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The aim of HELP is to enable young people from poor communities in the Himalayas to improve their employment opportunities through education and in so doing enhance not only their own standard of living, but also that of their extended families and of the wider communities they come from. Many Himalayan families are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Living at subsistence level, parents need the labour of their children particularly the girls, to help the family feed itself. This means that they cannot afford to release their children to attend school or college. In Nepal only 68% of all school age children are enrolled in schools, and among those who are deprived of school education, 44% are females. Even if a child can go back to school, the quality of education is often poor. The schools are so under-resourced that many do not have classrooms or trained teachers, let alone books, paper and pens. Of the children who manage to get through their schooling, very few are able to go on to higher education. The consequence of this is that many of these children do not get the education they need to achieve their full earning or social potential and so remain trapped in the impoverished existence they are born into. HELP realises its aims by enabling responsible and committed people from the developed world to sponsor young people with the potential to benefit from a school or college education but without the means to do so, make a donation to help a child or a school, and undertake short-term assignments as volunteer teachers in deprived village schools in support of their teaching programmes.



NGOabroad is a unique service that helps people enter international humanitarian work, in addition to providing frugal, customized international volunteer options.

This is a condensation of our International Volunteering & Internship Opportunities for 2016


INDIA: Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy for kids with Disabilities


UGANDA: Human Rights Education

NEPAL: Trafficking

SRI LANKA: Trauma Counseling after Atrocities of Civil War

KENYA: Counseling Sexual Abuse - Social Work or Psychology

INDIA: Geriatric Social Work


MONGOLIA: Emerging Civil Society

NEPAL: Public Interest Law -> Democracy Building

UGANDA: Community Organizing & Women

RWANDA: International Development

COSTA RICA & ECUADOR; TANZANIA & RWANDA: Micro-finance & Small Enterprise Development


UGANDA: Secondary School


GHANA, INDONESIA & COSTA RICA: Agriculture & Ecology. Environmental.

TANZANIA, NEPAL, KENYA: Water & Sanitation


THAILAND & ECUADOR: Dance, Music, Theatre to work with kids with Disabilities


INDONESIA: Wildlife Rescue

These are volunteer internship positions. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. No end date.

Interested? Please READ the NGOabroad website. then answer Questionnaire and embed with resume and email to



BiblePress - educational blogs for teachers, students and institutions.

BiblePress lets you easily create & manage blogs, quickly customize designs and include videos, photos & podcasts – it’s safe, easy and secure so try out an BiblePress today! We believe in the power that blogging can have to transform the peoples life’s have seen first hand how BiblePress has increased ownership of learning, for teachers, students and institutions.

The information on BiblePress is intended to be comprehensive and reliable enough for students, teachers, journalists and religious professionals. BiblePress therefore offers detailed articles and treatments of specialized topics as well as just-the-basics overviews, facts and figures, timelines, maps, glossaries, and comparative charts.

Similarly, is intended to be a useful resource for people of any religious background or none at all.



Himalayan Social & Cultural Welfare Society (a non profit unit of WONDERLAND ECOTOURISM FOUNDATION) works in the field of Social & Cultural Welfare in the Tribal regions of Himalayas. Our objective is to provide educational, social and welfare related necessities to the people living and residing in the remote areas of Himalayas.



Wonderland Treks & Tours Pvt. Ltd. invites proposals from all the associations and societies which work for the up-liftment and development of the poor, tribal and migrant people in medical, promotional and educational fields. Wonderland Treks and Tours will provide them with the infrastructure and programmes for up-lifting such needy people and the communities in the Himalayan regions. The company also expresses its entire support for making such beneficial programmes successful for the good cause. Wonderland Treks and Tours, itself being a travel and adventure tour company, is having a proposal 'CLEAN HIMALAYA". This project aims to clean the camp sites and taking eco friendly measures, stop products like cans, tins and plastics, and avoid the use of soaps and detergents in the streams and rivers." CLEAN HIMALAYA" project requires some organisations, associations and non-profit societies to approach us with similar ideas or projects. 20% share from our net profits will be to help this project. All suggestions and comments from any organisation which is interested in this project are welcome. We offer our ultimate support and help for such organisation which can help make "CLEAN HIMALAYA" project successful in the Himalayan Region of the Kullu Valley. We are unable to accept volunteers with an offending background.



Rigdang Education Trust’s aims and objectives are that of being dedicated to fostering an enlightened and happy society in Bhutan through the promotion of education, learning and entrepreneurship among the Bhutanese children and young adults. It is managed by a group of people with shared vision, interests and concerns. We are currently looking for possible donors and funding for the Loden Foundation in Bhutan which we help. The volunteer will be leading the overall programme development and writing donor proposals as well as looking for possible funding opportunities for us. The volunteer will work independently but will have regular online meetings on day to day activities.



DRAKTSHO - Vocational Training Centre for Special Children and Youth

Our Vision

People with disabilities in Bhutan will actively and equitably participate in socio-economic development of the country and live a fulfilling life.

Our Objectives

1. To provide training in life skills including basic literacy and numeracy to people with special needs, enabling them to cope with their daily life needs in present and future.

2. To equip trainees with special needs with vocational and work skills as preparation for sheltered, open or self-employment.

3. To facilitate the trainees with special needs to secure work with dignity.

4. To initiate dialogue, build collaborations and networks with different stakeholders (government, industry, institutions etc) for actively promoting equal opportunities for people with special needs.

5. To organize parent support and a community outreach program for raising awareness and generating support for inclusion of people with special needs.

6. To conduct training, research and documentation for building human resources, supporting innovative actions and generating resource material and data for supporting quality services and advocacy.



World Service Enquiry, is the only registered charity providing expert, impartial information and advice about working and volunteering in the third world to people of any faith or none. As World Service Enquiry, Christians Abroad provides information on voluntary and paid opportunities, short or long-term in aid, development and mission programmes overseas - for skilled and qualified professionals and unskilled people. Our comprehensive 2006/7 guide, updated annually, is geared mainly to unskilled people without professional experience. It gives details about how to start a search for voluntary placements and work overseas, outlines organisations with information on development issues and international organisations who recruit volunteers. For those considering where and how they can best use their experience abroad, World Service Enquiry also provides One to One vocational career guidance. They provide a forum space to discuss your interest in working overseas and possible ways forward. E-volve is our unique internet self coaching program, written by a leading life coach to help you access your suitability to work in international development and aid. For those already qualified with some work experience we publish a monthly job magazine, Opportunities Abroad, available on subscription, which contains up-to-date vacancies (overseas and in the UK) from international and UK agencies. Alternative email address VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: Translators, media specialists, sales and marketing, database design and administration, fundraising. Volunteers with offending backgrounds may be accepted.



EngineerAid is an international charity working to provide remote solutions to engineering and technology problems in the less economically developed countries by providing a platform to engineers to collaborate and solve problems. EngineerAid works in over 33 countries world wide along with other partner organisations around the world, ranging from Government departments to NGOs and leading social enterprises. The use of our services is as far-reaching as the need of technological support and innovation in every sector, including, but not limited to health, education, transport, agriculture, energy, water, sanitation and construction. The engineering technologies involved within these sectors include electronic, mechanical, electrical and clinical amongst others. Our vision is to be in direct communication and collaboration with engineers across the globe to advocate self-help and long-term sustainability of the expert knowledge and skills provided. We aim to provide a service to aid development, with open access, giving simple, direct and timely advice, working independently and in collaboration with other NGOs. Our mission is to create a global community together with people in developing countries and engineers across the world for the sharing of expert knowledge As a team we promote the values of honesty, humanity, passion and enthusiasm for what we do. Our approach is proactive, always ethical, and eager to face new challenges in the sharing of expert knowledge. We display an apolitical attitude, keeping ourselves committed to the cause of social development. VIRTUAL VOLUNTEERING: All opportunities are based online. We may be able to accept volunteers with an offending background.

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