training, social events and interesting and varied work. WWT Slimbridge is also committed to providing as much help as we can to our volunteers who are here to gain work experience. So whether you are looking for a friendly environment where you can meet new people, a place to learn new skills or a chance to do some practical conservation work - get involved with voluntary work at WWT and gain the experience that you are looking for.



The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people.

We aim to create a world where young people can reach their full potential whatever their circumstances. Our ethos is to enable every young person of every background to do their DofE and succeed, regardless of any barriers. We provide a balanced programme of activities that develops the whole person – mind, body and soul – in an environment of social interaction and teamworking. Young people progress through three levels of DofE programmes to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. Taking part builds confidence and develops self-esteem. It requires persistence, commitment and has a lasting impact on the attitudes and outlook of all young people who do their DofE. Our participants are aged between 14 and 24.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is delivered under special licence by over 500 partners (Licenced Organisations). Our partners support over 10,000 DofE centres including youth clubs, voluntary organisations, schools, colleges, Young Offenders Institutions and businesses to run DofE programmes and accredit their young people.

War Memorials Register


The War Memorials Register (formally the UK National Inventory of War Memorials) was initiated in 1989 by the Imperial War Museum and the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England, which merged with English Heritage in 1999, to create a register that currently records 70,000 war memorials in the the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

War memorials form an important part of our cultural heritage and reflect the changing face of commemoration as well as artistic, social, local, family, military and international history. The Register includes memorials to members of the armed forces, civilians and animals from all wars and to those who died in service. The Register covers every conceivable type of memorial, from the frequently-seen community crosses to buildings, lych gates, gardens, hospitals, organs, chapels, windows, etc. All wars are covered, from the Roman occupation to the present day, although, the largest number of memorials are for the First and Second World Wars. We record details of the memorials location, description and inscription.

We have recently launched a database recording the names of individuals commemorated on war memorials. This work would not be possible without the help of dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers work both in branch at IWM London and remotely as fieldworkers. Volunteer opportunities exist for those interested in recording information on war memorials in their local areas, assisting with updating information on existing memorials or with transcribing names recorded on war memorials.

For information on current volunteer opportunities please contact us via email at

Cinema For All


Cinema For All is the national organisation for the development and support of community cinema in the UK. Community cinema includes film clubs and societies, pop-up cinemas and local community screenings. Community cinema if often volunteer led.

Established in 1946, we enable communities across the country to develop the type of film screenings they want.

To achieve this we:

strive to be an invaluable resource providing the latest thinking, information, advice and guidance on all aspects of film society and community cinema exhibition:

we help community cinema ventures get off the ground

we develop and support collaborative networks

we research and share best practice across the sector

Encourage the community cinema sector to deliver quality film culture experiences

we help people and local groups in communities to acquire the skills, knowledge and

equipment to provide high quality film watching experiences

we offer low cost access to a wide range of cultural film titles

we offer low cost equipment hire in various parts of the country

we provide education and learning opportunities about film and film culture

Act as a champion for the UK's community cinema sector

we deliver strong strategic leadership and provide an independent voice for the sector

we promote, celebrate and advocate for the sector, representing UK community cinema on a national and international stage

we act as a bridge between the voluntary community cinema sector and the wider film




Working with the public, Sea Watch Foundation is a national charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises around the UK. Sea Watch, through its continuous programme of research and monitoring, provides invaluable information on changes to the status and distribution of cetacean populations and the condition of their habitats. This is used to raise awareness of any issues and prompt environmental change to help conserve and protect these mysterious creatures.



Getting on Board

Board-level volunteering career specialists

Getting on Board is a charity that can help you, your employees and members of your professional networks become new leaders in your communities through board-level volunteering, as charity trustees, school governors or members of boards of public bodies.

Board level volunteering has enormous benefits for individuals, their employers and for the boards of the charities, public bodies and schools that they join.

What we can do for you - if you are an individual

Why board-level volunteering?

There are lots of reasons why people want to become a trustee or school governor; here are some of them:

Opportunity to acquire and develop new skills

Improvement of CV and raising self-confidence

Improvement of work-life balance and reduction of stress

Personal satisfaction and enjoyment

For people made redundant or taking a career break it can fill a CV gap and maintain skills and confidence

Retired or approaching retirement it can be an opportunity to share experience and skills.

Signposting service

The Getting on Board signposting service helps individuals find the right trustee role. As part of the service individuals can expect a 30 minute phone consultation and at least four opportunities to consider applying for as well as follow-up support. This service is quick to implement and often funded by individual training budgets held by managers.

Email us if you would like to find out more.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and very grateful to Getting on Board for matching me up with such an interesting and challenging role so quickly. I really feel like I’m putting something back into the local community.”

David Mullholland

Citizens Advice Bureau branch trustee, BT talent pool member.

What we can do for you - if you are an employer

Why board-level volunteering?

Getting on Board works with companies to help them integrate board level volunteering into their learning and development programmes. There are many benefits for employers and their employees. These can include:

Learning and developing new skills

Improving work-life balance and employee satisfaction

Contributing to corporate responsibility commitments for the company.

Board level volunteering is an attractive option for many employees but particularly senior and middle managers and those that have been identified as future leaders.

Email us if you would like to find out more.


Getting on Board seminars can kick-start board-level volunteering within your organisation. Often over lunch or breakfast the seminars are aimed at letting people know about the benefits of board level volunteering and encouraging them to take the plunge and volunteer. All those that attend the seminar will also be able to access our signposting service which helps them find a suitable role.

Email us if you would like to arrange a seminar.

Signposting service

The Getting on Board signposting service helps individuals find the right trustee role. As part of the service individuals can expect a 30 minute phone consultation and at least four opportunities to consider applying for as well as follow-up support. This service is quick to implement and often funded by individual training budgets held by managers.

Email us if you would like to find out more.

Getting on Board is a registered charity, and, although we do not make a profit, we do have to cover our running costs. We therefore have to charge a fee for our sign-posting service. Most people that come to us are able to charge this to their individual training budgets through work. This is payable after the phone discussion although search support continues beyond this call.



Plant Heritage is the world’s leading garden plant conservation charity, which manages the 650 National Plant Collections of the UK – our 'living plant libraries'.

Over the centuries, countless garden plants have been developed by British collectors & growers. This biodiversity is now at risk through changes in fashion and the retirement of growers; yet it represents a significant part of our heritage and may even hold the key to new medicines or research into drought resistant plants and other characteristics vital for the future.

By making sure these plants remain in cultivation, we ensure that this essential biodiversity continues to be available to the coming generations of plant breeders, medical researchers and gardeners.

Plant Heritage leads the world in conserving cultivated plants. The Threatened Plants Project is a ground-breaking research project to discover the garden plants most urgently in need of conservation. Prior to initiating the Threatened Plants Project, very little research had been undertaken in this field.



Lawyers in Schools is a unique employee volunteering opportunity designed to increase young people’s awareness and understanding of the law. The programme links law firms and in-house legal teams with local secondary schools, predominantly in economically deprived areas. It provides opportunities for practicing and trainee lawyers to engage students in interactive discussions about various legal issues relevant to their daily lives. The legal professionals draw on their expertise to increase understanding of the law among young people, including a greater appreciation of the justice system and their rights and responsibilites, and support the students to develop their legal capability.

Volunteer lawyers are trained by the Citizenship Foundation and then, in teams, lead six one-hour sessions at their partner school. Working with small groups, the volunteers facilitate discussions and activities on various aspects of the law using an interactive and thought-provoking approach. The Citizenship Foundation’s educational experts produce the resources, which have been designed to foster debate and discussion, as well as encourage critical thinking from the young people. The sessions cover a range of legal topics and utilise the volunteers’ understanding of the law and the legal system to enhance the delivery of the materials.

At the final session, students are each presented with a certificate and a copy of the Citizenship Foundation’s award winning publication, the Young Citizen’s Passport, a pocket-sized guide to the law for young people. This enables students to reflect on, and further develop, their understanding of the law and the legal system.



BiblePress - educational blogs for teachers, students and institutions.

BiblePress lets you easily create & manage blogs, quickly customize designs and include videos, photos & podcasts – it’s safe, easy and secure so try out an BiblePress today! We believe in the power that blogging can have to transform the peoples life’s have seen first hand how BiblePress has increased ownership of learning, for teachers, students and institutions.

The information on BiblePress is intended to be comprehensive and reliable enough for students, teachers, journalists and religious professionals. BiblePress therefore offers detailed articles and treatments of specialized topics as well as just-the-basics overviews, facts and figures, timelines, maps, glossaries, and comparative charts.

Similarly, is intended to be a useful resource for people of any religious background or none at all.

Kidney Research UK


Kidney Research UK is the largest funder dedicated to research into the causes and prevention of kidney disease and we’ve been going since 1961. The money we raise goes directly into research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure to help over three million people in the UK at risk of chronic kidney disease.

Research isn’t the only thing we do. Each year we raise immediate awareness of kidney-related issues amongst the general public including people at higher risk. Our patient information service also provides advice and literature on how best to deal with each type of kidney condition, helping millions of people better understand the disease.

We are working hard to ensure that one day people’s lives will be free from kidney disease. Thanks to the help from our supporters, we have achieved breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and patient care of those affected by the disease.



Our vision

We will not rest until blind and partially sighted people can enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.

Our purpose

We will deliver a world class guide dog service as part of a range of mobility services, and work to break down barriers to ensure blind and partially sighted people can get out and about on their own terms.

Our values

The beliefs that guide the entire organisation:

Dedicated to superior quality

Always trustworthy

Inclusive and embracing

Customer focused

Maximising impact

Passionate and determined

You can find out more about who we are and what we do by visiting our website:

If you share our values and are passionate about helping us to improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people, then we want to hear from you. We're particularly looking for people with skills and expertise to share and a project idea that will support our core areas of work. If you think you can help, please contact the People Resourcing Office on 0845 371 7771 or by emailing:



Be part of something amazing and volunteer with Alzheimer's Society! We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help support our team of runners at various running events around the UK.

We need as many volunteers as possible to come along to help support and cheer on our team of runners on the day as they undertake this fantastic challenge. We’ll provide a free t-shirt, refreshments and lots of materials to help them give our team a really big cheer. The volunteers really will be making a difference!

Those who are interested would be required for a few hours on event day.

We'd love for you to join our volunteer team! For more information about what events are happening in your area, please contact the Running Events team on 0207 423 1060 or email us at



We are Meningitis Now. A new charity with almost 30 years’ experience.

Formed in 2013 by bringing together Meningitis UK and Meningitis Trust, founders of the meningitis movement in the UK – we exist to save lives and rebuild futures by funding research, raising awareness and providing support.

Our vision is a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.

Our mission is to achieve that vision through our five main priorities:

• We provide a powerful, united voice for individuals, families, communities, experts and professionals who know just how devastating meningitis (and septicaemia) can be.

• We save lives by funding research into vaccines and prevention.

• We reduce the impact of the disease by raising awareness, empowering people with the knowledge and information they need to get urgent medical attention if they suspect meningitis.

• We rebuild futures by providing dedicated support to people living with the impact of meningitis.

• We raise the funds we need to deliver our vision, inspired by the individuals and families at the heart of our organisation.

• We are ambitious about what we can achieve.

We need volunteers to help us with raising awareness of meningitis and Meningitis Now. As Awareness Information Distributor, you will place literature at various locations in your community including GP surgeries, health centres, libraries, community centres, hospitals, nurseries, schools and colleges – helping to raise awareness levels so that lives can be saved; and making sure that those affected by meningitis are aware of the support we provide. Another way of helping is to help us at health fairs or conferences by manning a stand with information about meningitis to give out to the public.

We need volunteers to help us with raising funds, one way is to be a Collection Tin Coordinator which invoves placing and emptying collection tins in business around your community, another way is to help us with street or supermarket collections acoss the UK.

If you want to help us in any way please contact us and register as a volunteer.



The British Heart Foundation’s mission is to win the fight against cardiovascular disease.

Our vision is a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Giving your time helps us to save lives. Our volunteers help our fight for every heartbeat and make a big difference in their local communities. There are lots of opportunities for different roles that you can get involved in. To find out more, visit us at and complete the online enquiry form or pop into your BHF Shop or Furniture and Electrical Store on your local high street.

Our volunteers work with us in our charity shops, by fundraising and at our events, right across the UK. They are a great team. Please come and join them.



Inspiring the Future is a free service with volunteers from all sectors and professions going into state schools and colleges, to talk about their jobs and sectors. Anyone can volunteer with Inspiring the Future - you can be a young Apprentice, graduate recruit or a seasoned Chief Executive - young people will benefit from hearing about your experiences.

You can offer to visit a local state school or college for 'one hour, once a year' by registering online at Once you have registered, teachers in your local area will be able to message you with their plans for careers events.

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