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Have a passion for languages? Thrive off environmental conservation, construction and helping the survival of others? Or is good old fashioned outdoorsy adventure your kind of thing? Then check out Quest Overseas' gap year programmes and summer projects across South America and Africa.

Quest Overseas is looking for all the language lovers, the eco-friendly minded, and the world traveling thrill seekers to join their team!

“Quest was an easy decision for me because of its language + volunteering + expedition combo – it was the only company I found which did all three in one! The whole 3 months were crazy busy with hardly a moment to spare so I felt I really got my money’s worth, and they were very clear about where every penny gets spent” Jessica Bailey, Villa Maria Gap Adventure 2011

Quest Overseas fights poverty and the destruction of the environment in Africa and South America. Volunteers and projects include:

Transforming the lives of children living in poverty in Peru through workshops and education.

Climbing, swimming, crawling, surfing and laughing your way across South America on the Andean expedition.

Supporting children in Malawi through school by building schools and child sponsorship.

Working hard to protect the environment and rescued animals in Bolivia through construction and care.

Assisting with scientific research and sustainable agricultural initiatives in the Manu region of the Peruvian Amazon.

Building a new home for street children orphaned by the genocide in Rwanda.



Volunteer Latin America provide free and low-cost work abroad opportunities in Central and South America. We aim to connect volunteers to some of the best grassroots projects in the environmental and humanitarian sectors.

The environmental projects we offer are as varied and interesting as you might imagine, ranging from forestry to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. A multitude of other opportunities exist in a diverse range of species, habitats and locations. As well as offering a vast range of environmental projects, we offer volunteers the opportunity to help the economically, socially and politically disadvantaged people of the region by providing a wide variety of humanitarian work. There are opportunities to get involved in child welfare, community development, education and health programmes.

The projects we offer either require the volunteer to make a small financial contribution (participation fee), are free but volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses, or provide complimentary accommodation and food.

Projects vary in length from one week up to a full year. Most of the projects we offer are from one month to three months; however, there are opportunities to volunteer for shorter or longer periods of time.

Because we help hundreds of grassroots organisations find people willing to help them achieve their objectives, we support environmental conservation and local community development in the region. Without the support and commitment of volunteers many of these organisations would be unable to carry out their vital work.



Volunteers Without Borders (VWB) is bridging the gap between international volunteers and local NGO organizations. Volunteers Without Borders opens doors and guides you to help make a difference to those less fortunate while volunteering abroad. We offer 100's of different programs in 18 different countries. We CONNECT international volunteers with opportunities to make a difference in countries that need it the most. While volunteering abroad, you will gain valuable experience that will change your life as well as changing the lives of those around you.

Whether you're looking to live & help out at an orphanage, work with street kids or children from the slums in India or Indonesia, volunteer abroad at a Sea Turtle conservatory in Sri Lanka or Kenya, get involved in Wildlife Conservation efforts in South Africa, or teach English in South East Asia or Africa, we have so many unique opportunities to offer you. We provide a means for people seeking to make the world a better place with the opportunity to do so at the most affordable rates possible.



Travellers Worldwide is a Leading International Provider of Volunteer Projects Abroad, Work Experience Internships and Study Abroad courses overseas for your gap year, sabbatical or career break. Established 1994.

Choose from over 200 exciting projects in 20 countriesTravellers also arranges professional work experience internships in every area of study, to really give your CV a boost as well as language courses, cultural courses and an abundance of adventure fun projects.

Projects Types:

Hands-on Conservation placements with Orang-Utans, Dolphins, Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Creatures of the Amazon Rainforest, Sharks, Monkeys plus many more.

Teaching English and many other subjects such as Music, Maths, Drama, Computers, Science, etc.

Rewarding Community Development projects across the globe for example - Townships in South Africa, Refugees in Australia, Street Children in Brazil, Orphans in Argentina, and much more.

Coach & Play Sports, 22 sports including Football, Cricket, Netball and Basketball all over the world.

Professional Work Experience Internships in many fields, including Journalism, Law, Medicine, Business, PR, Tourism, Veterinary, Architecture, Design and much, much more.

Language Courses. The best way to learn a language is to live it, eat it, and breathe it! Learn Spanish in Argentina or Ecuador, Mandarin in China, Portuguese in Brazil.

Each project is different with different requirements however no qualifications or previous experience are necessary for many of these projects - just a good dose of enthusiasm!

Everyone is welcome on a Travellers programme, whether gap year, undergraduate, on a career break - or even retired! From 17 years old upwards, and all nationalities.

Costs vary depending on length of placement and you can participate for 1 week or up to one year as you wish and subject to visa requirements. Included is full support from the moment of booking and throughout your placement to your return home. With a team of support staff available 24/7 in all our destinations worldwide and a 24-hour emergency international telephone line direct to the Head Office. Meals and accommodation are provided, unless otherwise stated. You will be met at the nearest airport on your arrival by our in-country manager who will take you to your accommodation and give you a full induction into the area. He/she will also be on call 24/7 and you will see them frequently.

Our country managers are long term members of the Travellers family and extremely friendly and helpful! Their job is to ensure your wellbeing and safety during your time overseas with Travellers.  

Pre-departure you will receive comprehensive information about every aspect of your placement and necessary preparations, ranging from what to pack, to visa information, to what to do on your weekend travel in the country. Your safety, wellbeing and happiness throughout your placement are our primary concerns and we will keep in touch with you throughout.
International flights not included.

Projects run throughout the year.



Adelante offers low cost programs, based in cities around the world with a focus on cultural immersion and real-life experience in international study and professional settings.

In Spain, customized internships are available in Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville in a wide variety of sectors including Marketing, Public Relations, Healthcare, International Law, Culinary, Tourism, Human Resources, Graphic Design, Information Technology and more. We also offer Semester and Summer Study programs at a university in Seville.

As of February 2017, we have opened up a new site location in Quito, Ecuador for candidates interested in internships with Human Rights, Medicine, Veterinary and Equine Veterinary, Work with Street Kids, and more. This is one of our most affordable programs offered.

Adelante also has two summer study programs based at a college near Edinburgh - choose the 4 week Equine Summer Program or the Ecological Conservation Program. We also offer six week Observation & Research programs in Scotland in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, veterinary, dietetics and childcare.

In San Jose, Costa Rica, internship opportunities include Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing and Administration at a Junior College or University, Law Offices, Automobile Service and Repair, Environmental and Ecology, Tourism, and Working with Underprivileged Children. Semester and Summer Study programs are also available at a private university in San Jose.

In Oaxaca, Mexico, volunteer positions are provided in numerous sectors including Arts/Museums, Teaching English, Social Work, Archaeology and Working with Children.

Internship opportunities in Viña del Mar/Valparaíso in Chile cover a wide range, including Marketing and PR, Teaching English, Social Work, IT, Engineering and Tourism.

In Montevideo, Uruguay, internships include Tourism, PR, Teaching English, Graphic Design and Medicine.

Internships can be from one to six months in Spain, or up to 12 months in South America, beginning the first Monday of the month, each month of the year.

We endeavor to always provide the most economical internship programs available. Please see our website for latest prices and application fee. Included in the fee are: airport pickup, intensive Spanish classes (two or three weeks depending on location), your own room in a variety of housing options, work assignment placement and an English speaking Advisor in-country. This can be an academic or non-academic program.

For more information and to apply, please visit our website You can also email us at or call (562) 799 9133.



EXIS is your ticket to put together a different kind of travel experience. EXIS got started in 1982 with restlessness and an urge to ramble – before globalization was a household word and the world could be Googled in five seconds. EXIS made sure nearly 30 years ago that Danish au pairs could drink tea on the High Street in London – and now offers unique language study and voluntary work on five continents. You can probably still be an au pair, but a lot of travellers think it is just as exciting to tend elephants in Sri Lanka, help out at an orphanage in Costa Rica, work with Masai women in Tanzania, teach English to young Buddhist monks in Thailand or work on conservation in the Grand Canyon, USA. EXIS’ philosophy is still the same – to make it possible for you to satisfy your curiosity and thirst for adventure. We work with partners all over the world to build the most secure starting gate for unique experiences – and you take it from there! Forget all about the world getting smaller. It’s bigger than ever and right within your reach. Join the world... it's yours !

One World 365


Search rewarding volunteering programs worldwide with One World 365 where you can help communities, wildlife and the environment.



Latin Link works in partnership with churches to send and receive individuals, families and teams, to and from Latin American communities, to share the love of God.

We do this through three inter-related programmes:

Step: Our renowned short-term programme for teams. Get a hands on experience of mission in Latin America, living and working alongside a local church, helping with a practical project and joining them in reaching out to their community. Apply as an individual or put together your own team. Projects last for 16 weeks each spring and 3-7 weeks in the summer.

Stride: A programme offering student placements and mission training opportunities.
Student Placements: 6-9 months suitable for language students on their year abroad or 6-8 weeks suitable for medical students requiring an elective. An opportunity to explore how your study and mission can work together to support churches and Christian projects in Latin America.
Mission Training Opportunities: Bespoke placements for individuals, married couples or families to spend 12-24 months putting their faith into practice in Latin America. Use and develop your gifts and skills while working alongside a church or Christian run project. Stride could be a career change, sabbatical, or something to pursue in early retirement. A Stride placement is a great way to explore whether cross-cultural mission is for you. A 24 month Stride is the pathway into the Stay programme.

Stay: We have over 100 members of many nationalities, working with local churches and organisations to help them meet a diverse range of spiritual and practical needs - from caring for street children, to training church leaders and supporting university students to generating employment opportunities.

Latin Link's vision is to see vibrant, Bible-believing Christian communities in every part of Latin America, impacting their neighbours, their societies and the wider world.



Love Volunteers provides rewarding, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities in developing countries around the world.

We offer not for profit programs fees and flexible volunteer placements from one week to six months. Whether you have a passion for teaching, construction, medical work, helping children or the elderly, helping people living with HIV/AIDS, animal welfare or conservation we have a volunteer abroad program that will suit you - and probably one in each continent.



UNA Exchange is a registered charity. We send volunteers overseas to work on community based projects in over 60 countries worldwide. Volunteers live and work in an international group, alongside people from many different cultures on projects lasting between 2 to 3 weeks, although there are also opportunities for longer volunteering projects. Longer-term individual placements of up to a year are also available in Europe, through the fully-funded EVS (European Voluntary Service) programme. International volunteer projects are organised all year round, but the majority run during the summer months. The work involved varies widely, depending on the project, but does not usually require specific skills or qualifications. In addition to our overseas programme we also organise projects in Wales, and there are opportunities for people interested in leading projects, becoming volunteer trainers, taking part in fundraising and promotional activities or volunteering in our offices. We organise a yearly training course to prepare leaders to coordinate groups of international volunteers every Easter.



ICYEUK is an ethical volunteering charity which believes in a world where the sharing of cultures and ideas is embraced, celebrated and lived.
We work in partnership with an international network of locally managed ICYE organisations and partners to provide supported international volunteer opportunities that directly benefit local communities and encourage young people from around the world to live, learn and work together.

Volunteers support local projects throughout Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia for anything between 3 weeks and 12 months. Projects include promoting human & women’s rights, supporting those with disabilities or affected by HIV and AIDS, education projects, environmental conservation, rehabilitating street children, community development programmes and much more.

As a cultural programme, ICYE UK volunteers receive extensive training both before departure and on-arrival, and support & training throughout their stay. We invest in volunteer’s personal development, such as providing CV advice at our returned volunteer camps and we actively engage volunteers in the on-going development of the organisation.
ICYE UK also helps extensively with fundraising towards raising the programme fee. As a charity, we have an all-inclusve programme fee (ie. return flights, accommodation, food, transport costs, visa costs etc) and our support means our volunteers are well equipped to be able to raise funds.

Recruitment is ongoing throughout the year and we have regular information days, held at our office in Kilburn, London, where interested parties are invited to find out more about our ethical charity and meet returned volunteers. For details of specific upcoming information days and countries/ projects, please visit our website



The Jatun Sacha Foundation offers opportunities for volunteers and interns to participate in any of their seven stations in research, education, reforestation, environmental education, organic agriculture, community service, station maintenance, conservation projects, sustainable auaculture, productive projects, climate change - carbon fixation, heaelth, support to local NGO initiatves, plant conservation, and agro forestry activities carried out by the Jatun Sacha, Bilsa and Guandera, Congal, and San Cristobal biological stations. The Jatun Sacha Biological Station is a 2,500 hectares reserve located in the tropical rainforest region of the Upper Napo of Amazonian Ecuador. Bilsa is a 3,000 hectares reserve containing some of the last premontane tropical wet forest of the north-western coastal province of Esmeraldas. This forest has been catalogued as a 'Hot Spot', being the third priority for conservation in the world. Guandera, at altitudes of 3,100-3,600 meters above sea level, conserves more than 1,000 hectares of tropical wet montane forest and páramo (alpine grass land) highlands in the northern Andes of the Carchi province. The Congal Biological Reserve and Sustainable Aquaculture Center is a 500 hectare reserve including mangrove and tropical hardwood forests, located in the province of Esmeraldas, in the Muisne estuary. The Lalo Loor Biological Reserve is a 250 hectare reserve that protects the last remaining stretches of transational dry forest on coastal Ecuador located in the Manabi province. San Cristobal is located on the San Cristobal island of the unique Galapagos archipelago, famous for the giant tortoise, conserving one of the last remnants of native vegetation on the higher portion of the island. And La Hesperia, the newest of our reserves, is a 800 hectare reserve located in the low montane and tropical montane cloud forest, in the province of Pichincha. The Tsuraku Community Biologocal Station and Reserve is a 4500 hectare reserve in the Amazonian region and is managed by the indigenous Shuar people of the area.



Iko Poran Society - International Volunteer Programs in Brazil. Iko Poran means 'Alright' in the Mbya dialect of the South Guarani Indians. Our mission is to implement volunteer programs that make a positive impact on the communities in Rio de Janeiro, promoting a wide exchange between cultures and strengthening a constant and growing number of NGOs in Brazil. Iko Poran offers very strong volunteer programs and projects that make a positive impact on the projects, promoting intercultural exchange and strengthening a constant and growing number of NGOs in Brazil. Volunteers have a unique experience by actively participating on developments within communities and on the construction of a fairer world for all. The role of the volunteer is to work side-by-side with and learn from local people, to exchange ideas, and to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding. Volunteers learn the hard but valuable lesson that the giving of aid can sometimes be a complicated business. An important side to volunteering is playing the part of a motivator, having often travelled far to lend a hand. An international volunteer can be a positive presence in a community, a source of inspiration and empowerment.



The Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation is a non-profit organisation that works with local communities to protect forest habitat, enhance environmental education and develop sustainable income-generating activities. We are currently working in coastal communities of the Pacific region. Volunteers may assist in a variety of activities depending on their interests and abilities including but not limited to nature centre staffing, environmental education in local schools, reforestation, biological inventories and mapping, community development and technical training. Volunteers for Ceiba make tangible contributions to locally based conservation work, immerse themselves in rural Latin American culture and have free time on weekends to enjoy hikes, lovely beaches, and local towns to experience the local culture on their own. US office address: 301 S. Bedford St., Suite 7A Madison, WI 53703 608-230-5550. We are unable to accept a volunteer with an offending background.

UBECI Foundation


UBECI aims to reduce the hours of children who work in the streets and markets of Quito by engaging them in educational and recreational activities. Providing these children with educational, social, and emotional support allows them to feel respected by their community while experiencing personal growth. As a social and educational foundation, UBECI fights every day for the rights of children so that they can receive love, attention, and education. UBECI works with children and adolescents ages one to seventeen years in order to develop strategies through which we can offer more learning opportunities involving self-reliance, self-worth, and dedication. UBECI operates based on a differentiated instruction teaching method, in which the children are encouraged to use their discoveries in order to gain new knowledge

UBECI need your support in the following projects.
Street children, School support ,Summer program, Campaigns: Dental, Christmas,
School kit, Health Prevention classes, NGO Support, Research funding, Strategic planning, International connections, Marketing, Administrative Activities.

Volunteering with UBECI allows you to work closely with the amazing children in our programs. Your time with them will have a positive impact on their daily lives during a crucial time in their development, and you, in turn, will have a rich, eye-opening experience. At UBECI’s projects, we encourage our volunteers to become engaged in the designing and developing of activities conducive to early childhood development. We also encourage individuals who are professionally or academically interested in international development to take a proactive role. Many of our volunteers stay engaged in UBECI programs long after their volunteer period in the field.

In addition, UBECI offers a range of programs that have potential for leadership at varying levels. From the working children program to the summer program, leaders are always wanted and needed to assist core educators and to offer valuable insight. Not only will being a leader in one of these programs be a personally rewarding experience, it will also add to your professional records on a resume for future employers. More information about leadership opportunities and requirements can be found within each program’s description..

Potential volunteers should apply to their preferred program at least two months in advance. Let us know your interest in volunteering and provide us with the approximate dates and length of time for which you wish to volunteer. Once we have received your inquiry we will send you our program information. Volunteers must complete an application process in order to be admitted to the UBECI volunteer programs. All volunteer application documents need to be sent to the e-mail address at least one month before participating in the program.

Due to our budget and responsibilities in daily activities, UBECI cannot offer accommodation services directly to its volunteers. We are in partnership with a local volunteer program, that coordinates all of the application process and accommodation services directly with applicants, including affordable room and board, airport pick up, Spanish lessons, and other travel information.



Kaya is a responsible travel organization with a focus on genuine and meaningful volunteer projects worldwide. We work alongside NGOs, Charities and local community projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America who need the help of volunteers in the fields of environmental and community development. With Kaya, volunteers can combine work experience with travel and live and work alongside the community. Learn local culture, customs and language to gain a more thorough understanding of the country in a mission to promote responsible travel for the benefit of sustainable social, environmental and economic development, the empowerment of communities and the cultivation of educated, compassionate global citizens. Kaya works to identify quality projects that are in specific need of volunteer assistance providing volunteers a great choice of locations, fields of interest, types of work and the flexibility to build a travel experience to fit the volunteers needs whilst maximising skills and building personal CV’s. Itineraries can be set by volunteers and we welcome any student regardless of degree type or specification. We have over 180 placements for skilled and unskilled students to choose from with our more targeted skilled projects covering journalism, business and marketing, medical specialism’s and NGO back-end development work.



Youth International is an experiential learning program for young adults, that combines volunteer community service work, rugged international travel, cultural exchange, outdoor adventure, and homestays with local families. Through a balanced combination of experiences, each Youth International team member is set up for an intense and dynamic first-hand education about the region in which they are travelling. At the same time, they are presented with a unique environment and opportunity for self-discovery.

Help build an orphanage in Bolivia, live with a tribal family in Thailand, meditate with Tibetan monks in the Himalayan mountains, help to conserve the Ecuadorian rainforest, visit the Taj Mahal, search for wild animals whilst sailing through the Galapagos Islands, help build clean drinking water tanks for tribal families, hike through the Peruvian Andes to Machu Picchu, and much more! Teams of up to 14 people between the ages of 18 and 25 travel together with two group leaders. For a full 3-month semester, teams explore three different countries in one region of the world. Youth International has been sending groups on learning adventures abroad since 1997, and currently offers two separate trips: Asia (Nepal, India, and Thailand) and South America (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands).



The difficult situation of the sick in Ecuador leaves much to be desired. Health insurance is in the hands of the government and therefore, extremely deficient. Many families are not insured at all. So one could say, "Only the ones who have money can afford to get sick in Ecuador". Access to the public health system 'Subcento de Salud' has been greatly expanded but most of the facilities are understaffed and inadequately equipped. The poor cannot afford to see the private physicians. An important part of our pastoral work consists of helping the sick. Our project to build a small clinic started several years ago when Dr. Jaime Ortiz came from the neighbouring town Zumbi to minister to our people weekly at the Mission of Guadalupe. The Catholic mission director of the Dioceses of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg, Austria, and the pastor of St.Kolumban in Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Prälat Albert Holenstein, sent us medicines. We distributed these medicines at a low price to the poor in our primitive "Consultorio Médico." Creating a new health center became a dream of the mother superior, Sister Consuelo Carvajal C., of P. Jorge Nigsch and many parishioners. After several years of planning, we decided to make our dream come true. Father Holenstein designated funds from the Pontifical Mission Works of the Dioceses of Feldkirch to build the new clinic. Materials were donated by the community. A young architect from Loja in the highlands of Ecuador, Carlos Espejo, designed the health center. In May of 2000, we began construction.

The Clinica Misional 'Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe' is a rural health care center in South Eastern Ecuador. It is located on the grounds of a Catholic Mission in the tropical cloud forest of the Oriente. It serves a culturally diverse, impoverished and indigenous population. The facility has examining rooms, dental suites with x-ray, an operating theatre, pharmacy and basic laboratory. There is a hospital about one hour away. The clinic is staffed full time by an international multi faith group of medical volunteers. Primary care physicians are asked to serve at least one month and have remained for up to one year. Surgeons and other specialists come for two to six weeks as necessary, and are expected to be accompanied by whatever support personnel that they deem appropriate. Dentists and dental technicians visit for at least three weeks and are welcome to stay longer. There are also opportunities for teaching in the schools and for mobile health fairs. Travel is not reimbursed but room and board are covered once at the venue, with volunteer residences overlooking the Andes. There is also an apartment for a family. A working knowledge of Spanish is essential. On the website there are postings by various volunteer professionals, photographs of the region and descriptions of the community.

Our work involves general medicine, odontology, ophthalmology, general surgery, anaesthesia, gastroenterology, gynaecology, dermatology and plastic surgery. We are looking for professionals in these and other fields.



Real Gap is a leading gap travel organiser offering a wide and diverse range of programmes. These include: - volunteering, conservation, adventure travel and expeditions, sports, teaching English, round the world, paid working holidays and learning. Real Gap has expanded the original concept of “life-changing” travel opportunities, and now offers around 500 projects and gap year travel ideas covering 45 countries over six continents. The Real Travel portfolio includes Real Gap, Real Sport Experience and Gap Year for Grown Ups. No longer under 30? Our sister company Gap Year for Grown Ups is a travel company in the UK that specialises in rewarding career breaks and voluntary work for the over 30's market.

Lattitude Global Volunteering


Volunteer Overseas With Lattitude

Lattitude Global Volunteering is a youth development charity that provides overseas volunteering opportunities for 17-25 year olds. Our aim is to provide opportunities for young people to enhance their life skills while making a positive difference to the lives of others in a culture and community different from their own.

Over more than 40 years Lattitude Global Volunteering has sent over 40,000 young people to volunteer on long-term placements from 3 to 12 months in over 17 countries around the world. Our volunteers have the opportunity to work in areas as diverse as conservation, medical work, outdoor sports, care work, community projects and teaching.

We help young people from developed and developing countries to volunteer and make sure our placements deliver sustainable value for the children, communities and institutions that volunteers work in. We match every volunteer to a placement that will truly benefit from their skills. Our highly qualified and experienced staff provides comprehensive support to young people from beginning to end of their volunteer journey. To make our placements as accessible as possible we also offer bursaries and scholarships to eligible candidates.

‘In 2012 I volunteered to teach English in San Luis, Argentina with Lattitude. I can honestly say this was to date the best and most important 5 months of my life. I enjoyed my placement and the entire experience so much that I owe a great deal of gratitude to Lattitude. During my time abroad I also developed a passion for teaching, so much so that I have since enrolled on a BA in Education in University, none of this would have been possible had I not been offered the opportunity to teach abroad.’

Rhys Richards, Lattitude Volunteer

2014-2015 places available, apply today!

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